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Judas Iscariot; Betrayer or Apostle?

Updated on June 13, 2014

The Prophets and Their Silly Stories Who Could Possibly Betray The Christ?

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From a Question raised in the forum about four weeks ago as of today Sept. 28th 2013

So... Where is Judas?

Wow, Disapearinghead. This is the Question I have asked always when testing those whom presume to teach me of the scriptures. It is a question I asked of a Catholic Priest when he said he couldn't marry me in his church unless I took the churches classes on marriage. He was the Priest my Ex-Wife wanted to marry us. So I took the Classes and learned a little something.

Non the Less He could not answer the question that I posed to Him to my satisfaction. And he did not marry My wife and I which greatly saddened my wife from the start.

And None shall pluck you from My Hand, was it Not Jesus who chose Judas? Did He not ask the other eleven If He had chosen a devil? Did Judas repent? Did Judas actually hang himself and split his bowels open?

Too many of us are of the "Opinions" of those opinions drawn of by early church elders and profiteers.

Christ said we would have to eat of His body [We would have to discern His followers] He said we would have to drink of His Blood [discern their spirits and those things that drive their choices when following Him]

In my Opinion Christ knew what He was doing and He knew Judas would repent. Which I believe he did when he tried to give back the silver pieces. And then when they [the High priest] refused his plea he threw the pieces upon the ground before Them. Which I believe got him hung and disemboweled for his troubles.

Judas is in Paradise as are the other twelve are and they all are awaiting Judgment. Matthias is Judas's Name sake or benefactor.

Judas was to suffer greatly for his call to action. It would have been better for him if he was never reborn of woman. Why some ask would it have been better? Because he was murdered and became Noted as the Betrayer of the Christ a very damning title wouldn't you agree?

After he dip into Christ's bowl in plain view of the other eleven; he went straight away to do what some may say Christ commanded him to do. In which the Lord told him to go and do quickly. Before he had time to think upon it no doubt. Note: the eleven never suspected that Jesus plainly told them of who the betrayer was.

Judas was the Money handler for this group and as the rest believe that the Christ's first coming was to lead to the end result of His Last coming or second coming. And the conclusion of It all as a Conquering King with an Angel army. I believe Judas thought he could rush this in before Its time.

And when Judas realized it wasn't going to work out as he perceived It should have. He repented and tried to repair the damage that he had done. But to no avail; and for that mistake he was murdered for his trouble by the High Priest's men.

The Ransom Being Paid


Why Did Christ Come at All If He Had Already Chosen to Die Upon the Cross?

Did Christ Choose this death? No, Satan chose it for Him. Did Christ want to die upon the cross? No! No one in their right mind does!

He even ask if that specific Cup could be passed from Him. If there were but another way? Not once but twice! He was so stress that He wept tears of blood as well sweated blood. He even took several of the Apostles along with Him to the garden to help keep watch as He prayed Over this Cup.

Again I believe as very few out there do today; that I know that Jesus was distress here in this Garden because this was Satan's "Last Chance" to repent and end the charade of being GOD the Father. And his failure to repent from this trespass became his life long Sin and Pleasure upon this Earthen ground were he as a Fallen Angel then became a man.

Whose soul's purpose it became to war with GOD the Father as an unruly Child became void. This would be allowed no longer or would Satan be afforded this right as a child of GOD any longer. Nor for this child of GOD to be forgiven.

And the Punishment Satan choose for himself was Death by Separation from GOD the Father. Being the god of this world he was aware of all of his laws being broken and he did not do what he said he would as a god. Jesus was Not Guilty of breaking of any of Satan's Laws. Jesus was a perfect being who was destroyed by the jealousy of this god and his reign over this Vineyard.

The god of this world is a Jealous god! The Creator is Not! If HE was Jesus would have never been allowed to be falsely accused and then murdered by a phony god. Satan is a Son of the Living GOD. Jesus died to prove Satan's Main Lie was a lie and he was, and It [Death] were defeated. It is done! It is finished! The truth is undeniably now known as the truth. GOD is GOD and Satan is Not!

What would or could tempt Judas to betray Jesus? He was already in control of the finances, "the money bag" was going to be emptied if Jesus was Found guilty and then sacrificed. So Judas has nothing to gain at Christ's death. The 30 silver pieces was not a great fortune in his time. It would not last long. Nor was it enough to fund the Jewish revolt against the Romans.

But if arrested this would surely rally the troops and everyone that Jesus healed would surely give their lives up for him and the Revolt? If Jesus spent any length of time with the High Priest; could He would HE not sway them; to go to war with the Romans?

Sadly Judas was convinced by Satan's whisperings. Whatever they may have been. But Judas I believe thought he was doing right and was so convinced that the army would rally to this man Jesus as the Christ. After all He was all that the prophets said He would be.

The Failure to reclaim the money by the High Priest only confirms their guilt and their part in Christ's betrayal. As we do not truly know what they promised Judas about the handling of Jesus for the thirty pieces. They most assuredly betrayed both Christ and Judas.

