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Christian Stories

Updated on February 11, 2014

A picture of Life

God's green Earth under His sky
God's green Earth under His sky | Source
The spirit of the dead will again live.
The spirit of the dead will again live. | Source

Jesus Christ taught about Life

When someone dies then I remember that Jesus Christ is the father of Life and Satan is the father of death. When my father-in-law died I also remembered this. The last time I saw my father-in-law Mr. Corbin was this last Christmas in 2011 when he greeted us when we entered his bedroom. He had been bed ridden due to problems with his heart and he had to stay in his bed most of the time.

The one thing I wish I could have told Mr. Corbin before he died was to mention to him that Jesus is the father of life and that truth would have comforted him very much when he died. Since I didn't have the opportunity to tell him this before he died I am praying now that he may still get to know this wonderful fact somehow. I know his spirit is now with God and he is safe from all bad things like the illness that had plagued his last years of his life.

Jesus Christ knocks on the door offering eternal life.
Jesus Christ knocks on the door offering eternal life. | Source

Jesus Christ comes to give Eternal Life to His People

A wonderful image showing Jesus Christ as He may appear at His second coming in the sky.
A wonderful image showing Jesus Christ as He may appear at His second coming in the sky. | Source

Jesus Christ taught about Trust in God

When Jesus Christ told His disciples,That is why I tell you not to worry about your life, what you will eat; or about your body, what you will wear," (Luke 12:22 NIV). With this verse Jesus was telling all of humanity not to worry about having money, owning material things, or what they will eat in the future, but to trust in God because He will provide those things that a person needs to those who trust Him.

In Timothy 5:10 NKJV tells us not to worry about owning material things, "The Love of money is the beginning of all evil" 1 Timothy 6:10 NKJV. A lot of people get this verse confused and they think that money is evil but money is a material object and an object cannot be evil, good or have any emotions. It is the "love of money" that is the beginning of all evil is what people need to understand about this very important verse.

If people rely too much on money then their trust in God is lost because then a person starts to rely more on their money than on God. If one gathers money in a bank account then one might fall into the trap of loving possibly more than God and then he or she might seek wealth instead of seeking God's love and truth.

In another verse in Luke 12:22-26 Jesus told people how the birds in the fields which He called "the birds of Heaven" are not worried what they will eat and they do not save their food in barns and they also do not plant a harvest because they have an internal trust that their needs will be supplied. So this verse also tells people how God expects Christians to live, with a wholehearted trust in Him.

According to the Bible, a Christian ought to never worry about money matters and to continually pray to God when money matters that need attention arise. The Bible teaches that prayer is the solution of all the worries that people might have in their lives which is very comforting to all people.

People buy life insurance because the world teaches that after death there needs to be money for the family and for the burial expenses. Sadly this worldly teaching also keeps people constantly aware of death instead of concentrating on life, which is what Jesus Christ came to Earth to teach humanity about. Again, we see that Satan the deceiver has worked hard to teach a deception to humanity that has been deeply integrated into societal tradition and in doing this has convinced people to rely on money instead of relying on God's love and truth.

In this world which is currently ruled by Satan according to what the Bible says, there is no assurance that one might have a happy life but only God alone can promise such a wonderful future and He does in the Holy Bible. For Christians the Kingdom of God has already begun as they live their lives by completely living by God's wonderful laws.

Jesus Christ teaches all people the good news about the possibility of eternal life in God's coming Kingdom if people would just put their whole trust in God. This will be a Kingdom in which God is the ruler and in which everyone will live as perfect spiritual beings and there will be only happiness and sadness will be gone forever. Knowing this fact from the Bible should make every person on Earth listen to Jesus Christ and to obey God at all times.

An image showing how life eternal in God's coming Kingdom may look like.
An image showing how life eternal in God's coming Kingdom may look like. | Source

The female demon Lilith

The female demon Lilith with a screech owl.
The female demon Lilith with a screech owl. | Source

TheMysterious Myth of Lilith, Adam's first Wife

According to Wikipedia Lilith is a Jewish mythological figure. The Hebrew term "Lilith" or "Lilit" can be translated as night creature, night monster, night hag or screech owl.

In the Bible the term "Lilith" first occurs in Isaiah 34:14 and it is translated as "screech owl:"

"And wild animals shall meet with hyenas; the wild goat shall cry to his fellow; indeed, there the night bird settles and finds for herself a resting place" (EST).

The term "Lilith" can also be found in the Dead Sea Scrolls "Songs of the Sage" where the term occurs in a list of monsters.

There are also Jewish magical inscriptions on bowls and amulets from the 6th century CE onward. On these inscriptions Lilith is identified as a female demon and there are also visual depictions of her on these objects.

In Jewish folklore from the 8th to 10th century onwards, Lilith becomes Adam's first wife. In this Jewish folklore Lilith was created at the same time and from the same earth as Adam. This Jewish folklore about Adam's first wife Lilith was developed during the Middle Ages in the tradition of Jewish mysticism and other Jewish traditions.

In the 13th century a Rabbi named Isaac ben Jacob ha-Cohen wrote about how Lilith left Adam after she refused to become subservient to him. Then she mated with the archangel Samael and then returned to Eden.

If this Jewish folklore about Lilith has any truth to it deserves to be investigated since the term is also found in the Bible.

As I find more material about Lilith I will post it here.


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Christian Stories

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    • Marina7 profile image

      Marina 3 years ago from Clarksville TN

      Let's work together to make recycling a priority :-)

    • oceansnsunsets profile image

      Paula 4 years ago from The Midwest, USA

      It is very interesting to observe how even the longest and best lived lives can be, they are still really relatively quick! It is over before people know it, and these kinds of things are the best to ponder. We had nothing to do with our "being here." We can't create or recreate ourselves and our lives are precious gifts. Thanks for the reminder to share about things like Jesus. Nothing matters more, in my opinion.

    • Marina7 profile image

      Marina 4 years ago from Clarksville TN

      Thank you manatita44 :-)

    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 4 years ago from london

      Excellent article and inspirational too. God bless your devoted heart.