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Judgement Has Begun in the Church: Truth Is...

Updated on November 26, 2011

Signs of being in the Last days

"If you Love me, keep my commandments..."(John 14:15): These words from Jesus have been spoken often but very seldom adhered to. Why is it so hard to obey, to be obedient to God's will? We as Christians claim to love God, to love Jesus SO much; but when ot comes to actually doing the things they command it's a whole different story. This is not a new issue, disobedience to God goes back to the beginning of man's existence; but given the fact that we are indeed living in the "last days" foretold in the bible, disobedience can and shall be quite costly.

The most disheartening thing is when you find that someone you have great affection for(and they profess the same for you), really care less how you feel or how their attitude effects you. Yet, this is exactly the situation between God and man today, and the sad part is that "Christians" are the ones most guilty. That is why the bible states that "judgement will begin in the church"; I am here to tell you that indeed, that judgement has begun! Truth Is...

Jesus spoke of a "separating of the sheep from the goats"; what this referred to was that in the last days there would be a sorting out done within the church, ir those claiming God. This will be what we consider "fine-tuning", exposing and getting rid of the fakers, hangers-on, hypocrites, etc that think they will have a hearing of their prayers and granting of blessings simply because they "emulate" what Jesus' TRUE disciples do in truth.

So how do tell one from the other?

God's word has been preached far and wide for a very long time; It has been misinterpreted, misquoted, and manipulated, yet the truth always seems to ring out clearly enough for those of discerning, and those who thirst after accurate knowledge. Yet in still, the very ones given charge of it are the same ones that refuse to share it, they even refuse to abide by it!

For some strange reason, it is we "Christians" who seem to thumb our nose at what God says, and assume the posture of not taking it seriously. 2Peter 3:3,4 says there will be "scoffers" who say:"Where is the promise of his coming?..." That is they way many christians act when they fail to act with a sense of urgency when it comes to conforming to God's will; how so? They don't/won't evangelize although Jesus himself commanded us ALL to do so(Matthew 2819,20); they refuse to change their behaviors, feeling that since they "accept Jesus as their lord and SAVIOR, pay tithes, and get a bumper sticker and some other paraphernalia, they can do anything they please and then claim to 'repent' and they are automatically forgiven. How often have you heard people say:" I already repented that and God has already forgiven me..." what rubbish! For one, Jesus is the ONLY man to ever walk this earth with the authority to say whether God has forgiven a person or not, and he is the only one other than God who would know for certain. Too, they think that they can MAKE God's word flexible; such as in the case of homosexuality, God says HE is against it, yet you have established religious institutions installing openly gay bishops and pastors, and telling/teaching that we must accept homosexuals as they are. That's equivalent to me coming to your house and using your bedroom for a bathroom and saying you'll accept that type behavior because I am your friend...drastic? Yes, so is telling God what HE will accept when HE says it is something HE detests!

Further we have those who think because they feed the homeless or send missionaries abroad, or name their organization the "Jesus" foundation(example), etc. that they are approved by God. But they still promote pagan holidays like halloween, and the two that are a direct insult to God and Jesus, Christmas and easter; both of which are the oldest and most blatant of all pagan holidays ever created by man, and both of which actually deify(make a god of) a man, Nimrod, whom the bible says opposed God. Then they turn aroundand attribute those holidays to God and Jesus like the mother of pagan religion, the Roman catholic Church did originally. But GOD's WORD, even Jesus said otherwise(Matthew 7:21,22)

More examples of who are the "goats" Jesus will weed out are those who are selfish and refuse to help people, choosing to criticize them for being in a position of need instead of having the proper Christlike compassion a REAL Christian would have. The bible says that if you have the world's means in your possession and someone comes to you in need and you Deny them, it is a sin for and against you. That is where we come to another very grave example of a goat-like person. Over and over the bible tells you that if you don't have and SHOW love for your fellow man(notjust family and friends), then you cannot please God, are not obedient to him, do not have him, and WILL NOT inherit the kingdom no matter WHAT else you may think you are doing in God's name.(1 Corinthians chapter 13; James 2:2,15,16;1John 4:20,21) Jesus specifically spoke against and said DO NOT tell someone that tells you they are hungry to come again another day; yet how often are the poor told to "come back on Sunday when everybody is here..." when they approach churches for aid, or are told to fill out an application, etc. You may feel comfortable saying the church has become a 'business' and be in acceptance of this; but that doesn't match what God says it should be and thus it is not approved by him.

This brings us to another aspect of goatish attitudes/behaviors: many so-called christians are all too willing to risk God's dis-approval and wrath; they are so falsely confident that they most certainly will lose their salvation still stubbornly clenching the ideal that God will accept the rhetoric they have clung to even in the face of God send forth messengers with the truth which totally belies what they've been taught. How about you? are you so inured to the mess they teach in church that when you hear God's truth it sounds so foreign you'd never adhere to it?

The next example of goats posing as christians are the dyed-in-the-wool hardcore biblke thumping, holy ghost getting, washed in the blood, scripture quoting zealots. They know all the "God's gonna bless me" scriptures, yet totally ignore the "You must" ones.They cling to the promises and ignore the premise; everything negative applies to everyone else except them and their circle. These are just modern day examples of the 'jews' who caused Jesus to be crucified. They were so deeply devoted to the clergy of their time(the pharisees), and their rhetoric that they outright fought against Jesus, and thus God.
Well the oft used ;Will a man rob God" tack which is actually part of God's old covenant with ancient Israel and made inactive by Jesus' shed blood which cancelled the entire old covenant. I said covenant, not commandment...(sad, but you have to say that) This also includes people like those who still attend and support Eddie Long's church after what has become blatantly clear to everyone. (He should have a seat in a pew)

Added to this group are the women who feel they are :"called" to be pastors even though the bible clearly speaks against that, the people who promote prosperity, and "seasons" even though the bible says that in the last days things will be so bad God will have to cut it short for the sake of his elect; the ones holding grudges, gossipers, liars, unscrupulous business practices with business and tithes large amounts feeling/thinking they are buying God's approval, but no, you're just buying the pastor's...sexually promiscuous ones in the church, yeah, you're goats, all of you that hear the truth somewhere other than at your church and ignore it because it isn't what is taught at your church, you are in the goat group also because God does tell you this has the ring of truth and you quickly dismiss it. many read my hubs/articles and agree with their content; but then they return to their church and the status quo there out of fear of men. That won't save you when jesus returns.

Sheep won't eat dogfood. They will only eat that which God has made for them to digest. Goats will eat anything they please, and it pleases them. That fits all the groups mentioned above. They either accept ot present basically anything they please to God and stubbornly hold on to it.

The next article will further discuss the sheep in the congregation. Until then I encourage you as always to read, re-read and then pray about the articles that I write and ask GOD what HE thinks about it.


Truth Is...


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