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Jesus Sacrificed himself for all Humanity to rid us of sin and prepare us all for Heaven

Updated on January 18, 2012

How righteousness equates to Goodness & Gods Glory

- Jesus was a perfect example to humanity, as an ideal biblical personality to follow to become a right person & lead a good life.

- Each person can be guided by everything Jesus has done in his life as gods son on earth, to become a submissive follower of god. The bible also states that, Jesus was sent to show mankind, the right ways to function as a human being on planet earth & to worship him through Jesus.

- The bible also teaches this in numerous ways, which isn't a hard thing to believe, nor to follow, if people are to prosper thereafter, but don't tell that to most non-believers, because they simply reject such doctrines.

It takes true faith to be devoted to God & Goodness

According to the bible, at the beginning of life on this precious planet, God allowed man to have free will, and so mankind does as he feels, whether a person chooses to do what's considered to be a good deed or bad one.

These deeds done is said to be the very criteria that god will judge us all upon, and by god alone at the very end of life on earth, both Catholic and Christian denominations have the same views on this.

For those who had Doubts-

As for those people who don't believe in Jesus, and claim to be atheist, when it comes to the following of any rules directed down to them from any higher power, governing or divine authority they simply do not care to follow such rulings & regulations being passed down it seems, or so they say.

This may be the very reason for the appearance of so much negative content being pored daily into movies, in music, on the internet, on television, and in everyday reality, that so many people get caught up into. Many non-believers have consistently been wrongfully tagged or charged with doing such things, and its obviously unrighteous to do so.


Many cases like bad news reports, showcasing the horrid details of human brutality, are such cases, and many many more.

Take a good look at the infamous war on terror years back, its a great example of how labeling can overshadow an entire groups of people or populous. Those being labeled as well as demonized by another group, or ruling class of misdirected leaders & followers, quickly after get direct physical abuse, excruciating forms of punishment, and deadly harmful affects thereafter as end resultant.

This is a stereotypical move indeed on part when the media is concerned in finger pointing, or the name calling games of who's who, or the good the bad & the ugly.

History tends to repeat itself, proven here by taking a peek into the crystal ball of his-story, one may see that the same was also done in ancient times, with such things as the witch trials or hunts, (During the protestant reformation, lasting from 1480 to 1750). Where they literally burned people at the stake, for opposing the rules or beliefs of the church or ruling class, and was seen as a threat to its practice of divine worship & ruling leadership of the people at those times.

Poor Morality, Misdirection, or Misconception -

Speaking of name calling, all appearances are truly deceiving at most, because contrary to popular belief, movies, TV, radio, and the media are all selling us what they want people to think.

Many so called believers are also doing wrong deeds in high numbers today as well. Again according to the bible, even they will be judged when the end times come, and at their own life's end.

People struggle with their belief & convert more than we all think

Getting over ones sins

- Most devote Christians and Catholics feel their purpose is to be good shepherds of the lord, by helping all others to gain knowledge of the father, and accept Jesus Christ as their lord and savior.

- Being good makes sense actually, because all individuals have some sort of need to enjoy life, and its pursuit of happiness, without being mistreated in any way shape or form by their peers.

- This theme of goodness taught and demonstrated by Jesus during his time on the planet, has helped humanity in more ways then anyone can imagine, whether you believe in him or not.

- We all can see the end results today of the existence of a Utopian society being formed, and one that Jesus himself, has been responsible for bringing fourth with his teachings & doctrines the Bible.

- The well known fact that such a society is currently being constructed, to simply be torn down by God, who brought it all into existence, is a whole other issue to be discussed all in itself.

- The proof that being good leads to God's glory, is misunderstood by many people, because of the fact that the Bible states final judgement will bring an end to the world as we know it.

Jesus will return at the end times-

- Both the believers of Jesus Christ & non-believers will be judged by the almighty, the promise is such that heaven awaits us all by God himself, and may be reason for such a dramatic end as expressed in the Bible as the day of Judgement, & after the second coming of Christ.

Believers & Non-believers

Believers of Jesus who choose to behave by doing bad deeds though are going to be held to an even higher standard in gods eyes during judgement day, and the biblical reasons for us all behaving inappropriately was said to be original sin.

Original sin has been defined as that which we have absolutely no control over ourselves, and have inherited at birth, and so mankind must beg for forgiveness from god & may only get to him through Jesus Christ who came to earth to rid us of it, according to both the Catholic & Christian faiths.

