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Jonathan Reed

Updated on May 22, 2011

Dr Reed's Alien

Who is Jonathan Reed?

Dr. Jonathan Reed is an American contactee, from Seattle. However, unlike most cases of contact, his was a rather violent experience, and since that happening, he claims that the government has been following him, and trying to silence his beliefs. 

Dr. Jonathan Reed has claimed to be a psychologist, and many close personal contacts of him claim that he was out of work in October 1996, when he took his Golden Retriever, Suzy, with him on a hike through the cascade mountains. 

At one point during the trip, Suzy ran off into the bushes, to bark and snarl at something. Dr. Reed thought the dog had caught some errant squirrel, until he started to hear Suzy whimper as if badly hurt. Dr. Reed made his way through the underbrush, where he supposedly found his dog in a life or death struggle with some sort of strange being.

Motivated by pure rage, Dr. Reed dove out at the creature, which had just killed his dog. He grasped a blunt object, being a tree, and began to beat on the creature with the limb. The creature was dead, and Dr. Reed, who happened to have a video camera near by, began to film and tape both the creature and some strange crystalline vehicle it had been riding in. He later took the creature's corpse to his home, but claimed that the government made it disappear. 

Since then, Dr. Reed has written several books about the incident, and claims to be followed by government agents. He has even gone so far as to say that they have made attempts on his life at times.


Jonathan Reed's story has been met with the typical amount of criticism. His information about the day's happenings has been questioned by numerous people, and more than a few have actually questioned his credentials as a psychologist. However, that is not the key to this debate.

Rather, the recent Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files episode (#9) is one of the most outstanding bits of skepticism pointed at Dr. Reed. In this episode the team tackles his case directly, proving that it could have easily been a Hoax. More than that, the team leader does a one on one interview with Dr. Reed, with software in the background to analyze his speech.

Very quickly, it is discerned that Dr. Reed is not being truthful, about the event itself, or the series of events that followed afterwards. However, it is important to note that Dr. Reed claims that government agencies are out to discredit or kill him, and the Fact or Faked team leader was a former FBI agent. 

That being said, my gut instinct goes against Dr. Reed.


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    • rafken profile image

      rafken 6 years ago from The worlds my oyster

      Just another case where the truth will never out. I am not so sure if your instincts are correct. Check out some of my hubs. Up and awesome