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John's Gospel -a new look -no 5

Updated on July 15, 2012

John’s Gospel-a new look 5

The Samaritan woman at the well.(Jn. 4:1-42)

Jesus never worried about tradition or social conventions as he met people, ordinary people like you and me. The woman at the well did not fit into the prospect list for someone to become a believer and even less to proclaim the message of the Gospel. In fact she may have been an outcast in society fetching water in the heat of the day, when she came face to face with Jesus.

Meeting Jesus will change your life forever; it certainly changed hers and also the lives of many who knew her. Jesus gets involved in a question and answer discussion with her that is well worth reading for yourself. This discussion between the male teacher (Rabbi) and the woman of dubious background should not even have taken place at all, but it did. Jesus breaks all the rules of society to do his father’s will, and when the disciples return they have some trouble with understanding this. Unlike Jesus their thinking is firmly imbedded in the prejudices and stereotypes of their time.

Then the unlikely takes place, she becomes a believer and rushes off to share the good news in her town. Re-read these 42 verses of the good news according to John and then forget about it. That is if you can?


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