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Joseph KONY; the Beast in our Midst?

Updated on April 23, 2012

Invisible Children's Campaign

December 2012

I've read many articles in recent months that discuss the "end of the world" in December of 2012. The Mayan calender ends, so apparently the world as we know it will too.

The bible and most other religions describe the tremendous changes that are expected to occur, dates unknown, but scenarios are described in detail, of their expectations of what will occur at the end of this era we presently live in. Devastation, extreme change in weather, the separation and survival of the good and bad of the world population and a head to head fight with the "Beast".

There is much discussion around the Beast or Anti-Christ. Many People say he is already here and there a few theories as to who he is. There are a lot of point of views out there, one for everyone who writes about it, and in the last 24 hours I have come up with my own theory.

Introducing the Beast, the anti-Christ; Joseph KONY . This man has the potential to change the future of the world for the better or for the worse and that direction lies in our hands; we have all been called to battle, it's time for human-kind to unite.

Get Informed

there's info everywhere now
there's info everywhere now

War Crimes Hidden for 20 Years

face of a killer
face of a killer

KONY's 20 Year Killing Spree

We have stepped into the middle of a war zone. A war that has been going on for 20 years, known to governments all over the world and they have turned a blind eye. The USA government reaction is shameful with regards to the heinous actions of one Joseph KONY; "if our national security or financial interests aren't at stake it's not an important enough issue for the USA to get involved" . Sinful. Their reaction is unacceptable.

That quote is paraphrased from the movie created by the Invisible Children , featuring project KONY 2012, which reveals to the world a present day Hitler who 99% of the population doesn't know exists, but governments worldwide have allowed him to practice mass abductions, sex slavery and murder for 20 years .

Government officials who are supposed to represent we the people and in most countries have been elected into power have sat back and watched thousands upon thousands of children be abducted in the middle of night, dragged away, girls turned into sex slaves, boys forced to become killers and torturers, murdering their parents along the way. And yes, once you know about a situation you see it; it's trapped inside you, and that picture that won't go away, especially if you ignore it; then it gets bigger. These government have knowingly refused to take action; for 20 years .

Yes, this Beast named KONY has been operating in our midst for 20 years , growing stronger, getting larger, and more powerful. The peoples of the world have unwittingly entrusted our leaders to take care of us and represent what we the people stand for and have sent a terrible message of an uncaring society to the victims of KONY's devastation. We, the peons who have entrusted the politicians of this world, have been taken for a ride. We have been misrepresented and it's time to stop them.

What have governments been showing us more and more clearly as time has gone by? It's been the elephant in the room forever but nobody really wants to discuss it because big change will have to follow if everyone is truly honest. The governments of our world don't actually work for the people anymore they work for the corporations and we have let them, we have accepted it as our fate .

We have not stood up collectively and said no; only activists do that.

The majority of the population living in non third worlds countries have gotten used to comforts that go way beyond needs and most don't want this to change. Change however, is actually the only constant in life and the world needs to change - now; because we now know.

watch the film

the Video Update

KONY 2012 exposes the Beast

it is impossible to watch the film exposing Joseph KONY and not be affected; if you have a soul, any kind of value system, any kind of love for mankind.

I believe, we the people who have soul, are the "winners" in the battle predicted in the bible and the battle has already started.

Joseph KNOY's actions have affected too few of our government officials and that speaks volumes of the ethics of those who hold political office. Those who have the abilities and access to the power needed to actually stand up for the rights of mankind haven't. How can our representatives know that this has been going on and not have let us, their constituents know about it? How do they sleep at night?

Or maybe those government officials that want KONY stopped need help and can't get it from the inside. Maybe there are politicians who can't fight a system that caters to the desires of corporations whose only agenda is profit. Well it's time to help those politicians who are true, who have ethics, morals and a value system, those who will speak out loudly and help to make sure KONY is found and his rein of terror stopped.

And if the politicians don't want to speak out that's fine because this is the year, this is the time that the world population can discover the power of the phrase "we the people" ...

pass it on ...

Time to Come Together

We are being given an opportunity to come together as one voice that can be heard well over self-serving governments and their rooms full of misguided politicians, well over greedy corporations and their over-paid, over indulgent executives and well over those who spend their lives terrorizing, brutalizing and destroying the innocence of people everywhere in so many different ways for power and money ... the heathens of our world, the greedy, the soulless.

Could these be the people siding with the Beast, KONY's supporters? the bible refers to?

We as a population of soulful humans, separated only by physical distance that has diminished as a result of technology have a social responsibility. Never in the history of mankind has there ever been an era where we the people are no longer at the mercy of the media, the propaganda machine that tells us what to think and who to believe. The communication technology that exists has enabled us to bypass the censored messaging we have been fed all of our lives.

