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Paradise City

Updated on November 12, 2015

The heifer messed up but Adam was graceful

Adam and Eve were in a good spiritual place with God. Therefore, their physical location (in the garden) was good, also indicative of their spiritual blessings being good. They were in Paradise City which was the right location (physical blessing) and under God’s covering (spiritual blessings).

Therefore we may conclude that being in Paradise City, which is a godly location and having a godly covering are necessary for dominion rule.

When Adam and Eve moved spiritually from under God’s covering and lost God's appointed glory from their lives, they spiritually moved to a place of hiding and darkness. They were now out of Paradise City, (both physically and spiritually), “at the wrong place, at the wrong time.” The omniscient God, knowing that his created beings were spiritually and now physically out of place, ask, “Adam, where are you?”

Satan had waited until Eve was in the wrong mental location; for he can always tell by the illumination of our hearts. It is significant to recognize that as members of Paradise City that their whole man, mind, body spirit was in the image of God.

We see the enemy of man as he began to unfold his diabolical plot to make God's created beings no more than mere carnage. He wanted to bring them don to the very bottom of the food chain. The events that took place may have been done in the vicinity of the tree of knowledge of god and evil. For suddenly, he seized the moment; disguised as a serpent, he ministered bewitching words that would deceive and bring to a close the woman's life of paradise.

Success or failure, therefore, depends largely upon location, since being in the place that God has ordained you for a season, will have a grace called covering. God is the first covering and he has ordained the husband over the wife, and the pastor who is the under shepherd, to be a spiritual covering over God's flock.

But them that are out of place becomes vulnerable to the enemy, for there is no grace to withstand the wiles of his deception. For it is always easier to sin when temptation stares you face to face because you are not in your God ordained location.

For some of us, it depends upon your maturity in Christ and your willingness to repent for being out of the will of God, and thereby you may be able to defeat the enemy because of God’s holy writ.

But we must remember that Eve did not have predecessor, no forerunner who had successfully been victorious over the serpent as we have been privileged. The Creator had given them no previous memory of any City of Paradise before them. We now know, because of her sin, that we should avoid wrong locations, choosing rather the opposite direction, for therein lies the pursuant of your God ordained destiny.

Nonetheless, Eve moved out of her place. She used authority not given but to her husband and thereby made her own detrimental decisions which affected mankind. The woman was not thinking about the generation to come rather her mind was, what is in it for me?

After the woman was influenced and fell, she then influenced man and so her final coup d’etat was influencing God’s man of authority to make a decision that was contrary to God’s will.

Take note that when the Almighty made His appearance that He did not ask for Eve but Adam, the one whom God had placed in authority. That meant that until Adam ate the fruit, all was not lost. But he could have refrain from eating and God would then have to throw the wife of Adam out of the City of Paradise. But that would mean that he would have had to give up another rib.You cannot keep giving up a rib every time a person makes a mistake. Adam decided that a show of grace would be more advantageous in the long run.

Eve had undermined her husband and he understood the consequences of her action but he was so in love with his wife, that he was willing to give up a life of ease, for the pain of a woman's love.

The second Adam did the same thing, he gave up a life of ease for the love of a woman, the Church.

So we see that moving from under one’s God ordained covering (such as from a church, job, home) before the time allotted by God for the pre-ordained move will bring about tragic occurrences.

But every man is tempted when he is drawn away of his own lust (extreme desire) and enticed.” James 1:14. One’s own lust (of the eye, the flesh, and the pride of life…James 1:14-15) usually precipitates a wrong or untimely move.

Extreme desire brings forth sin, such as, the sin of allowing uncanny words to be spoken in one’s life that leads to deception. You then find yourself moving from a point of positive submission to one of disobedience and rebellion.

You have now allowed entry of a spirit which revokes order and is void of decency, just as Eve did. Following the same wrong moves opens the door to a spirit of Jezebel. When Eve converse with the serpent, her spiritual location was wrong and her timing was off.

She listened to a sound that she was not prepared to receive at the time. There was no harmony in that sound but because of the lack of illumination in her heart which caused her to become irresponsible, her mind negotiated with the sound to make it's content likable.

How many Christians have acted out of a non-Christian like behavior, because when the temptation came, they were not ready for it and fell? Our adversary is always planning our defeat so when it seems like he is gaining on us take time out point him to your covering.

Point that succor to Jesus Christ and watch him back up, face to the ground, as if he were searching for pennies in a patch of weeds.

We must always remain on guard against our adversary so that he will not seductively get us to move out of God’s purposes and plans for our lives by moving us from our God-ordained location. God is a God of purpose. Every aspect of his eternal plan has purpose and meaning.

Satan’s continual attempt is to bring about perversion of what God says is “good”. We must know that we know that we know that we know God’s will concerning our locations. What location in particular?

All location: home, church, job, even relationships with other people.

The spirit of Jezebel will not be able to victimize a man or woman who has heard from God and remains steadfast in the will of God.

Jezebel - the walking wounded


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