Making Confession for sins -

In the Catholic religious faith, followers of Jesus can make confession for their sins, and in the Christian belief there is no such confessional booth of any kind to turn too, so they must find other ways of coping with such rebellious types of behavior as committing a sin, or sinful acts against themselves or others.

For those who have differing religious faiths or many of the denominations stemming from Christianity or Catholicism, all are subject to their own beliefs & interpretations to how God will deal with them & the committing of sins. Each denomination has contrived ways in which to handle sin, based on the consequences, disciplinary actions, and forms of punishment that transpire out of living by such a faith & practice, also written and documented in their religious texts, Bibles, etc......

A Center for Worship & Prayer bringing many closer to Christ

Being at peace with oneself & thy neighbor is key
Being at peace with oneself & thy neighbor is key

The Christian ways of purity

- Christians believe that Jesus is the path towards enlightenment and entry to heaven via righteousness, forgiveness, and by following him, and his epic life style he lead.

- A person can be guided down such a path to doing good things in their life, but must follow Jesus to do so, by studying his life, receiving communion, prayer, going to church, sabbath & rest, as well as reading the Bible as a pathway to accepting Christ.

- Those lead astray are bound to find their way back if god permits them to re-enter into his gracious presence & kingdom of heaven.

- I was taught many years back as a catholic, that its OK to fall off track, since we were born imperfect and full of sin, and we could simply beg for gods forgiveness.

This may be one of the very reasons why so many members of this society have chosen to go astray. There's many other reasons to it all, but I think that the answers to such would have to be within the person who commited the wrongful act or acts, and God himself.

Many lives lead astray

Enjoying life and all that it has to offer by leading oneself in the wrong directions, is obviously going to have a major effect on anyone.

Having an unstable foundation, no direction or belief of any sort plays a huge factor in there being an imbalance in a persons life, because then there's no purpose to it all, and no central theme to place focus and emphasis upon, thus all the instabilities stemming to and from such a lifestyle.

Many weak minded individuals with poor judgement, and especially those whom exhibit a frame of mind of not caring in general about anything, tend to have suffered from some sort of mental or physical abuse as children, this goes for both believers & non-believers.

If such conditions goes uncorrected for to long without receiving counseling from a religious members or not, the end resultant years down the road in life may be additional poor conduct, and uncontrollable behavioral patterns.

In most cases of being psychologically affected by others while growing up, its not hard to see why many young adults rebel today, and have been playing both roles as victim & villainous criminal figures in which the bible warns about.

This is also one of the reasoning's behind a great deal of our societal issues, we all keep seeing year in and year out. With things like having to fight the war on drugs, cyber crimes, stealing of property, prostitution, mass murder, and all the other wrong doings people are responsible for, & many of us choose to bear witness to such via all forms of media.

According to the Biblical teachings, all these factors make up what God is to judge us for, in the end, and its a well known fact, that any form of opposing how God expects humanity to behave, will be seen as wrong doings, according to God's laws & judgement of mankind.

That doesn't mean that if someone has been lead astray by their friends, parents, or family members that they, cannot repent for the sins they have committed. Actually if one chooses to own up to their responsibility of doing such wrong deeds, they may still have a chance to make it into heaven.

The Messiah's return, bringing down the False one

- God's son was sent down to work the miraculous signs to show mankind the right directions to turn the first time, and to make us all fully aware that God's presence and truest powers over us all.

- If your a believer this is the case indeed, but if your a non-believer then you fall into the depths of no mans land when the Bible is concerned, true devotion and faith in Jesus as well is lost for them, because of the rejection of highly probable biblical truths, as set by historians and religious experts from the past.

- According to the Bible, Jesus was said to also soon return to earth yet a second time after the rapture. The actual timing of such a miraculous return of Jesus was said to be, the time after the antichrist brings the world at a stand still. A time when countless brutal wars was foretold to have ruined the entire surface of the globe, humans, angels, and demons in an all out battle.

- After his arrival Jesus was said to become victorious at riding our world of the false one (the antichrist or devils son), and soon God himself would make his full presence felt thereafter, & the world would also be brought to its end, opening the gates of heaven for our souls to be judged.

Beware the teaching of false doctrine

The Bible foretells that of a grand wizard who preaches nothing but the truth, and claims that he is the almighty himself, a false prophet of sorts, the orator of all wisdom, also known as the Antichrist.

I think there are many such individuals on the planet today, and don't get it confused with the person who is simply over joyed that they know a great deal, and simply wanna captivate the crowd. Such a person is simply a mimic of this age and time of clowns, artists, illusionists, actors, and out right lairs.

