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Apostles Of Jesus, The Deciples & Gospel Of Judas - What Made Judas Iscariot Betray? Was It Destiny?

Updated on August 8, 2011

Judas of the apostles... the man that gave the identity of Christ to the Romans for exchange of silver and crucifixion. Was he evil or was Judas predestined to betray Jesus?

There stood a dark shadow over the apostles. Christ identified that one amongst his deciples would betray him. It turned out to be Judas, Christ's favourite amongst his men. Jesus knew the last supper would be just that. He performed a symbolic representation as a seed sown to his life.. taking of the bread to mean his body and the drinking of the wine for his blood.

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Take Me Into Yourself, A Christ Example

Take me into yourself was the message here. Christ always taught through example and this was a way to teach us all.

Even the death and re-birth of Christ in the resurrection might be seen as symbolic of reincarnation, perhaps?

Christ knew what the example of his suffering would mean to people, even 2000 years hence.

He bared the knowledge of his personal destiny and devine intervention made it happen - so did Judas, I believe.

If it wasn't for Judas, the cycle may not have been completed.

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Judas Gave Christ The Opportunity To Fulfill His Destiny

Judas was the catalyst to enable what was meant to be. Although tormented through the act of 'grassing' to the enemy, Judas gave Christ the opportunity to fulfill his destiny.... it had to be ... and through good intentions the crucifixion of one man was a lesson taught to many. Judas was so torchured by what he had to do, he committed suicide.

He sacrificed the only man he truly loved! How tormented he must have felt! Sacrifice is the greatest gift a person can give to another and this is the lesson here - Judas knew this only too well! Only special people sacrifice their lives so as others can live, learn, develop and be free! He knew he would be the bad guy in the story.

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One Man's Freedom Fighter Is Another Man's Terrorist

He knew he would be deemed as evil in his act, but his intention was good. We read of the accounts of the other deciples in their chapters and verse in the bible.... but is this not an account of how other's perceive the story? How can anyone know what was 'true' unless you are the person who commits the act and knows what lies in the heart?

One man's freedom fighter is another man's terrorist. The political and religious dynamics during that time put everyone, including the Roman's into a difficult position, there was no real choice but to crucify Christ. If it wasn't for Judas, Chris may not have fulfilled his destiny.

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Saint Judas

The timing was as it should have been. He would never had shown the world that you suffer, learn, die and ressurect but for Judas. Judas made it possible. A much misunderstood scape-goat who copped the bad press because no one really 'got it' - the role of Judas in the grand scheme of things.

It is with this hypothesis that I advocate Judas a Saint, a man who was torn apart at the destiny he had to follow. As the action, I believe, was with good intent, I suggest that if you believe in a Kingdom of Heaven, then you will find Judas at the right hand side of Christ!

Jesus Knew That He Would Be Betrayed, So It Must Be Destiny!

So, the apostles of Jesus tells the story as it is. The Deciples & the Gospel Of Judas makes it obvious. Judas Iscariot has been portrayed by society of today, and through the apostles, as a betrayer. We observe the truth from other's perception and whether we like it or not, Jesus knew that the betrayal would take place so would conclude that it was, indeed, destiny.

© Shazwellyn This work is covered under Creative Commons License

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Was it destiny or free will?

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    • shazwellyn profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Great Britain

      You are entitled to your opinion, Ruth. 'forgive them their trespassers and we forgive those who trespass against us'. Bless you.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      This article is demonic and the author does not understand the doctrine of pre-destination. Please study the doctrine of pre-destination then say your piece. Also, your article is very unbiblical. JUDAS AS A SAINT? Utterly satanic. Anyone who commits suicide goes directly to hell. Judas DID NOT repent, he only felt remorse but instead of running back to Jesus to ask for forgiveness, he hanged himself. This article is heretic.

    • shazwellyn profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Great Britain

      Jonathan.. yes I get this - 'we think, therefore, we are!' Keep the thinking and share the thought for this makes us better people with wisdom that grows.

      Thanks for reading :)

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      We wrestle not against flesh and blood,but against powers and principalities,things not seen by human eyes.But as far as free will goes,1kings says it well,as a man thinks,so he is!

