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John's Gospel - a new look no 22 The light of the World.

Updated on December 6, 2012

A light in the darkness.

John 12:35-43 – Walking in the light.

In the record of the life and teaching of Jesus John uses 7 great themes to bring the good news to the world. One of these themes is that of light. In the Gospel, and also in the three letters, John explains that Jesus came to reveal the light (Jn.1:9), we need to put our trust in the light (Jn.12:36),and that walking in the light keeps us in a saved relationship with God (1 Jn.1:7).

If you read the gospel of John carefully you will notice that John often records an event with two meanings in mind. At the times of his betrayal John says simply “And it was night!” (Jn.13:30) This is a good illustration of the two levels of meaning that John often uses. This was indeed a dark hour. Statements can often be read as a physical reality but sometimes there seems to be a deeper meaning and spiritual significance underlying the words. This makes the Gospel a great book to read and re-read.

In a world that in many ways is covered in darkness, as the wars, greed and abuse of people so graphically illustrate the light that God sent has in times past and can today make a difference. The influence that Jesus made in the world goes far beyond that of organized religion. So much good has been done by so many who caught a glimpse of light and reflected it into the world.

It is however in a saved relationship that an individual is empowered to do so much more. As we struggle to make a real difference in this dark world it is God’s spirit that empowers us to go the extra mile, as we submit our will to God’s will, as Jesus did.


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    • Johan Smulders profile image

      Johan Smulders 4 years ago from East London, South Africa

      Excellent comment. Thanks Michele

    • Michele Rubatino profile image

      Michele Kaasen Rubatino 4 years ago from Seattle, WA

      Excellent information! I love the book of John, and I do not read "night" as physical, but rather, mental. If you do a word search on night vs day, you will see that it has nothing to do with whether it is light or dark outside, and everything to do with your state of mental well being, or, lack of it.