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Judas The Pain of Betrayal

Updated on March 27, 2016

Have you been betrayed by someone you loved?

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Betrayal and Accountability

Some would say the bible if outdated and has nothing to do with the relevant world. But on Easter 2016 as the message of the resurrection is preached we need to give credit to the betrayal that led to the resurrection. John 13:1-17 documents Jesus knowing what was to come and washing his disciple’s feet. How powerful was it for Jesus to wash the disciple’s feet knowing the person that would betray him was in his midst?

There are two different aspects regarding betrayal that serve as a life lesson. The first lesson, everyone that is sitting your presence does not have your best interest in mind. The second lesson is don’t let your bad decisions overwhelm your spirit to the point of consuming yourself in self-condemnation.

Kanye West Lyrics:

Money turn your kin into an enemy

text you like, "what's up, fam, oh you good?"
You say, "I'm good" then great, the next text they ask you for somethin'
How many?

Do you know what is right? Do you know if the people calling and sitting in your presence have your best interest at heart?

Your soul can not be at ease when you know you have done someone else wrong. There are many men and women that laugh about using other people as if it’s sport. Those same people fail to realize why the universe does not positively give blessings for bad intensions. Sometimes, absent of acceptance, it benefits your soul to say and/or admit what is wrong. Don’t let your bad deeds ruin your soul. Freedom comes from acknowledging wrong and actions that make it right. Now don’t expect the person offended to let you back into their life because you displayed poor character, but both parties can be enriched by acknowledgement and apology.

Don’t let bad decisions consume your soul. Learn the lesson, forgive yourself, and do wrong no more. Don’t drown our sorrow in substances and wild behavior, this will not make your life better. It will free your soul to acknowledge to the offended what you did wrong. If you did something that you would not appreciate being done to you then come clean.

Happy Easter, life lessons.


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