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Updated on March 24, 2018


To see that GOD’s message must crawl through all this stuff going on in Hollywood is quite disturbing. There are many examples going from actors to faith based films. Actors and actresses must compromise with their faith just to make buck. Doing what they need to for their families. It’s a shame they must wait until after their careers on the screen is over to come out and say they are born again Christians. Same is happening in a few of today’s biggest actors in Angela Basset and Denzel Washington. It’s happening with musicians. Gospel artists are compromising their faith to make music that people will buy. It also happens with Faith Based films. The biggest was in 2004 with Mel Gibson’s the Passion of Christ. That was 14 years ago. Why so long? This is living proof that this world we live in picks up GOD when they want to do it. Hollywood tends to Hide God but God is too crafty to be hidden and I have the movies to prove it.

Comic Book Movies

Comic Book Movies have good and evil. They have support systems (Teams) to help them defeat their enemies and they have the power to do it. They are cool to watch. Some I watch repeatedly. For instance, the X-men movies. I’ve seen them so much and my favorite character is Logan (Wolverine). Spider-man, The Hulk and the rest. I was no huge comic book fan but love the movies. The CGI, movie scripts are all amazing. Currently, the biggest right now is Black Panther. I have not even seen Black Panther yet because I know what to expect. I will see it eventually just not now. I’m sure they have inspirational messages in them like they always do but I am also sure they do not mention God like they rarely do. The thing I notice in them all is the fact that they cannot ignore it but they try to. That’s the creative GOD I know. He is always busy.

Crime Drama

Crime movie dramas are huge. I personally love them. I love challenges and mysteries. Nothing is like playing detective from my own couch. Even if I know already what will happen watching it takes me to another level. Comic book films are one thing but this is my thing. Even when these crime drama movies go to the TV it interests me. They go hand and hand with Comic Book movies. Batman fights Crime, Spiderman, and Superman. Movies like Taken, Rush Hour, Bad Boys, and anyone that makes me think I love. One of the main reasons I love them is because they all require faith. They get the clues and move by faith. Aware of the dangers in the way. They suffer casualties and everything bad. Doing any and everything to get their man. What impresses me about these films is when they corner the suspect. Sometimes they talk him/her into surrendering sometimes they are forced to kill.

The Fast and Furious

The fast and furious movies cover this topic alone. Brian O’Conner who was played by the late Paul Walker helped a guy with a criminal background turn his life around. The guy is named Dominic Toretto who is played by Vin Diesel. O’Connor use to be a cop. He took a risk, letting go of the badge to help someone else. Toretto put together a team of misfits to fight crime. O’Connor soon joined the crew in their mission. The team assisted the world in apprehending a few of the biggest criminals in their selected areas. In Fast 1 it was a drug trafficker, In Fast 2 it was, In fast 3, 4 5 and so on. What impressed me about these movies the most is the fact that they supported one another. They knew of the risks but were always there to lift each other up. After each mission was completed they rewarded themselves. Not only themselves but the legal system respected what they do.


You cannot stop GOD’s message from getting out no matter how you try to hide it. Sad a Christian must use movies that are secular to see GOD but as a faith liver I do. This is the world we live in. You must find GOD in everything. Now, I am not saying that that method is great because all movies are not like this. Those that are not like this are not hits. The movies that promote a certain agenda eliminate GOD but they keep the benefits that GOD can brings. Mutants with GOD’s powers, superheroes and more. What is a horror movie selling for? They are not helping people spiritually. Movies that were named above lets me know that they have someone on their team who is in touch with who GOD is but that someone is being forced to compromise. What is not being said in Hollywood movies is that it is a code. A code that only Hollywood goes by. For example, the Prince of Egypt. Story was about MOSES and it says it at the start but the story is fabricated for the theatres. The Lion King, Jurassic Park and more big hit movies that the message of GOD must creep into. This past weekend this faith a based film surprised many. I CAN ONLY IMAGINE was America’s third best biggest movie this past weekend. That’s a disgrace. That’s not the way it should be. Since GOD created this world he should be a part of it. It is very sad that GOD is pushed to the side. As a result, look at what is happening. The world is suffering because of these simple mistakes made because of greed. Judgement is happening and some do not even see it. The world should not hide the message of GOD behind fictional characters in comic books just to make money. Money is not everything. In the end, everyone thinking it makes the world go around must leave this world and face the GOD that does and hear him say I NEVER KNEW YOU. GOD wins anyway but without him you will lose.

Hollywood is trying to Eliminate God?

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© 2018 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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