    • shazwellyn profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Great Britain

      Dave... My sentiments exactly. Thanks for putting it so eliquently. :)

    • Dave Mathews profile image

      Dave Mathews 

      8 years ago from NORTH YORK,ONTARIO,CANADA

      We have to understand that even though we have free choice, free will, that sometimes there are outside influences such as true friendship that shape our choices.

      Judas and Jesus were considered the best and closest of friends. Jesus shared with Judas, special knowledge of The Kingdom of God, he did not share with the other apostles, knowing they would not understand.

      A true friend would be willing to do anything, anything at all to prove their friendship.

      We also have to understand that God pre-destines events and pre-chooses people for such events, even knowing that to do what is asked, would be painful, and could even cost their human life,but not their spiritual life, look at what happened to John the Baptist, Jesus cousin.

      Jesus taught,"No Greater Gift Can any man give than to lay down his life for a friend. Judas did it for Jesus and Jesus did it for all mankind.

      Judas did as he was required to do, in order to fulfill Bible Prophecy and help his best friend Jesus establish the fact that He indeed was The Christ.........Case dismissed!

      Brother Dave.

    • shazwellyn profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Great Britain

      Hi Brother. It might be that we are all here to learn lessons of life. Experiential learning is most effective when experiencing it. Learn those lessons, in a spiritual realm, even through suffering and the course has been completed - we become better people.

      The point is that we have to trust in the greater scheme of things and leave it to devine intervention to do what must be done. As people, all we can do is be our best, learn from our lessons and do it with good intentions. If we make a mistake, learn by it. As you said, God knows our hearts :)

      It is not enough to love life and ponder upon its meaning, but to live it!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      where does it say judas was jesus' favorite?

      U might as well say that all of israel failed so god could bring christ to earth to die on the cross. You might as well say that adam and eve failed just to bring christ on the cross and that paul persecuted the church just so god could stop him on damascus road and that adam and eve failed just to bring christ to the cross.

      Sorry you have to realize that judas was the perfect man to do the job that needed to be done and no other influence was upon him. Judas was that kind of man - god can read the hearts. If god wanted a man on the earth to betray him today he could find such a man just about anywhere, at that time in jerusalem alone, most of the people sought to kill him. It wasn't hard to find a man willing to destroy jesus but the timing was the important factor, so as i said, jesus kept judas close. Its simple really, what you are purporting is universal salvation, 'how can god punish anyone' because you don't believe in free will at all and that everybody has good intentions. If this is the case why write the bible? Why have priniciples and commandments and holy guidelines if when people break them the general consensus is oh well they were destined to do that? The whole point of existance is to secure salvation and help the world by helping others and make the world a good place to live by promoting good things, acts and intentions. This is gods preference.

    • shazwellyn profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Great Britain

      Thank you Brother. This is an interesting addition to the debate. The ultimate conclusion, however, is that we don't know. We don't know what is in the heart of people.

      If you believe in predestiny, then surely the story unfolded as it should have done. Sure there was free will involved but there are some things that are supposed to be.

      My God is a loving and forgiving one - as long as mistakes are true in the heart and the seeking for forgiveness.

      Judas was chosen for the job that needed to be done - it must have been awful to be in a group of people that didnt value you, that humilated you for the 'complaints' that you made. Remember that Judas was Jesus's favourite, there must have been some jelousy from the others.

      If the path to good intentions can lead to the pit of hell, what chance has anyone got?

