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A Soul's Journey

Updated on June 14, 2014

Every soul comes on earth with a profound purpose to be lived, some lessons to be learnt, and some healing to take place. According to Hindu philosophy, a soul takes on a life to work out its accumulated karma.

Out of many unhealed aspects from past lives (karmic balance), a soul chooses a portion of it to work out in a particular lifetime. That is the choice, a soul makes before taking on another life. It chooses the circumstances, family members, people to surround with, experiences to go through, all to facilitate its learning of those lessons in best possible manner. Some souls intentionally choose particularly difficult circumstances to born into because that will best serve its purpose of complete healing. Life's tough challenges may appear to be too harsh in the physical bodies but in reality there is no unfairness or castigation ever intended to anyone. Rather the soul happily consents to this design for it knows everything is an evolutionary process. Its an individualized unique path created for each soul to bring it an opportunity to evolve to higher level.

In his revealing work “Your Soul’s Gift - The healing power of the life you planned before you were born”, Robert Schwartz writes – "We come into this life to cultivate and express some qualities as part of the unhealed energies our souls are carrying. The lives we plan before we are born are opportunities to develop and express love, empathy, compassion, emotional independence, patience, humility, forgiveness and other such divine virtues. If only we respond to life with this knowing that there is deep meaning and profound purpose in all that occurs, in all the experiences that appears to be meaningless sufferings to us, we will respond in loving ways. Our resistance becomes acceptance, our acceptance turns into receptivity, our receptivity grows into embrace, and our embrace is transformed into gratitude for the experiences that opens our hearts and expands us as soul.

A conscious awareness of its purpose may empower us to learn the underlying lessons and create the needed healing in a much less arduous manner."

Every single event is a gift!

Every single event whether painful or pleasing has something for us!The experiences that hit us hard either in the form of physical disability, serious accident, cancer, AIDS, untimely death of loved ones, separation from spouse or lover, loss of job or loss of wealth, are meant to provide us significant learning opportunities. These are the alarms set to awaken us from the dream of life and question life as to why is this happening to me? What wrong have I done? These are the times when we are forced to go inwards from a state of complacency.

What comes to us is our destiny, how we respond to it is in our hands!

Now we have a choice here - either to become bitter, turn away from God and react negatively thus incurring further karma, or to seek God and surrender to the Divine Will, keeping faith that divinity knows a lot better than we do and divinity never hurts. Its not easy to make this choice in the midst of such trying times. But that is the only way we can transcend suffering.and benefit from the experience; for it is only God's grace that can change the karmic effects of our past lives and make the suffering ineffective. In His infinite compassion, He even can entirely do away with one's karma. Even while our mind is pulling us apart, the pain is unbearable and tears flowing down the eyes, if we can hold onto God in these worst of times - it will become the best of times. It will be an opportunity to grow, an opportunity in strength.

The Bible says, "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding"

God is pure, unsullied and unconditional Love and we are expressions of that supreme, Divine Love! What He wills, will happen and His will is love for us. Know that the divine ordain is perfect and if He has allowed us to undergo pain, it is necessary and good for our growth. And He will not leave us alone at any point. Even while we'll go through the painful experience, He will carry us through it.! Wayne Dyer, an author and spiritual speaker, has beautifully said, “If you knew who walked beside you at all times, on the path that you have chosen, you could never experience fear or doubt again.”

Every Heart has its own two lives are comparable!

In this classroom of life, all of us have come to graduate and progress to higher level. But the degrees are different and therefore subjects (lessons) and means of teaching (experiences) are different. Each one's path is unique and in no way is a life of one person comparable to that of others. Since at physical level we are classmates, we get deluded into comparisons, judgement and competing with each other. The origin of all souls is Divine but we forget our true reality as we incarnate on earth and in that forgetfulness, believing all of us to be separate beings, we get envious of others success, remain indifferent to others sorrow and blame each other for what we are going through in life! The ultimate purpose of life therefore is to awaken the spirit to experience ‘Oneness’ of all souls and merge in the ‘One’, the soul is deeply longing to be.

Once we understand the basis of this cosmic design and Oneness of all beings, then there won’t be any room for us to be negative, rather there will be spontaneous outpouring of Love for others. Our entire perception will change and we’ll realize how foolish are we to judge each other based on our physical conditions.

We easily criticize others for what appears to us to be a negative trait in their personality! Little do we realize that particular behavior or trait in a personality may be part of the choice that soul must have made to learn an important lesson not addressed in previous lifetime and is necessary for its balance. It may also be, that soul is helping us to learn our lesson by mirroring back the negative trait in us which we are not able to recognize in ourselves.

No one actually wins or looses the game of life. The belief of winning and loosing comes only from duality of mind. Our pleasurable or painful experiences in this lifetime that seems too real to us, does not affect our true reality in any way. Each of us have infinite worth, beauty, magnificence, and sacredness as an eternal soul. All these life challenges have been chosen by our soul only to experience the oneness of all souls as we all have originated from 'One Creator'.

Reminding ourselves of our true reality and purpose of this life, we must live with feeling of oneness, sharing and expanding the Divine Love by feeling joy in others happiness, feeling the pain of others as our own, and try and alleviate the pain to the extent we can. My Master, Sri Sathya Sai Baba says that the proper study of mankind is man. He elucidated this point by following example , “Suppose you were walking in a forest and a thorn pricks your leg what would you do? You would remove the thorn from your leg, right?". And then He asked, "How would you do it? Obviously, with your hand." Then He said "Why would the hand bother to reach out to your foot? The hand instantly removes the thorn from the leg because the moment the thorn pricks the leg, the hand also feels the pain. The legs and hands are all part of one body and every part of the body feels the pain. So too, the entire world is the body of God and when any part of this world feels pain or suffers, every other part should feel it in the heart and should respond to it, just as the hand responds to the thorn in the leg."


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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      I appreciate your kind and greueons advice a lot!. I have been trying it hardly and did not get those amazing results!. It is nice to see that you got my comment in a good way!God bless you!VA:F [1.9.10_1130]please wait VA:F [1.9.10_1130](from 0 votes)

    • profile image


      4 years ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      Yes, it is the ego which makes us forget that we are mere instruments in His Divine Hand! Sairam.

    • Sarika Jain profile imageAUTHOR

      Sarika Jain 

      4 years ago from India

      Thank you Saisarannaga. I feel humbled by your admiration for this hub. Swami inspires and He does it. We are only instruments in His hands. I am so grateful to Him for blessing me with this opportunity.....Sai Ram!

    • profile image


      4 years ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      First, thank you for following my hub. The message of your hub is soothing to many distressed souls! May Swami bless you!


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