With 750 million people on facebook alone, world populations are sharing their personal experiences, views and they're connected, taking control away from governments, corporations and they are creating a new reality.

The moment is here, right now, to decide who we are as a human race, a world population, a collective of like-minded people brought together to stand up and take control of the direction the future path of the world. It's time top take up arms in the form of public outcry. It is time for voices to join together be heard until we are heard.

We are the People

The challenge of deciding the future of our world has presented itself through the efforts of a small group of people who refused to be quiet and quashed by the unwillingness of governments refusal to intervene and their secret support of the Beast, KONY. We have been called to come together as a collective world conscience to stop the Beast, KONY, who has finally been revealed by the Invisible Children, through the film revealing the battle plan; KONY 2012.

The battle between good and evil has been going on for 20 years and the sides are forming very quickly. The good guys need help, everyone's help, the entire world population's help and it's our social responsibility as part of the human race to stand up and take action. It's time to say no more; we will not accept the actions of KONY, a madman wearing no disguise, even if our governments do.

We are the people. They are the keepers of the corporations who obviously don't care about anything but profit. We are the people with hearts, souls, love and compassion for all of our brothers and sisters and we must stand together.

The fight to find KONY will change the direction of the world forever.

Hilter by Another Name: Joseph KONY

Spread the word; the world must know this man and find hm; stop at nothing
Spread the word; the world must know this man and find hm; stop at nothing

Stop at Nothing

help find this man
help find this man

Sending a Clear Message

If we, as a collective, compassionate human race decide to take the same position and action as our world governments, we are sending KONY, the Beast and his supporters; governments and corporations a clear message;

... it's okay that you put money and war first, ahead of the lives of not only children, our most innocent, valuable and vulnerable resources, but of us; all of us that claim to care. The desires of the rich must come before the protection of human life; we agree. KONY we give you permission to continue with your killing spree ...

However, If we, as a collective consciousness join together and become stronger, we as a world population, will be a force no Beast or his followers will be able to contend with. We, by banning together, will create an army of voices and positive energy, heard and felt so loudly, strongly and clearly, that it will resonate throughout the universe and beyond.

The power of our collective energies can and will change the forces that are controlling our world. Together we can find and destroy KONY, the Beast and stop him. We will win the battle which will affect the future of our world as we know it.

With the help of social networks like facebook, twitter and hubpages to name a few, the world population can actually come together and stop KONY. If the technology of today had existed during the time of Hitler he would have been stopped, and the world would have changed then. The technology of today enables us, the strong of heart, mind and soul to overcome the evil present in this world.

Spread the word. Message everyone you are connected to. Make his name, face and evil presence be known to the 99% of the population who don't know him. He has been protected by his supporters long enough. For 20 years supporters of the Beast, KONY have kept this secret; protecting a cowardly, evil world leader whose killing fields grow larger with each day that passes. He has been hidden from the people of the world who have values for too long.

But now we know. An action plan has been devised and is available by watching the film, connecting to the cause and becoming part of the collective mass population who are gathering to search him out and put a stop to his quiet and evil ways. Watch the film.

Your Say

Will you take action to help find KONY?

See results

We Will Win

And once we find and defeat the cowardly Beast, we as the collective human race will have experienced what success of united voices and energies feels like and we'll want more. You when you are told you can't do something, try and win, you want to do it again, and the people who are controlling the world know that.

We, as a world population, will have the collective awareness of the power that we, as one energy possess. We will become acutely aware that we can control the the direction the world is going to take. We will understand the power of the people and good over evil.

We will changed the path of the future of our universe forever and prophecies will have been fulfilled.

You see a message will be sent loud and clear to those friends and supporters of the Beast who have been controlling the unsustainable, disrespectful and self centered direction they have been steering the world in, because we as a world population will know that we actually are powerful enough together to affect change. We are powerful enough to demand the respect of every human life and the life of the planet we rely on.

We will have set a precedent of winning a battle that has been kept secret by too many soulless supporters and we will have the confidence, numbers and collective energy to to stand up for the rights of all of us and defeat those that have been siding with the Beast, KONY, forever.

© 2012 eye say

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    • eye say profile image

      eye say 5 years ago from Canada

      @cbella229: I really feel passionate about trying to figure out how the path of destruction that humans have been on can actually change. That fact that something this terrible has been going on, covered up and not stopped, and is only now being brought to massive attention makes me scared to think of how many other situations that are dismissing human life and basic needs because it doesn't affect the financial or security of "the World Leader", are we not hearing about. What immoral dilemma will it take for we as a compassionate human race to demand that the world leader's focus on the people first. We do not actually live in a time when anyone should be starving, thirsty, homeless, ill with no care available. Our world's finances are spent making war, creating unnecessary products and swaying people to focus on themselves, not to think about the devastation happening all over the world, right now. I can only hope that KONY 2012 starts a revelation of change given by the power of the people; life is about compromise, so when we all sit down as human and learn to come to peaceful resolutions? Yes I am dedicated, this incident has put me on a very interesting path of questioning my own social responsibility to the world and how I am going to participate in the bigger picture moving forward. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.

