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Just East Of The Middle Of Despair.

Updated on October 2, 2009
the latest youth movement in regards to war
the latest youth movement in regards to war
as innocence becomes a puzzle of flesh
as innocence becomes a puzzle of flesh

Just East of the Middle of Despair.

is real and
really is
of late,
bus parts
and shrapnel,
bits of bone
and brain.

A young girls eye
caught in the limbs
of a olive tree as
gore is elected here
to rule the madness.

Babies roasted
in a mother's arms
in seat twelve,
the wailing wall
is so loud
I can hear it just
outside my window.

It screams from the
lines that head my day
it's real Israel
but then so is Palestine
and it would be no problem
if it was Palace-Stein
or if they lived in
palaces on the
Gaza strip.

But mostly they live
in strips of gauze
sleeping in tents
and cardboard 1 bedrooms.

Fists strike at the air
then air strikes
strike back.
Cars disintegrate
some hamas die

but bumpers also
remove the legs
of a six year old,
hood ornaments
blind a grandma ,
and a tire rim sails
in thirty pieces of silver,
and reduces three toddlers
to a bloody mist.

Over 300 last week
eighteen today
nine last month
fourteen tommorrow,
and the bush that offers
a peace settlement
is not a burning bush.

Moses has led you here
but not to absorb lead.

God is silent, speechless at

men's freewill, the same will

that butchered over six million,

and Allah hangs his head in shame
at the uselessness of martyrs to madness.

They never
ever reach his feet
to be granted the wisdom
they so sorely lacked on Earth.

They continue to incinerate
in a blast furnace
of thier own making .

Solomon would have
split the land in two
and they could have occupied
those territories making babies
singing..dancing and laughing.

Instead they carry coffins
and beat their chest and wail.

What beast is this that slinks
toward Jerusalem
and in it's arm a Geddon
that will slay all
who defy thier God.

Entire cities will fall
like Jericho,
and the waters will turn
to blood.

Then all of your petty squabbles
that turn to bloodshed
will be just a minuscule droplet
against the massive tides
of God's wrath.

When those last days fall
remember it is not your

faith that will save you
because it is your faith
that is killing you now.

But oh,

what a shame

when innocence

is swept

into these

unholy wars...

sacrificial lambs

who are not old

enough yet

to know God

but many are

forced to meet him,

far too soon,

and others

like this

precious child

pictured below,

are forced to bear

the monstrous face

of war's hate.

*as innocence becomes a puzzle of flesh (see second photo above)

She was somebody's baby,

a sweet little child,

simply caught in the midst

of her whole world gone wild.

She was lovely and lively,

she danced in the sun,

till a mirror showed her what,

80 stitches had done.


She was dark eyed, carefree

and so full of delight,

till a bomb stole her face,

and replaced joy with fright.


She's a 21st century

example of war,

though she hasn't a clue,

what the fighting was for.

With her innocence shattered

and one eye blurred with pain

I hope that her image

will always remain.

Burned like her, in our retinas

so we all strive to find,

ways to stop errant bomb flights

from leaving maimed kids behind.

Take a look at her now

see what wartime's brought her,

close your eyes and imagine,

that she's your daughter!!

All over this whole world

kids are caught up in wars,

losing chunks of their childhood,

gone from them evermore.

There were babies on airplanes,

that through buildings were rammed,

more in buildings, and homes,

bombed in Afghanistan.


Little girls killed in Iraq,

by their own peoples hate,

and in Russia their rescues,

came a gunshot to late.

Now they're rocketing schools,

then the enemies hide

amongst  the general public,

an insane genocide.

They are dying of hunger

in Sudan every day,

or used as fresh hookers

in third world's where scum pay,

for a chance at a young girl,

with whom they'll get to play.


Say a prayer for the children

and remember this face,

of a girl who was lovely

scarred by man-(kind's??) disgrace.

Think of her when your voting,

weep for all who have died,

send some money to help out,

then at least you'll have tried.


Cause there's always that risk

someday she might be yours,

you see war is contagious,

only peace brings the cures.

~~~~~~~~~©-MFB III-Art Whimsically Yours Studio


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