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Updated on August 16, 2011

Life interrupted is life lived to the fullest. When your life goes along at a smooth and even pace there is someting that is going to go wrong. That's just the way it is. Even more so when you serve Jesus Christ , because Satan is going to ride up on his dark horse and try to unseat you. Kinda like a jousting match, if you are not being attacked you are not making the devil mad enough. He's just not worried about you, when you don't make waves.

So just remember that when everything is going along swimmingly you just aren't doing your job. If you are actively serving God you are just naturally gonna make waves. Think about it if you step into the tub, you make waves; you step into the ocean, you make waves; it dosen't take much just simply serving Jesus. Say a prayer, read your bible, reach out to some one in need, reach for the reality of salvation through Jesus Christ, help someone find their way to Jesus, keep this kinda thing up and the joust is on. Satan will throw everything that he can at you.

I know He's been jousting with me for years. Sometimes whe He gets an inkling of what God has planned for you in the future, He'll start the joust himself, trying to unseat you before you can accomplish what God Has planned for you. Don't just kick back, if you do that Satan won't have to do anything but push and you'll fall off your horse. You gotta dig in those knees hold onto that lance and aim it directly at the enemy. If you serve God He's comming after you. My motto is don't just be ready, Strike first!!!!!!!!!


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