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Jude Contending for the Faith Part 2

Updated on January 6, 2023
DeBorrah K. Ogans profile image

Pastoral Counselor ordained Elder/Minister Ambassador at Alpha 7 Ministries M.A.Christian Clinical Counseling Certified in Creation Therapy

Time of increased Apostasy

Jude infamously known as the brother of Jesus Christ tells us that we have a duty to fight for GOD'S TRUTH! Not in a physical carnal way. Our weapons are not carnal. We must stay adorned with the spiritual armor. "PRAY also for me, that whenever I open my mouth, words may be given me so that I will fearlessly make known the mystery of the GOSPEL, for which I am an Ambassador in chains. PRAY that I may declare it fearlessly, as I should" See Ephesians 6 Know without doubt we are in the last days and the Word of God is being fulfilled!

These are Perilous Times!

We need not be afraid but prayerful! It is important to persevere knowing that God is with you everywhere! Jude says: But dear friends, remember what the Apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ foretold. They said to you, “In the last times, there will be scoffers who will follow their own ungodly desires. These are the men who divide you. Who follow mere natural instincts and DO NOT have the SPIRIT. But you, dear friends build yourself up in your most HOLY FAITH and PRAY in the HOLY SPIRIT. Keep yourselves up in GOD'S LOVE as you wait for the mercy of our LORD JESUS CHRIST to bring eternal life. Be merciful to those who doubt; snatch others from the fire and save them; to others show mercy, mixed with fear hating even the clothing stained by corrupted flesh..." Jude

One must only watch the news, read the newspaper or search online to see that time is near. “Anything goes!” Some of everything is happening. Let's bring it home and see what has happened within our country. There has not only been an Economic Recession that some are now slowly recovering from but also a "Spiritual Recession" as well. At one point, the Congress and President Obama as well as with President Trump were unable to agree so the United States government was actually "SHUT DOWN!" There has been numerous senseless shootings and climatic weather extremes. Hurricanes, earthquakes, torrential monsoon rains, typhoons, flooding, volcanoes erupting, plus a plethora of serious major fires; you name it. Notice the modern-day famines, pestilences and plagues going on throughout the land.

Know this: "There is NO Spiritual Recession in Heaven and there never will be!

There has also been an uprising in racial discrimination and racial profiling. Minorities are often targeted. Since historically much abuse, division, and dysfunction has purposefully been sown into some families to keep them oppressed. This predisposition makes it easier to divide and conquer. In some situations, great measures are often taken to monitor behavior. This is to gain further access and dominate and control the existing family system. Attempts to incite disruptive behavior are attempted as well. They will go so far as to sow discord and division using anyone who is willing to participate... The right to privacy in the lives of many have been infringed upon... The justification to do so is they are deemed a possible threat...

Spiritual warfare comes in many forms.

The Supreme Court has even voted against the WORD of GOD in favor of legalizing "same sex unions." A confused young man attended a Bible Study in South Carolina and an hour later he just got up and shot and killed nine of the people who were there! Oklahoma has decided that the Ten Commandments are not supposed to be in the courthouse. Let us not forget the multitude of sinless heinous mass shootings in the schools. One man in a Las Vegas, Nevada massacre senselessly opened fire at a concert. Masses of innocent bystanders and attendees were shot, maimed and trampled. Over (55) fifty-five people killed and hundreds hurt. LORD HELP US!

The Presidential races between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and President Trump and Biden as well were also quite scandalous. There was even a dangerous rebellious revolt with fatalities centered at "The White House!" It further demonstrates the turmoil within these "Last Days." We have been continually bombarded with numerous accusations of inappropriate campaign behavior and tactics. Suspected interference such as hacking and meddling from Russia to impact the outcome of the election process has been confirmed. But look Congress and President Trump could not agree so once again the government was again "SHUT DOWN!" Many government employees, families and their households were also impacted by this.

Let's not forget the ongoing saga in the news somewhat discrediting the character of President Trump or at least posing the question. The news continuously brings forth numerous alleged conflicting accusations and reports in an attempt to somewhat undermine his competency. The unfavorable politics of his administration is astounding with residual consequences... Now the concerns of what is surfacing under the current administration? What message does this give to the world. It shows a lot of division. Yet, The United States of America claims to be "One Nation under GOD" Really? God says to pray for those who rule over the people. Whatever decisions he or she makes good or bad they will have to answer to the Lord!

