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Joy is not real and sorrows turn into real joys later!

Updated on November 30, 2016

Joys end up in sorrow...

Sorrows are veiled JOY!

What we consider as ‘joy’ is not joy at all. Likewise, what we consider as ‘sorrow’ is not sorrow! Now who judges something as joy or sorrow? It is the mind which falsely claims something as joy and some other thing as sorrow! Mind is not really capable of judging things! It is the job of ‘intellect and intuition, which can arrive at the correct perception! Why I said ‘joy is not joy’ in the beginning? It is sorrow concealed in the form of joy! In fact, sorrows are our friends which enable us to evolve as true human beings! The mind is very clever in hiding something and projecting some other thing instead.

In many of my hubs, I have dealt with the phenomena of rope and snake! There is only a rope which frightens people in the twilight hours when there is half-light and half-darkness! The rope was coiled and lying on the path! People fear to tread on such paths during twilight hours since reptiles will cross the road in the evening hours. Fear of snake makes one to imagine a snake lying on the path! A wayfarer without any light will suddenly stop at the sight of a ‘snake’ in the middle of the path! Another man comes from the other end with a torch light. Stop! Says the first man, don’t you see a vicious snake lying there? The second man focuses his torch light to see what kind of snake it is? He bursts into laughter! Poor man, it is only coir coiled in the form of snake! Come on; let us move along our path! A great philosophy enfolds here! Fear created an illusion of the mind. Fear assumed a non-existing thing to be an existing one! Finally light dispelled the fear! The light is wisdom in case of human beings. They are bewildered by the fearful mundane life which posits many dangers enroot!

Exchanging sorrows...

The present day world!

The present day world poses immense threats to human life. It is the threat of natural calamities mingled with unstable governments threatened by global terrorism! None can aver that he is happy and peaceful in the present circumstances. Media depicts full of negative stories. Sometimes, it is safer and wiser if there is no net connectivity and electricity! You won’t spend hours before the idiot TV or the continuous posts in social platforms which prod you thousand times a day! How you can remain at peace with these nonsense gadgets strewn around you in the bed and dining table? Remember that Presidents and Prime Minister do not have a smartphone for their personal use! They remain incommunicado to others. Only the secretaries and other important people in President’s Office use them! Why? It is fear of being hounded by cyber criminals everywhere! We think that their job is nice and they are highly paid with many perks. But the responsibilities shatter the brain easily. It is easy to handle a clerk’s post than that of a President! It is highly risky!

Now I will start from the beginning! The so called joy turns into sorrow very easily. You want to enjoy marital life and marry a good looking blonde or brunet. How long your joy lasts? It depends on the type of girl you select! Whether she is selfish or selfless? Nowadays, it is not easy to find a selfless girl anywhere in the world. Every girl might have formed an image of a dream husband and their anticipation is never fulfilled! Most of the love marriages end up in divorce! Why? It is love at first sight! One is enamored by look, color or complexion! These are all deceptive appearances. Remember even below the glowing skin, there is only pus and plasma! God has decorated the skeleton and muscles with a hiding skin which is beautiful to look at. Anybody will look attractive only when they are hale and healthy! For instance, if a fair and beautiful girl is laid up with dysentery for a day or two. None can find the same attraction after two days. The body fluids might have lost and she will look awesome! It is the body fluids, fats and plasma which decorate the human form neatly covered by a glowing skin!

Coir look like snakes

Our body structure is similar to a building!

Civil Engineers are aware of the process of building construction. First it is a skeleton frame work of concrete pillars, beams and slabs. Later the gaps are filled up with bricks in mortar or stonework. Once every partition is filled up, leaving the opening for doors, windows and ventilators, the depths in basement is filled up with sand or gravel and consolidated. Once the basement is ready, it is filled up with concrete materials to receive the floor above. The completed brick walls are plastered with cement mortar, and then primer paints are applied to receive distemper of different colors. Once all the decorative elements of fascia and projections are added, the building looks very attractive!

In a similar way, the body first comprises of skeleton frame, filled up with muscles and nerve systems and finally the protective skins are covered from top to bottom. Hence there is absolutely no difference between a building and the physical body! What attracts us is the outer form and we never think about the inner contents. Once the breath leaves the body, it is cast aside as useless and potentially harmful. Hence what we perceive is not real and what we fail to perceive is the reality. The foundation which is not visible to naked eye bears the superstructure! If we assert that the building stands on its own over the ground, we are terribly mistaken! Rationalists around the world aver that there is no God etc. It is similar to asserting that there is no foundation for the superstructure! Hence what we see is not real and what we fail to perceive is really real!

A perspective of Joy and sorrow!

Worldly Joys are deceptive!

Do you see worldly pleasures last forever?

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