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Judge Not Me; This Is Our Religion

Updated on September 21, 2016

This The Bible Tells Us So...

Throughout the bible one can find passages with messages for us to stop overlooking the weak and underprivileged. It tells us to stop and give to the needy by extending a helping hand when it is required. Yet, in our busy lives we often scurry past those who hold their hands out. We believe we are smarter than them and know they do not really have a need while standing on the corner holding a sign for food. We look down at our phones or off to the side pretending to not see them.

But, Jesus never turned a blind eye to the needy. He gave when there was nothing to give. He proved over and over again faith can move mountains and produce food where none were before. He traveled around as a beggar; yet, he never went without.

It is easy for us to get caught up in the false testimonies of entertainments. They use powerful scare tactics to drive us into a constant state of fear. The more you watch the news or documentaries the more you fear other humans. Is it that uncommon for you to smile, wave at your neighbor, and mean only that? Is it so weird you offer a dollar to the beggar on the street without a care of where it is going or the need to boast it across social media?

Giving was designed well before our time. Do we really need the recognition for it, though?

Our Daily Bread

What if for only a day, you give for the sake of giving? This giving can be time. It doesn’t have to be your limited money. If time is all you have, then give that. Try going around your neighborhood or walking along a highway and picking up trash in your community. It is a great way to give without recognition. Perhaps it starts a movement. Or maybe it opens a new opportunity for you. Or maybe it is just a day you gave back to the community and you walked away feeling good about yourself only.

None of the possibilities are too bad.

Your goals up until this moment may have only been self-centered. I can’t help out because I’m too busy. I would rather spend my money on things like a football game, rather than helping out a family in need. Well, because you know when you help someone out, they don’t learn to do for themselves. Is that what Jesus thought?

It is not written that Jesus ever thought twice about helping another human. He did it as second nature. He breathed to help us find mercy within ourselves. He died to show us the power of giving. And, yet, here we are in the age of technology still fighting the battles against good and evil. We are privileged beyond imagination; and yet, self-absorbed we have failed our only task as humans. We have become obsessed with ourselves and less concerned about others. We fear each other more than love each other.

Don’t think so? Go for a drive on the interstate during five o’clock traffic. No one is smiling. It is a straight competition and battle of guts who gets to get out of the traffic sooner than the next person. Lots of “no, I will not let you in” and “get behind me”. This isn’t love. And, let you be the person who decided to give love and let a couple cars in, the people around you will be throwing lawn darts at you.

What happened to kindness?

Giving up

On The Flipside

On the flipside, it would be stupid of us to give our money to a person who is going to use it for drugs. It is not like we ever thought about how we may have failed this individual as a community and caused this drug addiction. Or not like, we ever tried to place ourselves in their shoes to think how hard it must be to have damaged so many relationships you are on the streets.

Every night we come home to a warm meal and the comfort of our homes. We ride around in our cars and pine for the opportunity to have more, to be more of a human. Yet, these few moments where we can be a helping hand, we choose not to. We opt for the ignorance. We hit the lock, turn up the music, put on sunglasses, and look away.

And, we call out to Jesus to help us be better humans.

How many times does he have to come around begging before you see it?

Give me love

Decisions to make in passing

There are decisions to make in each day. We wake up deciding what is right or wrong for us. To give to a stranger does not have to be the giving to a drug addiction. It can be a blessing. We need to stop thinking everyone on the streets are drug addicts.

Compassion helps us to connect to a person who has lost everything or who has been give harder experiences than us. It brings us to a common place and allows us to connect to the human. Life doesn’t have to be this place where we all go our separate ways and do things as individuals. Yet, it can be a community effort. We can make a difference.

Each time we see a homeless person receiving money, we should smile at the goodness being offered. If he/she fails to recognize the offer that is being extended, that is for their creator to deal with them over. It is just about the giving that concerns this passage. It is about offering something to someone just because they are asking. And, not caring what it is going for.

Life doesn’t promise us all good fortune. It promises us to continue on. As a life is ended a new life begins. We all have a start and end date. Will you continue to turn your nose up at a person asking for help?

Jesus gave what wasn’t there. He did not judge another’s desires behind the asking. He simply gave. Are you ready to give?

How likely are you to give at the next beggar?

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    • Kay-ce L Adams profile image

      Kay-ce Eagan 18 months ago from Florida

      Thank you both for your kind words. Sometimes I feel like there aren't enough positive writers out there. It is a message for anyone who stops in to receive it, and a reminder to myself as I am just as guilty.

    • Janellegems profile image

      Janellegems 18 months ago from United States

      This is a wonderful Hub. Thanks for expressing your heart about this topic. I agree totally with what you are saying. I always try to do my best to help the homeless anyway I can. We should represent Christ's heart to all, especially to the poor and the needy and not be self-centered, but learn to be compassionate and sensitive.

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 18 months ago from The Caribbean

      Great motivation here to follow our God-given inclinations toward being and doing what is right. Thanks for the good counsel.