This is nothing new... The uncanny political practices continue... Remember "Watergate?" We have been here before. Christians we must PRAY! LORD HELP US!

These are just a few of many examples the list goes on... Knowing God's Word is necessary to properly navigate through this maze of life. We have been given many wonderful examples in the Word. Where there is division and discord sown. When families are under attack. When the government is... It is quite clear that The Word of God is being confirmed and fulfilled. It teaches us that some of everything will be going on and it is! It is important that as Believers we consult the Lord in all areas of our daily lives. God is omniscient! God knew way back then what would be NOW.

"There is nothing new under the sun."

The point here is the same contention persists today. inside and outside of the Church. But, of somewhat a different nature than the world. There was much going on at the time of Jude. False teachers sought to make many comfortable in sin as well. The WORD of GOD was watered down. For example, there was no doubt as to what the Lord's Design for marriage is and always will be. One man and One Woman is the way of marriage. Marriage in God's eyes is "Holy Matrimony." It was clear that fornication & adultery was contrary to God's Word. Now they even want to make it legal and mandatory to teach the children in school alternative lifestyles! GOD FORBID!


Jude teaches us the importance of "Contending for the Faith!" God has always intended that His Church, His people set the tenor for the world. But quite often now the Church at times allows the world to influence them. Look around and see what is going on. Extreme Chaos! No wonder this generation is so confused because some within the Church embrace worldly concepts and make it secondary to share Biblical standards for relationships... WOW! Some of the Church even subliminally have encouraged unisex dressing to a degree. How? Remember at one time it was men who wore T- shirts? Jude talks vociferously about the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah. God's Church is supposed to be governed by His Word. Why? To remind us of what God has said. Loving others is to give them the Word of God! Not to make them or anyone comfortable in sin. This is what causes division and strife. Instead, many simply want to make sure that their members are having a good time. Jude says, they are and in fact, what they have become; "...these are spots on your charity feasts when they feast with you..." Jude

"GOOD is called evil and evil good!' LORD HELP US!"

God has said: "...whosoever will let him or her come..." But REPENTANCE has been placed on the back burner. We can get to making life changes later down the road... The main theme and the biggest priority is often "Tithes & Offerings..." For some this is how you are allowed or given a level of participation in all the activities? Or for some your elite status is determined? Not so with GOD! Keep in mind that God loves a cheerful giver. Know this not everyone can deal with money on a spiritual level. God always knows when, why, were and how much we give! Your giving is between you and GOD and it far exceeds monetary giving... DID NOT GOD SAY THAT; "...HE WOULD SUPPLY ALL OF OUR NEEDS ACCORDING TO HIS RICHES IN CHRIST JESUS!" THIS GOES FOR ALL OF HIS CHURCH AS WELL!


This is why it is so important to know the Word of God for yourself. Christ Jesus is Head & Lord of His Church!

It is so important that the focus during Bible Study is really to teach and encourage the people to live for the Lord and embrace His Word. Here we are to abet and encourage spiritual growth. It is equally important that during worship & praise God is exalted above all! God should always be the main attraction. (Many come to entertain and be entertained.) All in attendance should be consistently encouraged to really embrace the Living Word of God. It is so very profound. For it truly is our NECESSARY ESSENTIAL SPIRITUAL FOOD! We are to daily partake in meditating upon the Word.

For many worship has become their: "spiritual social club!" They have no problem being rude or obnoxious. They think they determine your place in the Body of Christ? Well maybe in there building because they tell others who to or not to speak to? But when told to clap, turn to your neighbor they can get a surge of instant holiness... Yes, it can be at times a bit cultic... Personal agendas need to be set aside. Many of the church gatherings are also allowing carnal worldly teachings… The theme and scent for of worship changes like the sports season. LORD HELP US!!!

GOD IS CALLING HIS CHURCH to be the LIGHT to the world.

Bible study on many occasions turns to group think and mind conditioning. Labeling and pointing out those who don't always agree with their particular traditions, denominational or unbiblical practices... Many are very territorial about their particular place of worship. They are momentarily given a false sense of power... They see it as a place they own more than a place dedicated to worship... For some a place to escape from home. They often once they become an accepted member treat the building more like it is their personal home.