When the Antichrist arrives we will know it for sure, because his claims shall be clear as day, that he himself is the messiah, and he himself will bring an end to all the wrongs in this world.

In actuality the way we can also tell of such a person coming into existence is the fact that, God is the only one who will bring the end to all things.

He died on the Cross to rid Humanity of Original Sin

Everything I've provided here is from my learned experiences of knowledge as a whole, both biblical and non-biblical writings

I speak from studies done in college, years back while going to school, as a Catholic kid growing up, and today as a spiritually aware person, who doesn't believe in it all, but I do have a firm belief in a single God that governs all things, whether or not Jesus is the one responsible for the creation of all things isn't quite my concern.

I'm a curious soul who chooses to look at all sides of the spectrum, as opposed to formulating arguments, as a sort of passive observer of things literal & non literal. I derive my thoughts on such subjects of religion from every form of knowledge I can absorb, and transcribe, hence the reason for my neutral approach to everything I write, accept for my many differing forms of poetry, that I leave up to creativity.

If you have any clear conscience you would have to agree to disagree on many things I've written here, because much of it can be the end result of not being a subject matter expert on things dealing with religion, but it was my attempt at answering a forum question, that I've noticed many people have been posting on the subject of God, religion, and Jesus himself.

Please leave a comment, if you feel compelled to tell your side of things, thanks for reading & sharing with me today.


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    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 6 years ago from New York City

      I learned from your statement, to give the proper titling, and so other adjustments followed, thanks for your help here, as I find ways to improve my own understanding of it all.

      Religion isn't my best subject, so I must say this was the toughest hub for me to write for sure, thanks for sharing again. @ rLcasaLme.

    • rLcasaLme profile image

      rLcasaLme 6 years ago from Dubai, United Arab Emirates

      Hi CloudExplorer,

      That was a cool video at the beginning. I see you've edited some of the content and even the title. Well, that makes my previous comment irrelevant and inappropriate, doesn't it? =)

      I think you've made it better.

    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 6 years ago from New York City

      Faith is very powerful, but god also frowns upon those who rest their hopes on faith alone, and don't activate the gift or blessing god give to them.

      So yes that is true, but one's faith must also be followed up by acts of Good faith & kindness towards others, forgiveness, and all the other good things that go along with it, or at least my understanding.

      Thanks for sharing @ Dave Mathews

    • Dave Mathews profile image

      Dave Mathews 6 years ago from NORTH YORK,ONTARIO,CANADA

      According to Our Lord Jesus, all we need is faith the size if a mustard seed which happens to be the smallest of seed, yet it grows into a big bush.

    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 6 years ago from New York City

      Thanks Crosby, & RLcasaLme

      I would like to say, that this very hub is an end result of many things being somewhat force feed to me all these years, whether I accepted a doctrine or not is besides the point.

      What's so obvious here is that one persons opinions alone isn't going to tell the story of two cities, nor is it going to overshadow that of any ideals or perspectives that came before it.

      I'm a learned individual but shall never state the claim to know it all, for that is blasphemy in itself, and I merely can cast my very own shadows of a doubt about something or reiterate the facts there of, that's already been in existence even prior to my birth, as well as everyone else for that matter.

      As Forest Gump said in his awesome movie many years back, "Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you gonna get".

      Awesome comments y'all both left me, I'm off to see some juicy hubs y'all have to offer.

    • crosby123 profile image

      crosby123 6 years ago from Georgetown

      Jesus came to save the lost sheep, fulfill the prophecy & definitely to teach us the truth of life. Voted up!

    • rLcasaLme profile image

      rLcasaLme 6 years ago from Dubai, United Arab Emirates

      Hi CloudExplorer,

      This is a good hub though I may not agree on many things.

      If Jesus died on that cross just to merely teach us good manners, then I think it isn't really that worth dying for. He must have a greater cause.

      And, by the way, non-believers aren't all bad. Even non-believers do good.

      Matthew 5: 46-47 "If you love those who love you, what reward will you get? Are not even the tax collectors doing that? And if you greet only your own people, what are you doing more than others? Do not even pagans do that?"

      With or without Jesus, people can do good by the grace of God. Therefore, the Son of God went down here with a greater cause. That is to make us realize that we're all sinners, and there's nothing in our sinful nature that can save us but only through Christ's dying on the cross as the ultimate perfect sacrifice.

      This is very well presented. Voted it up!