Again Judas would have never slaughter the golden goose. Some say he was possessed with money and the seat that wielded It. I believe he wanted the Romans defeated and Israel restored with all is heart So much so that he lost sight of the Christ for a few short hours.

Do we all not strive to hold the highest places we can, when we can; in this our world? The Devil can whisper the sweetest words when he knows what we think we truly desire. To be the Kings banker was Judas's desire maybe. But what fed that desire only GOD knows. The heart felt feelings which fed his desire are known only by GOD. Judge Not Least ye be Judged.

Are We Not All Wolves in Sheep Clothing?
Are We Not All Wolves in Sheep Clothing?

In Paradise I Believe was My Answer!

I have for many years debated others with scripture lawyer techniques It was all only madness. Trading verse for verse and passage for passage bending the scriptures to say what we desired them to say. I will no longer play this "Game" as it is rigged. And In the designers favor.

GOD is not the Author of confusion. But the "little god of this world" is the master of It. Satan very much had a heavy hand in getting the Holy Bible written, translated, and printed in to the forms it is displayed in today.

To not believe this is a fact becomes a fallacy that many Christian Scholars fall prey to. For they know that GOD so tells us through Jesus and His parables that this is so. GOD planted a Garden and in the night the enemy came and planted amongst It. Seeds of tares or division, Falseness, Lies, and Misdirections. So much so that No man but a Man comforted by GOD could ever decipher or fully understand any one message, concept, or teaching. We must seek. What it is that we seek? Comfort, Assurance, and Truth.

Without GOD's comfort / Comforter you have no truth of understanding. Nor will the meaning of the whole story of How we came to be and why we are here going through what it is we must go through to ever reach the Ultimate Choice. And of your own choosing. Which is and has always been from our beginning here on this Earth to choose freely; either Life with Father or Death with the contender.

When I ask if we are not all wolves in sheep clothing? I am referring to Our second chance offering from Father, The Creator, Our One and Only True GOD.

Most don't know or care to know that we all are fallen angels that fell with Lucifer during the beginning of the Great War. The War that was and is still raging on all over GOD's WORLD.

Most do not understand the beginning of Our Holy Bible is Not speaking of the WORLD being spoken into existence by Father. But in fact is the reformation of the 1/3 of Heaven that fell [our world] along with Lucifer and the 1/3 of angels that fell. Or were cast out from the Heaven that was, by the two thirds that did not fall.

Judas as all of the disciples and Apostles are; are also fallen angels from the first age of Heaven; the eternal Heaven. GOD's World the one HE spoke into existence.

This is why Jesus tells Nicodemus that None may enter Heaven again unless they are reborn again. Of woman is what Nicodemus was asking and was thinking. How is it possible to re-enter the womb again?

He was afraid that Satan and the Sons of GOD that refused their second chance would be forgiven and reinstated back into their former positions. Making Void the very Cross that Jesus bore. Basically he thought no lesson would be learned and no payment would be paid by those who cause this whole situation in the first place.

Well it is not possible for a human, but it is for angel or a fallen angel to be born of woman Jesus is a prime example of this. GOD's Son was most definitely an angel being. Because he was God HIMSELF! The only begotten ONE.

GOD did what Satan desired. HE submitted HIMSELF to Satan's realm of power and authority. Only to be destroyed by Satan by the use of his god-ship. Which revealed the lie of who was who. GOD is always just. Satan is not! Satan's desire was to be GOD so he murdered GOD when he was given the chance to Repent and be Forgiven.

This is why HE as Jesus retain all Power both on Earth and in Heaven. GOD paid the ultimate price as a son of Satan [Lucifer] {the little god of this our world} who was and will again be the god of this world our Earth.

If only for a little while to reveal the last hold outs from the Fall. Plus Satan is than again freed from the Lake of Fire to call again to those who go through the Millennium with Jesus. And then the final White Throne of Judgment is held for us all.

There are Three Ages or periods of TIME. The Time before the FALL, this time our present and our past history here on this earth, and the time that will soon come; the restoration of the Heaven that was; It will be again and then will forever be.

The Jewish people understood this as the story that the prophets were relaying. At least the Elders did know of this Story and this would trickle down unto a group of radical believers of which Judas was one of. The whole time he was with Christ it was suggested that he stole from the money bag, but ask yourselves what did he hope to gain? What was he doing with this stolen money? And what could he do with that money that the Other eleven would not be able to detect?

Because he was not going to leave The Christ or His Kingdom ever of his own free will. To do so would end his endless gain if he was a thief.

No Judas was a Patriot of the Jewish religion. One who so em pathetically believed that Jesus was this Christ that he wanted the revolt to start. But Judas he had the Timing wrong. The second coming is when the Christ will end the Roman's rule which is Satan's rule as god of this planet and all upon It.

Why Did Judas Betray Jesus? ~ Greg Boyd

Betrayer Or Apostle?

Which do you Believe Judas Was

See results

Which do you think Judas Was?

