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John Sinclair and Saibaba

Updated on October 5, 2011

Be Happy! That is what I want from you.

John Sinclair is a famous businessman in Connecticut. One day he was brooding over his business problems in his mansion in the night. Mysteriously, he noticed that a man with an african style bush hair was walking up and down in the ground floor. It was midnight and the doors were locked. How the man could enter his secured house. At the same time, he was feeling a strange feeling of peace in his mind. On another occasion also, the same man walking downstairs. After some time, his business problems started vanishing! He was searching for information about the Afro African gentleman who came to his house. He found from the book stalls, the identity of the man tallied with Saibaba with the same hair style. He started reading about Saibaba! One day Sinclair wanted to have a helicopter ride to ease himself. His wife cautioned him. She said, you can avail the services of a helicopter pilot since you are mentally tired. Sinclair won't listen to her counsel. He retorted, I myself is an "A" class Pilot licence holder and i can manage. Saibaba will take care. His wife said, Saibaba has got so many works. You can not always divert his attention to safeguard you and it won't be proper also. But he has not listened and he was off with his trip. Every thing seems to be alright in the beginning but suddenly there was change in weather conditions. He could not pilot the helicopter safely. When it was imperative that none could save him and the helicopter, he was thinking of Saibaba. Lo! Saibaba was sitting by his side at the very moment and he safely piloted it to land and pushed Sinclair aside. After the above events, Sinclair wanted to go to Puttaparthi to visit Sathya Saibaba. He came over there and Baba called him for an interview. Sinclair wanted to thank Baba for the helicopter episode. Before that, Baba told him, I have come twice to your house! Baba asked him, "Can you help me? Sinclair was ready and Baba asked him, "Be happy, that is all i wanted from you! Sinclair could not believe! Yes, Saibaba wants all of us to be happy and peaceful.

Saibaba inside Dharsan Hall.


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