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When you pray don't use words without thinking.

Updated on May 17, 2011

"Faith" is the title-deed, to the things we hope for, for when we pray we need to have faith, trust, believe and not to doubt.

When we pray we are to keep our eyes on Jesus, He is the beginning and the goal of our faith.

"And when you pray, don't be like the two-faced people, they love to stand praying in the synagogues and on the street corners, so that people will see them.

I am telling you the truth; they have received their reward, instead, when you pray go into your room and close the door, then pray secretly to your heavenly Father, He sees this in secrete; He will repay you.

When you pray don't use words without thinking, as people in the world do, they think that by using many words they will be listened to, don't be like them, your heavenly Father knows the things you need, even before you ask Him."

I know that this is the way to pray for others, you do hear so many praying for healings and they go on and on, our Father already knows what is needed even before we start to pray, I have found that just by praying a short prayer to the Father it is just as good or better than a long prayer, we can just pray to the cause and let God do the rest.

"This is the way you should pray;

'Father in heaven, may Your name always be kept holy,

May Your kingdom come,

May what You want done be done,

May it always be here on earth as it is in heaven,

Give us the food we need each day,

Forgive us of the sins we have committed,

as we forgive everyone who has done wrong to us,

Keep us away from temptation,

Rescue us from the evil one.'

"If you forgive people of the things they have done wrong to you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you.

However, if you do not forgive people, then your Father will not forgive the wrong things which you have done."

How many times do you feel that no I'm not going to forgive that person , you may say to yourself just look at the way that they have treated me how can I forgive them, no I'm not going to.

Have you ever thought like that?

Then over time you do get this feeling that things are not going the way that you think they should, have you ever though that it could be because you have not forgiven that person, then you go to that person and you forgive them, then everything falls into place.

When Jesus spoke these words He means for us to take notice, how can we expect our Father to forgive us if we don't forgive others.

So, when we ask God in prayer ask with confidence, without doubting, because a person who doubts is like a wave of the sea during a storm which gets tossed about.


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