    • cbella229 profile image

      cbella229 5 years ago

      Your dedication to correcting this wrong is admirable ... this is very powerful writing!

    • eye say profile image

      eye say 5 years ago from Canada

      @gregorium: just want to clarify my thoughts and point of view: I'd like to see the world resolve and stop the killing sprees we have spent a lifetime watching end peacefully. Not possible? I don't know but I'd like to see focus on living respectfully together. So many meeting and discussions by world leaders are about going to war. Forcing different beliefs on different people of the world who are not like minded puts everyone into a catch 22 situation and has forever. There has to be a situation that makes the world understand the massive change in the collective thought process of all the world populations; what will it be, cause up to now, nothing, nothing has mattered to enough to get the world populations attention. It's a situation like this that could be that catalyst to at least get people talking about change and trying to affect it. I admire the peacekeepers and understand how frustrating it must be to watch continually as hatred is bread and spread; I think I would die if I had to watch it up close. I don't think letting them kill themselves is the answer though. Am I just being naive and ignorant because the daily killing around the world is crushing my soul and affecting my course of action and thought process? Although I don't know what exactly to do, I see the potential good in the social media to help affect change; I am praying it's for the positive. So many times the social media is isolating within our own community, and has made it so people no longer have to make eye contact or say hello, their heads are buried and they are too busy. So an issue that has the world connecting in rage over wrong doings, for me, indicates the potential of changing the focus of the direction of the world; and I am happy for that. Knowledge is a good thing and once it's out there it's our social responsibility to act. I won't apologize for not knowing before, I will take action now, to be that change I want to see in the world ... and I'll hope I'm not too late.

    • eye say profile image

      eye say 5 years ago from Canada

      @NiaLee: my heart is heavy too, thanks for helping to 'shout" as you put it; I hope that means you'll be passing on the movie to as many people as you can, joining the website, and helping maybe by sending an email to your government representatives.

      Your comments and additional thoughts are appreciated

    • NiaLee profile image

      NiaLee 5 years ago from BIG APPLE

      I am watching the movie and my heart is heavy, yes these things happen, let's make the voices heard and shout.

    • NiaLee profile image

      NiaLee 5 years ago from BIG APPLE

      Thanks for the info and the push. I just saw something about him to day on tv...not before, it is probably because of people need to know.

    • eye say profile image

      eye say 5 years ago from Canada

      @gregoriom: whether there is oil or not, there is no excuse for the child abuse and abductions that he has perpetrated. Finding oil just confirms why no world powers want to help; the opportunity to sit, watch and wait for resources to be available does not make it okay.

      The film KONY 2012, was made by a man who was there, saw it, recorded it and is fighting to change it.

      Because I know from first hand experience that the media is controlled by the governments who are in turn controlled by the corporations who in turn control the information flow to the public; I will believe an independent film maker who has been there and is now trying to stop mass murders of children over any other propaganda put out as a result of the shocking information that has been kept secret from the world by our world leaders.

    • gregoriom profile image

      Deninson Mota 5 years ago from East Elmhurst, NY

      There is much more to this than what we can imagine.

      Watch this video on the link below.

    • eye say profile image

      eye say 5 years ago from Canada

      @molometer: shocking is putting it kindly and I'm counting on this "interconnected world" to stop him. And as far as that list goes, there are more on it; Joseph KONY just happens to be number one ... for now.

      Thanks for passing this on, it needs to go viral.

    • molometer profile image

      molometer 5 years ago from United Kingdom

      What a shocking indictment of our 'leaders' that this kind of thing can still go on.

      In out 'interconnected world' how can this stand?

      There are a few others that could be added to this despicable person.

      You have shared something we should all be made aware of.

      Voted up and awesome. Sharing.

    • eye say profile image

      eye say 5 years ago from Canada

      eye-see: spreading the word and sending a link to the film to everyone and anyone on your social networking lists and email lists, contacting your government representatives is the fastest way to spread the word.

      The KONY 2012 kits can be downloaded at the website

      where you can sign up and show your support.

      The support of the world is needed now.

    • eye-see profile image

      eye-see 5 years ago from canada

      Excellent hub.

      Your passion shines through in your writing beautifully. Reading this motivates me, and I hope everyone else to work together to really affect true change in the world!

      It's time to WAKE UP!!