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Silence In Heaven - A Very BAD Sign!

Updated on January 2, 2017

A Short but Deadly Silence In Heaven

Nobody moves a muscle in heaven; our God is roused in His anger and the angels along with the Church know to keep their peace. Not even during the flood did any created being see our God show this much anger. All of us have experienced a time in our lives when as children, in the military or at work; there is a time to keep our mouths shut. Consider this: for a short period of time there was NO praise, NO singing, NO joy and NO salvation (always great joy and rejoicing for every lost soul redeemed) upon the earth.

The Silence is Broken

Mingled with the prayers of the Saints, a censer is filled with fire from the heavenly altar and an angel shall cast (ballo - cast with violence) it to the earth. Day 1: judgment explodes on the scene; there is no build up to a climax but fire, voices (phone' - noises, sounds), thundering, lightning and an earthquake. Judgment begins with fire and shall end with fire. Isaiah 66:15.

Mount St. Helens Post Eruption
Mount St. Helens Post Eruption | Source
The Taiga Forest - 29% of the World Forests
The Taiga Forest - 29% of the World Forests | Source

The First Trumpet - The Trees and Green Grasses

Hail, mingled with fire and blood is cast with violence to the earth and a third of all trees shall be burnt up along with all of the green grass. God is silent NO longer!

You think the air is bad in L.A., you have seen nothing compared to this. The picture to the right is of the once beautiful forest of Mt. St. Helen which is about 60 miles due east of my home and on a clear day it appears as if it is at the end of the road we take to get to the freeway. I personally had the opportunity to enter the area of its devastation in the early days when it was first opened up to the public. We were driving through lush Western Washington forest land until we came to the ridge where the volcanic gases ceased their rampage. We immediately entered an alien world; without ever being there it would be impossible to truly grasp the impact it had on me and my family. There was nothing alive that could be seen and the forest appeared to be replaced by millions of white "pick-up-sticks" lying on the ground; all pointing away from the mountain. The impact the eruption had on nature and those living downwind from the blast was definitely a life changing experience for quite a spell afterwards. Consider this: the amount of devastation when compared to the whole of the planet was minuscule. Now multiply the effect of the Mt. St. Helen disaster by thousands because not only are a third of the trees going to be gone but also ALL of the green grasses will be erased from the earth.

The Taiga forest which circles the globe's northern hemisphere (see Map) is nearly a third of all forest area but not all "trees". The Taiga is said to convert approximately 30% of the earth's carbon dioxide into oxygen and holds nearly the same percentage of "fresh water" sources for the planet. Air pollution is one thing but the diminishing of the content of oxygen being constantly replaced will affect everyone's lives in the "long"-term. A side issue is the devastation to wildlife and the few hardy souls that actually live "among" the trees. What if the Amazon rain forest ceased to exist or even a portion was wiped out: this is SO beyond our comprehension to fully appreciate but many will learn the hard way.

A Beautiful Sea of Life Giving Grain
A Beautiful Sea of Life Giving Grain | Source

The Rider of the Black Horse with Life in the Balances

Beware of the Rider with the Balance in Hand
Beware of the Rider with the Balance in Hand | Source

...and What About the Green Grasses

Please do not think "lawns" but wheat, barley, corn, oats, etc., that which sustains most of the life on this planet; man and beast. Granted, grasses will recover quicker than trees but even a season missed will have an impact for the entire 70th week of Daniel. The world's economy, whether it be the grasses or the trees will see the destruction or crippling of entire industries like housing, which makes up 17 to 18% of our country's GNP. The future's market, bread prices (Revelation 6:6), restaurants, green fuels and whatever else comes to mind. Just look around and think of the areas your life would be affected by this coming disaster. Those who remember the gas lines of the 70's will have a "little" glimpse into what future holds for bread and food lines to come. If you are planning to hang around for this event, it would behoove you to have a 7 year supply of food and liquid because ALL will be in short supply.

coming up: Fire, more fire and darkness. without a doubt, many a person has died in the opening volley of god's judgment upon creation and the casualties will continue to mount from the 2nd, 3rd and 4th trumpet blasts to come. But think of this: what follows the assault upon creation will make the world desire for the "good old days" of the first 4 trumpets. they ain't seen nothin' yet.

Creation Corner

Out of Nothing
Out of Nothing
The Earth's Magnetic Field
The Earth's Magnetic Field | Source

Magnetism and Helium


We have been measuring the earth's magnetic field since 1835 and in accordance with the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics (everything is going from order to disorder - dying) has decayed 6%.

  • This calculates out to a half-life of 830 to 1400 years according to whose calculations you choose to use.
  • Using the longest half-life of 1400 years would mean that in 600 A.D., the magnetic field would be double that of today. In 800 B.C., it would be 4 times the present field's strength; 2200 B.C. = 8 times; 3600 B.C. = 16 times; 5000 B.C. = 32 times and so on. Around 8000 B.C. the earth's magnetic field would be equal to that of a magnetic star; such as our sun.
  • Problem: what the evolutionists conceive of life in the past could NOT exist under such conditions.
  • Interestingly: radar, television, radio, satellite, etc. are designed on a basis of a magnetic field that can only be between 6,000 and 15,000 years old.

Helium - Lighter Than Air
Helium - Lighter Than Air | Source


Helium, the party gas; lighter than air, great for balloons and speaking like Donald Duck. So the question is: from where does helium come; how is it produced?

  • When uranium decays it changes into lead and helium.
  • Both uranium and thorium are constantly emitting helium.
  • So little of helium exists in our atmosphere that if the planet was really one billion years old, we should find a million times the amount of helium as is presently measured.
  • There is very conclusive data by observation that helium is NOT escaping from the earth's atmosphere.
  • Taking the known quantity of atmospheric helium and the rate of uranium/thorium decay would make the earth between ten and fifteen thousand years old without taking initial amounts of helium in the atmosphere at the earth's "conception".

Caveat: There is NO conclusive scientific evidence that the earth is of any specific age; whether old or young. I do not know of any one person alive who was around when things began and so both evolutionists and creationists must make some assumptions. One of my assumptions is that God was there in the beginning and He is a credible witness that can be trusted. I do not know of anyone to whom I would give Carte Blanche concerning my life and my eternal end, let alone someone in a white lab coat that follows a "theory" created by dead men, known to be haters of the God of creation and of those who believe.


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