      Thanks for your valuable contribution :)

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      judas was already dead when jesus said "forgive them for they know not what they do." Judas committed suicide and that ended any chance for redemption that judas might have sought. Jesus said "did i not pick you and one of you is a devil". I don't believe in satan or his devils but there is no chance of devils being saved. Judas was picked not because Gods power made judas betray jesus but because judas was just plain and simple, a bad person. Not a good christian at all. Every time judas said something he was complaining, "should not this oil have been sold and the price, etc". Did any disciples ever ask judas for advice. Some ppl never "get it". They hear and are told and witness awesome stuff but it just doesn't sink in. Judas was a bad guy like that. The followers of christ because of the wonders he did were that way also. You can't say god made judas bad or gods power made judas betray jesus. Judas betrayed jesus because judas was a bad person. Plain and simple. No salvation for judas, he free-willed betrayed jesus, yes he felt sorry afterward, but it was a human sorry (i got caught) kind of sorry because a truly repentant person realizes that repentance means 'changing your life around' not realizing your wrong and killing yourself. There is no short cut to heaven, loving jesus is the only way to god and heaven and life immortal and judas clearly did not love jesus. Even though you think that jesus asking forgiveness for the crowd was sufficient, it wasn't. This wasn't an induced salvation upon the masses present (which judas wasn't present, he was already dead and at the bottom of the valley of hinnon). This was jesus being compassionate. Jesus didn't put salvation upon the masses he asked this one specific sin be forgiven but everyone there had other sins that weren't forgiven. They weren't asking for forgiveness, in fact just the opposite, so if they were forgiven of this sin of crucifying jesus that still in no way entitled any of them to any special treatment from god, they were still sinners in need of true repentance.

      The gospel of judas is uncanonized, non biblical and psuedopigrapha. Being outside of the bible it cannot be referenced as doctrinal or for edification of the body of christ, neither can the book of enoch or any apocrypha book, unless, you want to be catholic, then go ahead and pray to dead saints and mary who is also dead and a bunch of other non scriptural practices. Forget the gospel of judas, he died a sinner, a devil by christs own words.

    • shazwellyn profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Great Britain

      Whatever Juda's truth is, is what judas knew. We will never truly know the intention of his heart. However, there is a bigger picture here and what was to be, had to be. Perhaps Judas was born to this world to do what he must - who knows? I dont! Jesus said on the cross 'forgive them father for they know not what they do'. He then died for our sins, we are, essentially free! He was reborn as a symbol of how we can be reborn - we can become better people! There is hope x

    • profile image

      Chief Apathetic 

      8 years ago

      Or did Judas consider by his actions he would force Jesus into doing what he, Judas, wanted Jesus to do in regards to life on earth at that time which was a big mistake in him thinking he was going to force the Son of God into doing anything. Did Judas see that Jesus was talking about something else other than this world long term & Judas was thinking as men think short term about this world?

      Did Judas perceive Jesus stating his Kingdom is not of the world of man, this world. That things aren't about this world at all no matter how man upon the earth tries in vain to make them about this world.

      Jesus said men love to glorify one another before one another but he Jesus did not come to be glorified by men, but to glorify the Father before men. Man's vain ego of glorifying himself & his world upon the earth. Man's vain ego of glorifying what he considers to be worldly success?

      Jesus said if he called for Legions of Angels his Father would send them but that was not the will of the Father for him at that time. The will of the Father was for The Son to be rejected by this world. To be brought to the 3'd Temple & tried by the Leaders of the Temple who were as learned as any in the Books of the Torah & prophecy at that time, but even they did not know Jesus.

      A part of the will of the Father was the resurrection to show that long term those who followed Jesus would be resurrected & the last thing destroyed would be death. That eventually long run it would be the Son, Jesus, who does away with this world to set up the Kingdom as described in Revelation 19, but in between those two points of beginning & end things will become an ever increasing hell on earth as such is the vain nature of man upon the earth.

      So the question was Judas selling out Jesus or just trying to force Jesus's hand which was not going to work for Judas as he was not going to force the Son of God into doing anything that was not the will of the Father for him?

    • shazwellyn profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Great Britain

      Truth is a matter of perception. No one can truly judge others because they are not in the mindset of the owner of the truth. It is about the personal truth. Thanks for reading my hub x

    • Jerami profile image


      9 years ago from Houston tx

      I believe this about Jud us not just an interesting point of view but great insight into the truth. Too many people believe the testimony of the disciples to be the word of God; NOT ! They were chosen by Christ to be his students.

      They learn much, They communicated their perception of the things that Jesus taught. We should all continue to expand our own insight. Thanks for sharing yours.


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