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Judgment Belongs to God

Updated on March 17, 2011

As we gaze around the world, it is not so difficult to see that God made each of us a little different and being different is not wrong; it is only when we begin to judge our differences that wrongness occurs.

We find in Matthew chapter 1:7 these most reproofing words….Judge not, that ye be not judged. These words and many others have been forgotten by so many; we have forgotten that it is not our authority to pass judgment on someone; it is not up to me how you conduct your life; it is not any of my business how you do things; that right belongs to the one that created you. Now since this right does not belong to us we must ask the question…Why do we judge one another and why do we look at each other with conviction that we are right and everyone else is wrong?

The answer is that residing in each of us is a measure of pride; pride for who we are; where we live; where we go to church and even pride concerning our place in life and of our activities; we look at our many accomplished deeds and think because we got there our way everyone else must go that way to. So often we look down on others because they are not the same as we are; we have thoughts of how superior we are to others and how blessed we must be; we trample over other people’s feelings as if they are nothing; we claim the right of greatness by how much we own or how much we do; we grave prominence over others and walk as if we are giants and if anyone doesn’t follow us then they are just ants to be trodden on.

The Bible teaches us in Proverbs 16:18 that Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall. How true those words are for each and every time pride manifests itself soon after we fall; soon after we see how foolish it is to think of ourselves greater than what we are; soon after we realize that everyone is in the same boat, sailing the same sea, heading for the same destination and that is either Heaven or Eternal Torture and the latter is the destination of pride for pride is not a Godly thing, it is an evil and a most perverse thing that destroys everything in its path; a haughty spirit leads no where but to disappointment and delusion for when I think of myself better than you then I am deceiving myself for the Word of God teaches me not to vaunt myself above others but I am to humble myself and think of you first.

In conclusion I ask you to remember me in prayer that pride never indulges itself in my life and as time goes forth I will remember you as well. God Bless my wonderful friends and May each of us continue to realize that the way to victory and to Heaven is through Jesus Christ and not through or our own ways.

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