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June 2016 Numerology Forecast

Updated on May 26, 2016

This month's emanations will turn us to love and favor financial gain. Great month for marriage. MAGIC is in the air! Financial dealings are successful. We get the help we need. It is a month of harvest/reaping from seeds planted in the past. GOD is harvesting too so, look for changes on the home front, losses of love ones or relationships and inheritances. Be generous and helpful to those in need.

June 2016

1 - Today we need our faith. Focus on that which you wish to manifest. Expect the dark clouds of trials and difficulties experienced early today to give way to the sunshine of success by the evening time.

2 - Karma is in control and the effects will be most evident today. What goes around comes around and today we get to see if we have planted good seed based on today's' "harvest". A message arrives that requires action. Great day for partnerships. marriage, and communications.

3 - It's a potentially GREAT day today! Positive expectations are rewarded as dreams transform into reality. Give a showing, start a business, promote your self and ideas. Today's events can lead to wealth and prosperity.

4 - Hard work and self reliance are the keys to today's success. Not the best day to delegate, better if WE do the work we've been putting off ourselves. All things new are favored today. Land deals favored....but read the fine print.

5 -Knock knock...who's there? OPPORTUNITY. Answer the door!!!!!

6 - It's time to "kill the fatted calf". Let the celebrations begin. Today, our fondest hopes and dreams can be fulfilled. Pop that bubbly :-).

7 - Time to get serious about work. Legal matters may need attention today. Avoid arguing. A calm and orderly approach brings the best results.

8 - Today's energy favors positive change. Relax and let Spirit guide. Expect rewards, good news and victory. Praise the name of GOD!!

9 - Put personal matters on hold today. Time to give of ourselves. Stand up for what you believe in. Serve family, home and community.

10 - Ok...things are moving. Settlements can be reached today. Romance and travel are in the air. Be at not be assertive today...receive in stillness.

11 - All financial prospects are favored. Buying, selling, business expansion, promotions and inheritances are likely under today's vital energy.

12 - Keep pushing, things are almost done. Today is about giving without thought of reward. Help the poor, sick and shut in.

13 - Under today's trans formative energy, new beginnings are indicated; especially in terms of partnerships. Finances improve. Business prospers, family ties strengthen. Travel is possible.

14 - Today we have to give it all our hearts and the rewards will be MIND BLOWING! Love, family, business, finances...all in abundance!!

15 - Today's energy is all about love and leisure. Take a break, spend time with young people. Join with others to do some good. Love isn't put in your heart to stay, love insn't love til you give it away.

16 - Be careful in traffic and avoid conflict with others. Obstacles are a blessing today. GOD is creating a new order. Expect some endings and/or seperations.

17- Today's emanations favor love, fertility, change and ABUNDANCE!! Avoid impulsiveness, be considerate of others and today our wildest dreams can come true.

18 - Today is vibrating love to the extreme. Partnerships, marriage, family life are all favored. Remember...true love asks for nothing. Creative/artistic talent thrives!

19 - Today falls under the healing, rejoicing, resting and enjoying category. Eat drink and be merry!

20 - Time for evaluating our situation and making adjustments. Today marks a turning point. If your not being rewarded for your efforts "make a new plan Stan".

21 - New opportunities await those who are not afraid to leave the past behind. No need to cry over spilled's GONE.

22 - Global type energy. Everything is new. Leadership efforts are rewarded.

23 - Values rule the day. Sincere, honest efforts to improve conditions are rewarded today. Listen to the inner voice and dreams come true. Great day to approach ppeople in positions of power.

24 - A day of fun, travel, abundance and service to others. GIVE!!

25 - Hard work pays of today so keep on pushing. Great day for marriage. Avoid over indulgences.

26 - Today expect favorable and happy changes. Today brings the energy of satisfaction and contentment. Great for spending time with family friends and that special someone in your life.

27 - Today is all about separating truth from false. Those who are fighting for truth and justice will prevail.

28 - It's a day of rest. Expect to experience time alone or separation from familiar patterns. Don't panic if you loose your keys or get stuck in traffic. It is time to "be still and know".

29 - Great business influences. Expect surprises. Avoid being harsh and judgmental. Today troubles come and troubles go.

30 - Secrets are revealed today so get ready for a surprise. Be sure to eat well and get plenty of rest. The just will prevail, keep the faith. Lucky day take a chance!!


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