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Jesus didn't exist and did exist at same time

Updated on December 20, 2010

This may sound odd but the prophet Jesus both existed and didn't at the same time. Is there proof of this? Yes there is proof for both. Now is this possible? believe it or not it actually is. It is simpler than one thinks. Above are alphabets, top Aramaic, bottom Hebrew. And what one notices? There is no 'J' sound in any one of them. For those who say he didn't exist would be correct but only in His name. There is also no 'J' in Greek nor Latin, so there would be no clear historical documents on Him. Greek 'i' as first letters in word changed to 'j' later on like the Greek name Jason was originally Iason, 'i' in this form was pronounced as a 'y'. The use of where Jesus came from is the Greek word Iesous (eye-ee-zoos) and is also used in the old King James Version bible, so the name Jesus is not in the 1st KJV bible. The name "Jesus" then appeared in the next (2nd) KJV.

Now did he exist? Yes. His correct name is Yeshua/Yashua/Yeheshua Ben Yosef or if one puts in 'j', Joshua Ben (son of) Joseph. Or in Arabic/muslim usage Isa Bin (son of) Yusef. Evidence besides bible and koran are coins that were minted by Romans on him. There are paintings on him less than 50 years after he parted earth, the older people would remember. The Romans would copy these images on to their painting and sculptures. Ethiopian Coptic church has their own, its one of the first churches. The paintings and images we see of him today, like the infamous Cesare Borgia (used by Catholic church), are false and made 1500-1600 years too late. Unknown is that 33 1/3 freemasons get to visit His tomb and preserved body, some say its the man who looked like Him who got killed, not actually him. And "He" looks nothing like Cesare Borgia.


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    • profile image

      SFtruth 5 years ago

      Masonry is a tricky subject. There is mostly disinformation out there on purpose. I've know masons, and a relative of a 33 1/3 degree mason. His grandfather was a signer of the declaration of independence. Its all about bloodlines, tracing back to certain people and times in history. Its very secretive. I am not saying all I know because of that. But, ben franklin, the Bush family (including presidents), and many political figures are all masons. Some say they can trace bloodlines to Jesus. Its riddled throughout US society. More than half our presidents were masons. Takes nepotism to a whole new level. Looking on the internet will only provide what they want u to know. Powerful stuff.

    • onegoodwoman profile image

      onegoodwoman 7 years ago from A small southern town

      a rose by any other name...........