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Jesus and the special needs children

Updated on July 18, 2011

The bible gives the account of Jesus being surrounded by needy people as was the case for most of his ministry. As children began to approach him the Disciples of Jesus stopped them maybe because they thought they would be a bother to Jesus. Jesus rebuked his Disciples and told them to suffer the little children to come unto him and forbid them not for such was the kingdom of heaven.

Jesus took time with the children whether they had special needs or not because he loved them. Many times religious people think they are helping Jesus when in fact they are hurting him with their religious rules and regulations. No doubt the children were hurt by the ignorance of the Disciples, but Jesus healed the inward wounds with his acceptance of them. In working with special needs children for over 26 years I have encountered many people who like the Disciples try to forbid the special needs child from making strides toward something good.Some would sneer and rudely look and judge what they really did not understand, while others would give a kind word.

In the midst of all of the negativity around Jesus he was still saying to suffer the little children to come unto me and forbid them not for such is the kingdom of heaven. Jesus dealt with special needs children in the bible and one such case is in Mark 9 where a Father had a child with special needs who on occasion would try to commit suicide by throw himself into the water and drown himself and into the fire to burn himself up. This same group of Disciples could not help the boy when the father brought the child to them, so Jesus told the father to bring him the child.

He healed the child and returned him back to his father whole. Today this is what workers of special needs children should do if they are not already doing so, loving the children into wholeness, even though they may not always get physically well.But they really should be made to feel loved and made to feel special. They are special because they are special children with special needs. I have had the opportunity of returning a child to their parents after they had graduated from school with more abilities than they previously had. This was a special moment in my life as well as the child and their family.

Some became independent within certain areas of daily living skills, while others may have done more or less in other areas. This is the essence of what Jesus does today because through love he changes lives for the better. Born again individuals are the body of Christ that are destined to represent the hands of Christ by reaching out to others. With the voice of Christ that should speak comfort and peace and the ears of Christ to listen to the unheard and so on. Jesus does love all of the children of the world.


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    • ladybluewriter profile image


      4 years ago from United States

      I like this article, because my life was spent working with them. I have spent my life as a retired teacher trying to show others the need they have to be given a positive outlook on their life. Children who have this can go on to better things for themselves.

    • Ricksen Winardhi profile image

      Ricksen Surya Winardhi 

      6 years ago from Singapore

      Nice points Raymond! Yes, Jesus loves the little children. I think the points of the story of Jesus telling the disciples to be like children is better placed in the context of Kingdom of Heaven. Probably the disciples are discussing who is the greatest amongst them. Jesus answered them that it will be those possessing the heart of little children: faithful and innocent, wholly dependent on their needs, teachable, and unlike the disciples, children are free from selfish ambition to become the greatest.


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