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Jupiter in Aries Explained

Updated on September 30, 2011

Jupiter is the planet of luck. It is that spark of hope and leap of faith that helps us realize our dreams! Depending on where it was when you were born, its influence will vary depending on the astrological energy it brings to your natal chart. If you were born with Jupiter in Aries, as I was, please continue reading to learn more about this lucky placement in your stars!

Good Luck is Yours!

Jupiter in Aries is a naturally lucky placement and you have probably already noticed the heaps of good luck and fortune you have had in your life. Part of this stems from your fearless approach to going out and trying new things. You are not afraid to stray from the beaten path, and you know that things will work out even in the worst of times. You have faith that everything happens for a good reason and even when life gets you down, you know the upside is just around the corner, because it always is. Because of this faith, you may be a bit more of a risk-taker than some, but you are never foolishly so.


Infectious Enthusiasm

The fearlessness of Jupiter in Aries rubs off on everyone around them. Because other people see Aries rush headfirst into new and exciting adventures, always emerging unscathed somehow, this inspires other people to pursue their dreams without fear as well, or as close to it as they possibly can. Aries is very good at encouraging friends and family to chase their dreams, and they share in the success, albeit vicariously. These people love to see others achieve and they will stand on the sidelines and cheerlead for as long as it takes. They know that good luck can rub off just as easily as fearlessness and they do their best to spread it round.

Always Thinking Outside the Box

The best way to get Jupiter in Aries to reach previously unattained heights is to tell them something is not possible. Aries fully believes, perhaps naively so, that everything and anything is possible if you try hard enough. So perhaps their successes are not so much the result of pure luck, but also full-steam, head-on determination and willpower. That said, luck does seem to come naturally, even in the darkest moments of what may appear to be failure. It is important to remember that most "failures" are just prematurely-timed successes waiting to happen in the near future.


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