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Jesus, Hippies and Rock and Roll. Let Us Go To Church! Son of God!

Updated on March 2, 2014

It seems like many folk claim visions. And they mean actually physical presence.

If you throw a rock and hit a man, he feels it. If a man gets filled with the Holy Spirit he feels it. Interesting. You can also get it with either and or both and not feel it.
If you throw a rock and hit a man, he feels it. If a man gets filled with the Holy Spirit he feels it. Interesting. You can also get it with either and or both and not feel it. | Source

Jesus Freaks are Freaks. Son of God.

The writer pleads guilty. Let us plead his case in the court of public discussion and opinion. The premise is: "If you met Jesus on the sidewalk and started chatting would you invite Him to church with you?" Right now and right here there is the movie Son of God going on. Let us be straight we are all "Son of God". Gender, Race, Age, Form and Presence are all so not important for this discussion.

Perhaps we can say - Child of a Higher Power of Spiritualism. That is about as all inclusive and not exclusive as we can get.

So when we speak of Jesus here. It is really our metaphoric personalized vision of a God made "man". Someone you can close your eyes and imagine walking with down the path to the sea or up a mountain together.

At least the author is guilty of such machinations in the mind. So let us see if the writer is guilty of blasphemy on the one hand and/or blind stupid faith on the other. Let us judge the writer.

ZZ Top are fine preachers. They do not worship your Jesus. But they worship theirs!!

"Whatever is cool man". We used to say that to each other. And we meant it.

Hippies were weird and we came in all sizes shapes and ages not to mention races and genders and walks of life. There was and is a live and let live attitude. But do not go too far here there was also fierce opposition to matters like war and government in our lives.

For good old country boys' it was an easy transition, for city folk it was a release and escape.

As for being stoned and high, well our previous role models were smoking cigarettes and drinking martini's and driving foul polluting monsters. They were consuming and leaving an eco-footprint the size of Godzilla.

And you know what? That was not cool man!

How about hippies?

Are you old enough to remember the movement?

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This gal is basically a modern day hippie.

This hippie can go with her father's Jesus but none of that church stuff.
This hippie can go with her father's Jesus but none of that church stuff. | Source

Confluence of culture

It would appear that at least in the USA there was a merging of cultures in the second half of the seventies to early eighties. There was a growing notion that music, simple life and spiritualism could co exist. This required 3 very important conditions both internally and externally.

The parent's God was dead. The hateful concepts and burning in hell of small children and genocide and the whole concept of following rules in order to be graced just kind of got called out. Many could not accept any transition and a healthy agnostic, atheist movement occurred. Others found that their God did not need to be like that -- and the refuge here was Jesus Christ who rebelled against "church" law and preached Love like nobody ever before or after.

Music could be played anytime and anywhere and have a soul filled purpose. Even songs that were not religious were now being accepted as spiritual. People did not have to sing out of hymn books to get a connection with their Lord. Country Western Music was now becoming pop chart worthy and there was a bunch of Gospel type songs and that was "cool".

And lastly, which is something we too often ignore. There was abundance. People may have had to pay too much for gas and there was ruddy inflation but in general abundance ruled the day. This abundance saw a president run from office and a war ended, primarily by human activism and so we were empowered.

And so we could now worship a God of our choice, force our government to act on our behalf and we were allowed to celebrate both those rebellious concepts with deep meaning and all inclusive music.

Perhaps we can call it Faith, Freedom and Rhythm.

So assume a father of 58 at this time, with three children from 24 years old to 30 years old. In fact he has been able to give his children the three above virtues without dictating how they are practiced.

That is the first time in history that this has occurred. Ever!

Let us get back to Jesus and taking him to Church.

No, most people would not do that. Why would they? Jesus to a Christian is the Word. And churches spend more time in ceremony than the Word. Perhaps the thing to do would be to run off and get on the phone and invite the "church" to Jesus!

Whoa! What a concept. And in patience you see where this crazy article was headed all the time. We speak of inviting Jesus or Love into our hearts and actions and prayer and supplications. And what we really should be doing is inviting ourselves into Jesus and Love.

(remember this hub makes no distinction between Jesus and pure love)

A Baptism outside a church but within the Church of Love and Nature.

We do not know the mysteries, that is why they are called mysteries.
We do not know the mysteries, that is why they are called mysteries. | Source

So let us conclude this hub of lifting up with some lifting up.

Life is good. You are good. We are good. Oh we have our problems. We make our mistakes. We have money problems and love life and family problems. But life is good for us. If you are reading this life is good for both you and me. If you are reading this you are looking to learn something. You are looking to expand your understanding, even if just to criticize this article and hey "that is cool man" ;-). You might just be looking to criticize the author and publication. And that is cool too.

Just think about it. We cannot all be Gandhi or Buddha or a Hindu Goddess or Geronimo or Christ. But we can pay attention and we can lift each other up. Wow, and in so doing we can lift ourselves up.

Let us work up a prayer that all people can say. Perhaps it is better called a meditative chant like the Gregorians or what have you. Let us assume a cadence that rings true to us.

I am loved today by you today

I love you today by my own today

We shall rise above

And be born in love

We shall old our hands

Wish well for other lands

We will lift our friends high

We shall not deny

A neighbor in need

Is our friend indeed

Our enemy is a challenge

And we seek no revenge

Let us love in peace

And let love release

For we do not judge

And we hold no grudge

We beg that your spirit protect us

And that our spirit protect as thus

We shall not wait for a deity

We shall work hard with the gravity

We will not refrain

We shall suffer pain

We look to the work that is good

And we did all we could.

Let this be in our heart and souls or just in our body and mind. That we strive for a better world and more acceptance of both the good and bad. That we move with more agreement than contention and that in the end that which we hold dear we would not be ashamed to invite into our hearts as we have strived to do good and are sincere in our endeavors.


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    • Ericdierker profile imageAUTHOR

      Eric Dierker 

      4 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      Just like yesterday -- except what I cannot remember ;-)

    • The Frog Prince profile image

      The Frog Prince 

      4 years ago from Arlington, TX

      I remember back in the day well.


    • Ericdierker profile imageAUTHOR

      Eric Dierker 

      4 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      If one gal thinks about something because of my writing. Then I am sleeping well.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 

      4 years ago from Olympia, WA

      You have the best titles on HP...and your messages are pretty darn good too. :)


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