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Journey Unto Shiloh: Part 5

Updated on June 18, 2013

The Lord has never forsaken me, though in truth I don't know why. The Journey Unto Shiloh series is designed to prove to you that he has not foresaken this world either. We all would like to believe that we are masters of our own destiny and that God has given us the freedom to choose for ourselves, but in my case, such freedom was never an option. During the time I was trying to evade my ‘revelations’ and the responsibilities associated with them, my life felt as if it was in a perilous nosedive and about to crash. I’ve had more turmoil and upsets that any one person deserves. Things that shouldn’t have gone wrong, went exceedingly wrong, and no matter how I hard I tried to break this downward spiral into the dark abyss, it could not be avoided. Interestingly, in discussions with others that have had the experience of these ‘epiphanies’, as I like to call them, they too experienced a similar dissolution of their lives when they tried to avoid the calling. In some cases, they hit rock bottom and never bounced back. They were Job without the happy ending and they knew that it was because they refused to accept the demands their revelations made on them. Even forearmed with this knowledge, they still insisted in refusing and so their lives ended up on the dung-heaps of society. So much for free will; there were no choices. I on the other hand decided it was far smarter to surrender to the demands, even if it meant being labelled or running the risk of being rejected by society.

Just Doesn't Seem Fair

I could understand their refusals. It’s not easy to accept this other-worldly existence. Oh yes, we all like to say we believe in God and His miracles, but when it comes right down to it, we are comfortable living our mundane but orderly lives without such intrusions. It only serves to raise other questions, such as why would He persist in trying to have me do what I have never felt comfortable in doing and as a consequence we naturally become resistant to His demands? Why are those that not put under this pressure successful or rich and in many cases both even though they are also selfish and wicked and whom we would consider undeserving of such rewards. Yet, if we refuse to accept our calling, then our lives becomes cursed. And should we accept, then we run the risk of being rejected by everyone close to us. Not much of a choice at first glance and by appearances unfair. You can then appreciate the fate of the likes of an Elijah to hide away in a cave, or a Jeremiah to become familiar with the inner linings of a prison cell, just because they chose to ‘listen’ though it is hard to understand why suffering is part of the arrangement. Delivering the message can be a costly experience for the messenger and the reason the expression, “don’t shoot the messenger” has become part of our regular idioms used commonly in our speech.

It doesn't make sense until you re-examine the allegory regarding the boulder. Only then can you comprehend why you were selected. Failure to appreciate the pebble allegory means that the process will not make sense as it didn’t to these others, and they suffered the price for their refusal to accept their recruitment. So here I am, revealing all these incidents that will sound strange to most and mentally preparing myself to accept whatever consequences of my going out on the limb may come. I made the decision way back in 1998, recognizing that there was a purpose and even though I could not immediately identify what it was, I surrendered myself to His will.

I guess that was His plan all along and the night that I made my decision to submit, I went out of the house to run my usual night jog. I was up in Orillia at the time, not exactly the tourist Mecca of Canada but a great place to find barely used trails over which to traverse and hopefully clear one’s head. I decided I would run my usual route down the old CNR line and just as I had gone past Wilson's Point Road, I heard the voice in my head once more.

Bridges In My Life

"Time to go under the bridge," the voice said. I stopped in my tracks and turned around. I was being directed to run back the way I came and take a path that I had never run before. I reached Forest Wood Drive and again I was told, "time to go under the bridge." I took the path north not being familiar with it but knew that there is actually a bridge that crossed the path there, being part of the highway that runs overhead. I ran past the bridge and once I had passed it, I was instructed by that same voice to turn around but this time I was to go under the bridge as I had been commanded. “Why all this nonsense about a bridge”, was all I could think of at the moment.

Again, all I can say to those of you that have never encountered an experience like this, I know it must sound very strange and abnormal to you. And it’s probably even harder to explain to you why a person would actually do as this voice was instructing rather than dismiss it as an overactive and wild imagination but therein lies the difference between those that have had an ‘epiphany’ and those that will never experience such an event. Once you’ve had the experience, then you know for a fact you are not imagining, hallucinating, or worse case scenario, going crazy. Others may think that, but you know you that you mind is as sharp as it always was but perhaps attuned to a different fredquency. Appreciating that, you do exactly as you’re instructed and that’s part of the surrendering to His will. As I ran under the bridge, I stopped in front of one of the pylons. As bizarre as this is going to sound, there was a message written on it and I knew it was intended for me. After all, how many times will a voice instruct you to go to a an extremely remote location, only to find a message there. It read as follows:

"Look not for answers from the sixtieth second, nor from your parents, grandparents or religion. Not from the falsehoods nor the popular media. Look for the answers from within yourself, otherwise you will surely perish."

The Writing On The Wall

Again, I remind you that this message is scrawled on a pylon beneath a bridge where no one would ever go to see it. It certainly wasn’t the usual graffiti you expect from some teenager, and hardly the billboard used by religious institutions which do abound in Orillia. As far as I was concerned, this was my personal version of Daniel’s bodiless hand, writing upon the wall. Something so small was delivered to me with a major impact. I knew that I could no longer run away from my fate. I had surrendered and now it was time to prove it to Him by passing under the bridge as I was told. The significance of passing under the bridge burnt into my mind immediately. So many of us will choose the easy path, taking the bridge over the impasse or obstacle. That is not the path that God chooses for us. He demands we face each obstacle and surmount it, removing it completely from our path. That is what separates us from those others and though they may appear to be rewarded for lives contrary to everything we stand for, that is our challenge to surmount and deal with.

So many of those others would have refused to accept this path. They will wait until the last second, the sixtieth second before finally submitting to his will. For most, it will be too late by then. Their sudden change of heart will not help them to escape their fate. The message could have just as easily read the sixtieth minute, which would have been more common before the final striking of the hour hand but that would have made them believe they have far more time than they actually have. We are no longer dealing with hours, only minutes, and perhaps even merely seconds. One has to choose quickly now whether they believe or don’t believe in God and his judgments. You can no longer rely on what you family taught you, or what your religious practices taught you as they more often than not have gone astray and are contrary to God’s initials teachings. Believing in those false teachings will only see them condemned as fatefully as those that had no belief in the Almighty at all. And the media? Well forget them! We all learned or should have learned a long time ago that the media will lie to us about practically everything.

In Conclusion

Beneath that bridge, I made my commitment to do as I was instructed and before I parted that same inner voice within my head said that there would be another that would come. The task-at-hand would not be performed on my own. There is one that I must guide and help if we were to successfully navigate this path. There would be two signs by which I would know him and I must wait until he identifies himself. In reference to the events beneath this bridge he would say two things which would confirm that he was sent to me. Those words were then passed onto me so that I would hold them in secret until I heard them uttered by this other one sent by the Lord. I wait in anticipation to hear those words uttered, so that I can fulfil my mission. I believe the time that I will hear them is coming soon.

After the events of that night, what was to unfold over the next several months of 1998 proved to be a never-ending series of further revelations. However, they are too many and too detailed to discuss within this hub. Better that I wait until those that are reading have a chance to digest all that I have said thus far and can appreciate that we are quickly approaching the sixtieth second. The other revelations will be revealed soon. I invite you to stay upon this journey and keep reading!

Avrom Aryeh-Zuk Kahana


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