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John's Gospel-a new look No 4 Nicodemus come to Jesus at night.

Updated on May 17, 2013

John 3:1-21 Jesus and Nicodemus

This section contains what can probably be considered be the best known verse in the Bible; (vs.16) “For God so loved the world that he gave his only son so that whoever will believe in him will have eternal life”. This fits perfectly into the stated purpose of John’s gospel (20:31).

Coming to listen to Jesus is the most important decision anyone can make because the answer to who Jesus claims to be will ultimately determine a person’s eternity. In almost every life all kinds of pressure keep this vital meeting from taking place. In Nicodemus his wealth (he later was to buy 100 pounds of spices for the burial of Jesus), his background (as a devout Jew), and his position, (on the powerful Sanhedrin) all could have kept him away.

In spite of all these reasons John tells us “he came to Jesus”. Yes, he came by night, but coming to Jesus is so important that one has to overcome fear or the busy crowds. The message that Jesus gave Nicodemus was about a rebirth and that is what Paul wrote to the Romans about (6:3-5), that a new spiritual life starts with a new birth. The message of Peter on the day the Church was established confirmed this (Acts 2:38).

The question every person needs to ask and answer is: “what is keeping me from asking the right question so that I can get the right answer?”


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