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Judgment EGO vs. SOUL

Updated on December 10, 2015
Steveleeignacio (own work) via Wikimedia commons
Steveleeignacio (own work) via Wikimedia commons

Everyday new people are becoming more and more involved in the spiritual movement. The fact of this is that some have honest and beautiful intentions full of love while others have other intentions. Many people who are spiritual often condemn others on their spiritual path for being different. You may find that the beliefs and thought processes are different from yours. However, we are all connected in one way or another and everyone’s beliefs should be respected.

I have seen so many instances and explain in more detail. I was recently noticed a famous celebrity’s picture was posted in a group. This person is a well-known television persona and psychic medium. In a group that is supposed to be full of spiritual individuals this woman was completely bashed by others as being fake. Although many came to her defense and expressed only love and kindness as any light worker should the fact that many were making statements that she was a fraud or fake is highly unprofessional and most definitely not spiritual.

There are people who are skeptical of psychic mediums for whatever reason. You may have had your own experience with one and felt like they didn’t provide you the answers you needed but you have to understand this. A psychic medium is a human being just like anyone else and yes although our gifts are from GOD/DIVINE, many mediums accept donations or charge because just like any thing that you do that requires time and energy is a job. You wouldn’t go to work every day and not expect compensation? You wouldn’t go to church and listen to the sermon or message given and then when it came to collect tides, you wouldn’t just not give an offering?

Being a psychic medium myself, I’m not just speaking on behalf of myself or just psychic mediums. I’m speaking on behalf of healers, empaths, psychics, mediums, reiki practitioners out there. Scientific studies are being done every single day to bridge the gap between the worlds of the unknown and known. We all know we live and we die. This a given fact but there’s so much more. To think that we are the only ones here on earth is just insane. Energy never dies that’s a scientifically proven fact. We know the human body contains that same energy so why is it so impossible to comprehend that the same energy inside our body is known as the soul and continues its journey into the afterlife? There’s been apparitions and ghosts captured on live television in photography by paranormal teams. So to discount that someone may have the ability to communicate with the other side is not cool. I for example can listen and tune into the energy of the spirit world. I won’t say that I’m talking with them verbally but it is telepathically. They show visions, signs, symbols, and this is a form of communication as well. Spirit will use our own spirit guides to relay messages.

So here’s a few things to consider:

  • GOD/DIVINE- You can’t see the divine but religions teach and explain that GOD exists.

  • AIR/WIND – You can’t see air with the human eye but you breathe it. You can’t see the wind but you can feel it. It’s around you and me.

  • Radio Waves – You cant see these waves with the mere eye but their frequencies can be heard sometimes and you know they exist.

You don’t have to see spirit to believe they exist. You don’t have to feel spirit to believe they exist. Some of us can see, hear, feel, and sense energies and spirits with abilities known as clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance. During a mediumship reading we channel information and spirit provides the information. This could be again signs, symbols, names, scents, visions, feelings, etc. It’s sort of like puzzle pieces and the person receiving the reading must be open to the messages. With skeptical individuals who haven’t had a reading before they often are closed to the information. In many cases many peers have read for someone and the person they read for could not relate to any part of the reading. Here’s some common reasons they cannot validate during a medium reading.

  • Family History – The person receiving the reading cannot relate to the details given because they do not know their family ancestors or history enough to validate.

  • Messages – The message may be for a person who is connected to the individual receiving the reading. Like a friend or distant relative.

  • Guilt/Grief – Losing a loved one is not easy and the pain sometimes lingers for days, months, and years. During a reading, a lot of information comes through and often the person receiving the reading is left trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

  • Fear – Fear sometimes for what will be said or hoping that they will say something in particular will make you miss out on important messages that were given. It’s always good to keep a copy of your reading if given the opportunity so you can re-read, listen again.

What I find is sometimes the person may hold on to the information and then come back hours or days later and validate the information that was provided.

Now with psychic readings that can delve into anything from the future, relationships, careers. It’s important to understand we can only give you the information. Even though our life is pre-determined, we do have free will to make decisions and alter our blue print at any given time for whatever reason needed. That too can change circumstances. Let me give you an example: Susie wants a reading on her love life. A psychic reads her and tells her they see someone entering her life around a certain time frame. That time frame arrives and it never happened. So was the psychic wrong? No! The psychic picked up on a future event that is time stamped in the matrix we call physical life. Remember we all live in this grid that’s interconnected. However, Susie is very lonely and afraid to get out of her comfort zone and start dating or going out with friends. FEAR was her free will in this case. She has the ability to step out of her comfort zone but decided to just stay in her fear and not make any moves. The gentleman the psychic saw will not just appear at your door step and knock on your door. It requires energy from both parties. Therefore this is how free will can intervene with what the psychic saw.

Sometimes we pick up on events that have been thought about or contemplated and this serves as validation to what you were already planning on doing or actually didn’t know would occur. Another important topic is when asking for a reading. Some people will just say tell me anything you see or just give me a general reading. Remember spirit will tell you what you need to hear not what you want to hear. You need to be specific and state why type or what areas you want insight on. Being psychic many people think we may know what you want the reading on. And although this may be true, sometimes we pick up information you might not want to hear or know about. Therefore leaving you disappointed. It’s so imperative that you always state specific questions otherwise your reading may bring you information you weren’t expecting.

What is validation? Validation is the process in which the information given is confirmed or denied. The person should go line by line of their reading and try to give feedback. This is what validation is.

Now that I’ve explained about what is often judged and misunderstood, let me go back to where I started. Spirituality is loving and accepting everyone. Regardless of what that person looks like, sounds like, etc. Making comments about another person you know is not loving and not spiritual. If your sole purpose is to be in a group to criticize others or make false statements about them then you have much to learn about spirituality and your path.

Remember what you do unto others, you do unto yourself. Words are powerful so choose them wisely. If what you have to say isn’t contributing in a positive manner, helping lift others up, encourage, show compassion, and caring…then you are not being Spiritual. The whole spiritual experience is taking everything into consideration and above all respecting everyone. Blessings to all who read this in LOVE n LIGHT x.


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    • Patricia Nicolina profile image

      Marié Patricia Nicolina Murray 

      4 years ago

      YES! Thank you so much for this very enlightened article. Spirituality is Love&Light. And yes, thank you for clarifying the point that psychic premonitions only come true if The Guidance is followed, and Guidance always wants you to live in your Higher Self, be Love&Light, and eradicate fear - as there is nothing to fear! What a refreshing read! :)

    • manatita44 profile image


      4 years ago from london

      Ray, this is a loving and appealing Hub, to the goodness and the Heart of all of us. I commend you highly for this. Higher Blessings.


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