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Jesus' Resurrection, Easter Sunday

Updated on March 30, 2013

Jesus declared, "I am the resurrection and the life. Anyone that believes on me will live even after death". John 11:25

The difference between a dead religion and a grace filled relationship is knowing that Jesus is a resurrected Lord and Savior.

Relationship is what God went after once Adam and Eve died in the garden.

So the focus of returning us back to that came with the high price of giving His beloved son Jesus. The word according to John became flesh.

Why? So, that He could identify with us and so that we could identify with Him - Jesus.

Without the resurrection the Christian belief, based on the bible and the teachings of Jesus would be for naught.

Jesus came to give us life. That is what His death and resurrection is about, life now and life eternal.

Easter, the celebration of Easter has been mixed up with all the things that are not Godly. They do not give Jesus the correct focus. Instead it has been used to exemplify what is paganism.


  • Glorifying spring
  • promoting bunny rabbits
  • hunting eggs
  • candy
  • dying eggs
  • toys
  • baskets filled with goodies

Creating a mixture that causes our children to wonder what it is really about. Which has led our children not to know for sure what is correct living or believing according to biblical ideals.

Christian Easter has everything to do with the last days of Jesus' life. His resurrection is the difference, it is His resurrection we should be celebrating. It should be His example we should be focusing on so that our children can when they are challenged, be assured of what the gospel says about the resurrection of Christ Jesus and the Easter story for Christians.

Empty Tomb

  • no body
  • a folded shroud or linen cloth
  • a messenger Angel
  • a stone rolled away
  • Roman soldiers blinded

The fact that His bones can no longer be found makes Christianity different from any other belief. That is the binding fact that has everything to do with the belief that there is life after death.

What i am finding even more interesting is that there is proof that others rose from the grave as well.

Can you imagine. Jesus stepping out of the grave and those who believed in Him coming forth behind Him. It was reported that He also spent time visiting those who walked with Him before his death to assure them that what He'd said was true.

Jesus fulfilled what He'd promised.

It is the resurrection that gives us hope for the eternal.

Resurrection Sunday, Easter is a celebration of Jesus, of His grace, of our identity in Christ


This is celebrating the body and blood of Christ Jesus. Drinking wine and eating bread that represent Jesus' body and for us to acknowledge His death. It goes beyond that where we just simply remember Him-Jesus and what he did at the cross and the resurrection.

  • wine = blood
  • bread = body

This honorable ritual was first taught to the disciples, and demonstrated by Jesus, himself. With it comes the power of God's healing, of His love and grace. The knowledge that Christ Jesus is a part of us and we are a part of Him.

The New Body

Jesus' resurrected body when He visited with Thomas, you know him as the doubter, in the house after coming to show Thomas that He'd done what He -Jesus said He would do.

  • passed through walls

The Prisoners Set Free

Visiting Sheol, where the righteous were housed until Jesus entered in and released those who believed in His coming because of their belief and promise of God. Men like Adam, Moses, Abraham, Noah, Joshua and Caleb, also women like Eve, Ruth, Deborah, Esther and all the others who believed, where they were until Christ Jesus released them.

Other signs

  • mock trials
  • death sentence
  • destruction of temples
  • giving up His Spirit
  • blocked sun, midday darkness
  • earthquake
  • so much more

There is so much to what Jesus did for those of us who could have cared less! Thank God He-Jesus did what the father asked of Him...

The Easter of Christians, of the church of Christ Jesus, for us the Resurrection is the most important event in history and our lives! We must do right by God, and the Lord Christ Jesus because we are Christ in the flesh...


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