Judas was chosen by Christ personally he was one of the ones Jesus said would sit on thrones and judge the twelve tribes of Israel. He was counted with those who went out preaching and casting out devils two by two. He did try to return the money and he and he did cast the money upon the ground at the High priest feet .

They the high priest did not allow this blood money to enter their money boxes.They the High priest did consult to as to how they could seize and betray this Man Jesus.

Peter was call Satan by Jesus when he cut the High Priest's servants ear off and then mended the servants ear.

Paul denied Christ three times before the cock crew.

Every last Apostle and disciple fled the side of Christ that night and only John was mention along with Jesus's mother Mary at the crucifixion. The others where noted as standing a far off and watching.

Was Judas a devil? Did this then give Jesus the right as Saviour to use him as he did?

All souls belong to GOD.

And None can pluck you from my hand!

Did Judas repent Did he hang himself? Or were the High priest worried he would rally the rebels and come after them?

Was Judas Murdered and then Dropped onto the jagged rocks below. Did the High Priest men maybe put a rope around his neck and then tow him to the potters field and hang him from a tree and then drop him to the rocks below. Bursting his bowels wide open? Did they then Buy the field with the blood money and cause a curse to be placed upon this field to keep others from investigating Judas's demise further?

I think you can plainly see I believe the later and I have since my Baptism at the age of 12 1/2 and I then so desperately tried to share this with my pastor and his staff and was asked to leave the church just weeks after my Babtism which I did so many years ago. No I know in my Heart that Judas was no more a betrayer then you or I just a victim and a causality of Satan's making. But Thats my belief what is yours please comment below.

Judge Not Least Ye Be Judged! And In Like Manner

It is said the road to Hell is paved with good intentions. I believe that Judas was the very one who laid the first brick. To this day the Jewish religion as well as the Islam religion believe that the Christ has not yet come. This is the back ground belief they have because as Judas believed. They still believe. That Christ and His first coming is as a concurring Hero on a white horse; wielding a sword of truth that cuts both ways. And with and unbeatable Angel Army.

But as He this Christ comes onto the scene it will be to fool the whole world into believing that he the anti-Christ is the Slaughtered Lamb of GOD.

Judas so believed that if Christ was brought to trial that His Angel Army would begin to appear. But when he heard of the betrayal of every last Apostle he knew that this was inconceivable the wrong direction or path: and that the Angel Army wasn't coming to protect the Lord. But was coming to witness the Lamb's death and the atonement being made. Salvation is now secured for whomsoever will accept the truth of the story. The truth of who Satan is, was, and pretends to be. Satan is the fallen Lucifer that Christ beheld fall as the lighting from the sky. And in a blink of an eye.

We so often hear the thunder and do not comprehend from whence the Bolt has fallen. Lucifer refers to himself as everything Jesus and the Father are; because he is without any truth left in his being. And he has lost the truth of who Our Father is.

Christ told Paul that he would deny him thrice before the cock would crow and he did. And not only Paul but all the disciples and the eleven themselves all fled from his side and did not come to His aid or protest the Lord's crucifixion.

Peter cut the High priests servant's ear off and when he did Jesus told him to "get thee behind me Satan." So were any of the other disciples; what say you of them were any greater in your eyes then these?

Judas was not the lone betrayer he was the first betrayer, the first to leave this realm, and the first to see the Master in Paradise. The Saints beneath the throne of GOD await for their bothers to complete their missions. As do the twelve Apostles and the Elect that begun to build the church or the bride of Christ.

I believe Judas repented. I know all fall short of the Glory of God and many fall short of the Grace but when Jesus has you in the palm of His hand. None shall pluck you out from It! Nor can you leap out of It. Put your trust in Jesus and live the life you were created for. And remember your life begins on this Earth and leads into a life that doesn't end. The flames of the fire are hot for they test the purest gold. All souls belong to the Father It is HIS one desire that None shall parish.

HIS children are destroyed for their lack of knowledge. The knowledge they lack is of who their Father truly Is. Seek HIM and HIS nature. HE is not the Author of confusion! Come to HIM in prayer. Ask in the Name of the Living Christ that IS, that Was, and that Shall forever be! Christ Our Lord Emmanuel Jesus The Christ. GOD with us, GOD within us, GOD among us.


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    • Sinbadsailorman profile imageAUTHOR

      Donald Beres Jr 

      5 years ago from Valparaiso, Indiana

      Thanks for the read and lovely comments joedolphin88. I am not afraid to talk about the Bible or the Good Book or Scripture. I do not think the Lord ever wanted us to fear asking and questioning the works he gave men to do. All of It is good for edifying and teaching once you learn about the Father and the Son and Who they are and How they are. Until you Know them you no nothing but here say and zealous opinions taught by the misinformed. We must prove all things and test all things in scripture against the true nature of the Father and the Son.

    • joedolphin88 profile image


      5 years ago from north miami FL

      What an impressive hub, I give you a lot of admiration for your courage to touch extremely touchy subject matter for many.


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