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Jesus' Marital Status and Other Questions to Ponder

Updated on September 30, 2015
Jesus and Mary Magdalene
Jesus and Mary Magdalene | Source


Would learning that Jesus was married affect you? Would it sit well with you? Would it change anything about your Christian beliefs? Do you think that he ancient papyrus segments that were recently revealed provide us with valid proof of that possibility?

From all the information that has been gathered gather and from all we know about the practices of early Jews, it would seem be more normal for Jesus to have a wife then not. Would there be anything wrong with that? What if information emerging from other newly discovered writings claimed that Jesus was gay? Imagine your reaction and that of other Christians, particularly conservative believers if such an ancient scroll were discovered.

After all the scrutiny the bible ihas been and continues to be subjected to over the past 2,000 years or so of study, we have no solid references to Jesus marital status. Could that sort of information discovered in some of the early gospels have been intentionally destroyed or renounced. There has been plenty of speculation about a close Jesus-Mary Magdalene connection because of His Close association with her, but no solid evidence of a marraige..

Could that be an omission or an intentional removal of those references by the early church to promote celibacy for priests or an attempt to disassociate Christ with possible human sexual practices and behaviour. Mary was reputed to be a woman of ill repute, a loose woman in her earlier days before meeting Jesus. Many modern scholars claim she was framed, and in fact was a chaste, intelligent woman who was as much an apostle as the male members of Jesus’s entourage We do know He was very attached to her and her to Him. Was she a concubine? Was she a Jesus groupie? Whatever she was, a woman’s status in the early church was not clearly defined.

Are there more papyrus pieces yet to be discovered? Are there volumes of information on this topic tucked away in obscure corners of the Vatican’s secret library?

What do you think? Answer the questions below and we can all find out how people care. We think it doesn't matter what His marital status was.

Do You think Jesus was married?

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Does the Church hold back any proof of his marital status?

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If Jesus was married, would that change your beliefs?

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If the scriptures proved that Jesus was married, should Catholic priests be allowed to marry?

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What religion do you believe in?

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