Know this GOD never intended that HIS CHURCH would stop worshipping Him within our homes as well.

I suggest sometimes worshipping in the midst of those who see you as an outsider. After a few visits those on the inside will give you come clear insight that this is their church. It really can help to strengthen your FAITH! At times It becomes evident they rely upon one another rather than God. Truly the LORD is a "Strong Tower!" I am very thankful that the Lord has allowed us the privilege to be able to Worship at many different places throughout the world with many different cultures. We by the grace of God have worshipped in the biggest places of worship ever built by man to the tiniest as well as on the air, land and sea... It is very important to be able to "STAND" upon the WORD & "WORSHIP the LORD in SPIRIT and in TRUTH!" whenever or wherever you worship.

Daily; "Walk in the Light!" Know that your Body is the Temple where God's Holy Spirit resides.

More of THE GOSPEL and less gossip. When this is so I assure you, there will be a Blessing of significant spiritual growth for all concerned. Respect for God and His Word are all too often laid aside; carnality takes the forefront because somebody says; “I’m human.” There are support groups for any and every issue. This at times can cause many to confuse love with enabling. No need to really desire to be set free when you can simply continue to be made comfortable in sin... going through the motions of getting delivered over and over for the same stuff. This should not be. Is not the LORD A STRONG DELIVERER?

In times like these it is important for the Church and the world to be reminded of God's Omnipresence. Becoming more aware of God Almighty will make you think twice before you allow someone to pull you onto the broad road that leads to destruction. Get ready! Rest assured this also means that much Spiritual Warfare will come up against you. Know that God can keep you. You should always have a reverential fear of the Lord. You should always trust the Lord. You should also live as though you are expecting Christ Jesus to arrive. We as believers are to show a contrast to this world not conform to it. We are to be "in the world but not of the world."

Christianity is a daily lifestyle lived in the presence of the Lord!

Jude was written to those who are called and sanctified through Christ Jesus. The Lord wants us to be ever mindful of His Word! Yes, the time of increased Apostasy is definitely here. Meaning the abandoning of Faith. "...Without Faith it is impossible to please GOD!" Lord Help Us! Anyone can be subject to error. Therefore, know God's Word for yourself. We are to hold true to The Faith and Trust we have in the Lord! Truly Abba Father God is the Author & Finisher of our Faith!!!

Praise God that there are many dedicated men & women of God who do not compromise the Word in order to be popular. Being accepted by God often means being rejected by others... We earnestly Love & reverently fear God more than the rejection of man/woman. We realize that; "THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE!" The is no hidden agenda but to Share, Preach, Proclaim and Teach the infallible WORD of GOD. We all are accountable to Almighty God! This is how we can also with the help of the Lord, preach, proclaim, teach people to live VICTORIOUSLY daily through CHRIST JESUS! GOD really does have an answer and a solution to every problem. We must however learn to submit ourselves to His Will & His Way. God's Word will not return void..." This is why we all need His Holy Spirit to convict the heart of sin and point us to righteousness. What is righteousness? It is right living in the eyes of God! Sin is anything that separates us from God! Jude says: Remember Sodom and Gomorrah? This is why Christ Jesus left us HIS HOLY SPIRIT!

Live everyday; "To GOD be the GLORY!" Having an encounter with God regularly will bring you closer to Him. Draw nigh to the Lord. It will open your "spiritual eyes" This is also why we must contend for the Faith and stand firm upon the Word! If you have grown slack in your commitment to God; He can speak renewal and strength to your heart! If you have an unresolved issue; You must be willing to do the emotional work on your part. Yes indeed God can make you whole! YES INDEED, GOD CAN HEAL & DELIVER YOU!!!

Jude concludes with a strong doxology. He vehemently reminds us of and expresses fervently that GOD is able to keep us from falling. Trust God to be God!

We must humbly and diligently daily pursue TRUTH! God can bring a plan and a purpose into your life like no other! “To HIM who is able to keep you from falling and to present you before HIS glorious presence without fault and with great JOY to the only GOD and SAVIOR be GLORY, MAJESTY, POWER and AUTHORITY, through JESUS CHRIST our LORD, before all ages, now and forevermore! AMEN!!!"


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