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Judas Iscariot, Unsung Hero or the Treacherous Villain? -an Introspect

Updated on August 12, 2019
Joey Guillermo profile image

Entrepreneur, Life Coach, Enthusiast. In search for truth, prosperity, wisdom, serenity, a life living worth it’s while..

Sunday.. it’s traditional for most of us to do something spiritual. So, i’ve been looking for something to read or watch to broaden the spiritual aspects of my human self.. (I am not a preacher guys, ok? ;)

I stumbled upon Jesus and Judas, then i found myself following and browsing some researches, write ups and videos regarding Judas Iscariot. (Thank goodness, we have the internet :) Long story short, he became a villanous traitor by the near end in one of the most famous stories in history - after being one of the closest people to our master teacher, Jesus. (I’m a Christian, as you might have guessed; just an ordinary one :)

Judas’ story is seen as an unparalleled depth of betrayal, and regret turned suicide. His decisions made him one of the most hated character in history, maybe just a notch below the devil itself. But have u ever wondered, just for 30 pieces of silver, it’s not even gold, he turned-in one of the most benevolent person in the world? Have we asked ourselves what can we learn from this story? Or we just judged him rightaway saying he’s good for nothing?

There were several theories revolving and versions, even mentions of the gospel of Judas. I just kept my mind open and tried to be wiser than i usually am. Battling in my head, was Judas an unsung hero; or the anti-hero, just plain old bad gone worst? He sold out Jesus to the leaders of the Jewish priesthood which then turned him in to the Romans. But come to think of it, the resurrection couldn’t have come about without his treachery, doesn’t it?

Battling in my head, was Judas an unsung hero; or the anti-hero, just plain old bad gone worst?

As i revisited the story and browsed, i was faced with these - Being a close disciple and friend, was he possessed by the devil to do the deed? But Jesus could have excorsised him, right? Or, was it plain greediness that drove him mad, he was the treasurer of the pack by the ways. But you see, 30pcs of silver isn’t that much actually. He won’t get rich out of those.. Or was it a pact; that he has to do what was necessary to give way to the greater end - the resurrection and ascension? Take your pick, nevertheless, he became the most hated being in the world; an embodiment of treacherous betrayal at it’s best (or worst, if i may say).

You can do your own research because i tell you, there’s a lot, too many to mention here and get to the nitty-gritty details. My point in this article is more than just deciding on if he was ‘somehow the good guy’ or the bad, but futhermore, what can we learn from this story? Aren’t we sometimes a bit of a Judas ourselves? We make mistakes everyday of our lives, maybe not as bad as he had it; but do we learn from it? We maybe are making those mistakes and not learning anything; then continuously making basically the same mistakes in different degrees over and over? Or digging deeper, deeper learning and wisdom even from these mistakes? Or we just hang ourselves in regret?

Maybe it’s not a suicide physically, but emotionally; or maybe mentally or spiritually. We maybe ‘hanging ourselves‘ over those mistakes by quitting on broadening our wisdom - Wisdom that can be gained from mistakes and situations. We might be ‘hanging ourselves‘ by quitting to learn from our ‘not so good experiences’ that becomes eventually fears and doubts in ourselves, and other people. Keeping it up like that, maybe one day we might quit on life as well because our life-flames become smaller and smaller until the last spark fades; shrouded in all those fears and doubts. I hope you’re getting me here..

We might be ‘hanging ourselves’ by quitting to learn from our ‘not so good experiences’ that becomes eventually fears and doubts in ourselves, and other people.

The decision is ours to make on how to look at Judas’ story. And how we look at our own personal Judas.

Do we stop believing and learning, and hang ourselves failing to get what we might be missing out on? I’m just trying to make sense and somehow maybe awaken you, my friends, by making the Judas story as a template and learning from the greatest mistake in history. The choice is ours to make..


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    • Joey Guillermo profile imageAUTHOR

      Joey A Guillermo 

      11 months ago from Pasig City, Philippines

      Thanks sir jameel and tita paz for commenting ;) God bless all your works

    • Joey Guillermo profile imageAUTHOR

      Joey A Guillermo 

      11 months ago from Pasig City, Philippines

      Thanks Richard for sharing your take on the topic :) this issue is still being on debate for 2000 yrs, but i see you have your take and it’s an enlightening one.. thank you for sharing your thoughts

    • parrster profile image

      Richard Parr 

      11 months ago from Australia

      Judas is an interesting character. Like all of us, judas was a sinner (eg. scriptures tell us he was a thief). However his failing was that he didnt believe in Jesus. His action didnt condemn him because they were simply sin, but because they stemmed from a lack of faith (he didnt trust Jesus); and without faith it is impossible to please God. That's my thoughts. Thanks for sharing.

    • profile image

      Jameel Sule 

      11 months ago

      Nice Article!

    • profile image


      11 months ago

      Wow!!! Galing!


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