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Jupiter in Gemini Explained

Updated on September 30, 2011

Jupiter is the planet that showers us with luck when we embrace the energy it is sent with. That energy will depend on where it was at the time of your birth, and it may be quite different from that of your sun or moon sign energy. Whatever the case, make an effort to welcome it into your life and go with the flow, as doing so can result in heaps of good luck for you and yours. If you were born with Jupiter in Gemini, please see below to learn more about this influence!

Social Butterfly

Jupiter in Gemini has a special talent for social networking and luck really comes through when they embrace this social nature of theirs fully. You will probably find good luck in nearly every hand you shake, and every smile bestowed upon you at company gatherings and conventions, as people will naturally be drawn to you. Your gift of communication in these settings will impress, and could lead to big opportunities for success. The key is embracing this communicative energy and putting yourself out there, even if you're shy and retiring by nature. Allow this Gemini energy to flow through you, and luck will find you.


Communicative Fields

No matter what your sun or moon sign is, you have been given Gemini energy to help attract luck to you. So even if you're not a chatty or communicative type, pursuing a career in a field where that energy excels could be very lucky for you. Jupiter in Gemini offers opportunities in fields such as writing, television, public speaking, teaching, and anything else that involves some form of communication. Don't be afraid to dip your toes in the water, even if it seems very different from something you've tried before. You never know when lucky Jupiter is going to reward your courage!

Luck in Relationships and Career

When it comes to having a happy relationship with those you love, or those you work with, communication is going to play a key role. If you're a shy sort of Jupiter in Gemini, look deep within and pull that Gemini energy out. Use the gift of gab and charm your colleagues silly. Use your hidden talent for smoothing situations over to resolve any conflicts around the home. Make use of the Gemini gifts Jupiter has handed to you, because they are very powerful tools for daily life. I have got Gemini rising, myself, and I often think how lucky I have been to have had two successful careers in the arts due to this placement -- I am sure that it had much to do with my success. So open yourself up to your inner Gemini and see where Jupiter takes you!


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