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Jesus Was No Wimp

Updated on September 23, 2009

Many paintings of Christ depict him as emaciated, frail -- portraying the image that he never had a meal in his life, to effeminate. It is safe to say that these artists never saw the real Jesus, but conjured up these images in their mind perhaps as an allegory for depicting The Master’s character.

It would be futile to portray Christ’s physical characteristics, since no one except those who were with him can give an accurate description.

I would imagine, and again I say imagine that being a carpenter, Jesus was a rugged individual, and he would have to be to keep up the gruelling pace of his evangelistic missions.

That being said, the focus of this hub is on Jesus’ character, not his physicality. One would think that because Jesus took a lot from those that opposed him without retaliation, that he was a wimp. This assumption is far from the truth. Jesus was driven by three things; First his love for the Father. His very existence on this planet was to do the Will of the Father. Jesus was tempted by the world at all points just as we are; fame, women, greed, all of man’s vices, that some of us even as Christians still struggle over, but as the Word testifies, he was without sin. The Master himself admonished his disciples saying to them that he overcame the world. In doing so, we as his followers are able to overcome it as well. God said of Christ, This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased. If we love God, our lives would reflect it.

The second was the strength of his own will. God does not force man to do anything against his will, but those that give his will over to God, will be guided in the paths of righteousness. One may argue that Jesus being God in the flesh had the greater advantage, but remember, although the Lord was Divine, he was also human, otherwise he couldn’t identify with the people he came to save. Christ yielded his body, mind and will to God, in order for the Father to carry out His Plan in him. Conversely, we yield ourselves to Christ, so he can carry out his will in us. Everything that was made available to Christ, is made availiable to us, so all excuses are thrown out. 

The third, and certainly not least is that he was led by the Holy Ghost, or Spirit if you prefer. Both titles are interchangeable, and refer to the same Person. Jesus didn’t have to do a lot of things, himself being God, but for our sakes he did them. He didn’t need to be baptized, and he didn’t need to receive the Holy Ghost, but he left us an example to follow, and these things are important for our salvation. After the Spirit in the bodily form of a dove descended upon him, He,( because the Spirit is a person) led Jesus into the wilderness to be tempted of the Devil. We that are in Christ are Spirit-Led, not self - led. God has mapped out our lives before we were born, and the Spirit of God is the Guide to lead us through this life. He knows the route, but in order to receive all that God has for us, specifically in things spiritual, we must, and again I say must follow his lead.

Jesus didn’t have to take what the people dished out. In the Garden of Gethsemane, after Peter sliced off Malchus, the high priest ‘s servant’s ear, Jesus told the disciple to put his sword back up, for he could have asked the Father for twelve legions of angels to do battle for him, although personally, i think one would have sufficed, and these angels would’ve been dispatched to his rescue. But then, as he said, how would the scriptures be fulfilled. He took it all for our sake.

Jesus was a man led by the strength of his convictions; His love for God, his choice to give his will to the Plan of God, his choice to be led by the Spirit of God. A man dedicated to the task of bringing mankind closer to God. A man powerful in character. Let us as his disciples continue to study our Master, that we in turn reflect his character in us to the world.


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    • penman51 profile imageAUTHOR

      Dale K Lynn 

      9 years ago from Cincinnati Ohio

      Thanks. Its God and my fans that keep me encouraged.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      awesome hub. thanks for the encouragement to continue walking in the spirit day by day. the mount of olives is an intensely powerful witness to Jesus' character. although he had the weight of the world on his shoulders, although he knew that he was the king of kings and lord of lords, although he was so physically shaken that his sweat was like blood, he committed himself to his father's will and drank the cup to its fullest. thanks again.


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