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How Great is Father God, El Shaddai?

Updated on April 7, 2017

We Serve a Very Awesome God!!!

Can The Proper Perspective Actually Help!
Can The Proper Perspective Actually Help! | Source

Can We Establish the Proper Perspective of Father Jehovah God? Is This Even Humanly Possible?

When you stop and think about how Great Jehovah God is, do you actually take time and to think how Grand or Large He is? There are so many who have no idea just How Big of a God we serve, no idea!! Once I received the proper perspective, it was so much easier to Praise and Worship Him; Read His Word and most of all spend time with Him!!

Father Jehovah God is a really Good God, and because of His Son the Lord Jesus, I have peace which surpasses All natural understandings. Without Jesus and Faith, it is impossible to please God or even come to Him. Because of the Lord Jesus, we can come before Father God in Prayer, in Love and in the reading, and understanding of the Bible. Sometimes, even knowing this may not always be enough, so just how Big is Father Jehovah God?

An Indescribable God!!!!

Father God is Very Large!!

5.88 Trillion Miles times 100,000 Light Years is How Big the Milky Galaxy is. One of Which God Created!!
5.88 Trillion Miles times 100,000 Light Years is How Big the Milky Galaxy is. One of Which God Created!! | Source

The Lord God is More Than Worthy of Our Praise and Worship!

God is so Worthy of our attentions, affections and precious time spent with Him. Not only is He Love, Peace, Mercy, Grace, Hope and so forth. Father Jehovah God is a Large, Indescribable; Massive God. One, Which man can't put in to a small box or make any type of image, Its impossible!!! Father God is too Grand and even too Good to even be described in any known human language, by All them at Once!! Yet, even though Father God is so massive, all powerful, all knowing, He is very humble. How do we know this? For the Bible and the Lord Jesus both say: "if you have seen Me, you have seen the Father..." the Lord Jesus was divine, even in human form, yet He too was also humble and a servant. The Lord Jesus Christ mirrored Father God Jehovah on Earth as a man.

Jehovah God is indeed so good, His Son the Lord Jesus was and still is the answer to give Humanity Hope and He did. As massive as Jehovah God is, when Adam ate of the Fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, Father Jehovah God could have destroyed all which He created and started over, but He didn't! Father God could have let man continue to die without any kind of hope or redemption, but he didn't. This is Why We Need Jesus!! Father God is a humble being which truly does love "all" (even those who haven't come to Him nor have admitted He exists), whom He has created, every single thing. All who have lived, are living and whom are about to be living!! To show we love Jehovah God back, is to accept what He gave us through His Son the Lord Jesus. This is why Father Jehovah God is Love, Love Unconditional and Unlimited Love!!

Father God is Massive and aware of all things! All Praise, Honor and Worship to Jehovah God!!

Let's explore some of the understanding which we have through understanding the science of the known universe. Maybe we could begin to ascertain the ramifications of just how Big is Jehovah God.

How Great is Our God!?!?!

The Whole Known Universe in His Hand!!!!

We Serve a Very Large and Awesome God!!!
We Serve a Very Large and Awesome God!!! | Source

Aware of All Things at All Times, An Awesome Lord God Indeed!

There is nothing which escapes Jehovah God's awareness. I am not even sure many are getting how massive Our God really is. I will try, on Earth we believe that our sun is very large and our planet is as well, right? The Earth and the Sun are 93 million miles a part or away from each other. Most of us know that the speed of light is about 188,000 mile a second. So the light from the sun takes about 7 minutes or so to reach the Earth. To measure distances in space, scientists use the term a Light Year, which is the distance light will travel in one year's time (365 days). This distance is 5.88 Trillion Miles is one Light Year. That's a five with twelve zero's behind it (5,880,000,000,000 Miles). The Milky Way Galaxy, our corner of the Universe is 100,000 Light Years across and which is just Our Galaxy. Within the Universe there are Billions, Trillions of Millions, and more Billions all of which Father Jehovah God Created. The entire known Universe, Father God holds in the palm of His hand, "the Diameter of the observable (known) Universe a sphere around 92 Billion Light-Years across!!!" According to (How Big is the Universe?)

Father Jehovah God has named them, created them, established them and is very aware of them all!! Are you beginning to get the proper perspective on just how massive a God we serve!?! When we cast all of our concern upon Him, He is more than able to handle them!? There is nothing too hard for Father God!! When the Bible states: "Greater is He which is in me, than that which is in the world...!!! This is the whole truth, and nothing but the sovereign truth! Father Jehovah God is a Grand, Amazing, Awesome God. More than Worthy of All Praise, Worship, Honor we can bestow upon Him! Like I said, there aren't enough words to describe Father Jehovah God in any human language combined!!!

As Great as Father God is, He Aware of Even the Tiniest Things!?!

The Stuff Which Holds Our Bodies Together!
The Stuff Which Holds Our Bodies Together! | Source

With Everything Going on All Around...

Now that we are beginning to realize how Great a God we serve, even the tiniest of things which most are not aware of, Father Jehovah God is aware of as well. Even though all of those things which are taking place all over the Universe and Father God is orchestrating all of these; He is also aware of what is going on with the small stuff, which He is also orchestrating these and all at the same time!!! It is true that Father God created all things and mankind is no exception, but what if I told you just how abundantly amazing we are fashioned, yes mankind.

According to the Bible, God created man in His image and yes we are wondrously created. Have you ever thought about just how wondrous? As the video above mentions Laminin, the stuff that holds us together, this is on the inside and all over our bodies. Which means Father God is aware of what goes on within us? Yes, more so than we are, every person, all doctors or even scientist are aware of. In fact God is fully aware of what is going on within every single living thing which is on this planet as well as what is going in the Universe, all at the Same Time All at Once!?! This is truly an Amazing God we Serve!!

Now within all of our bodies, there are billions upon billions of billions of cells within each of our human bodies (More than 7 Billion People). In fact scientists admit they have no idea how many cells there actually are which make up the entire human body. Even with all of our current technologies, there is no way for scientists to count them. Ponder that for a moment, wondrously made!?! Recently, within the past few years, scientist discovered something unexpected within each of our cells. As if having billions upon billions of billions of cells wasn't already mind-blowing. Inside each single cell contains its own structure, and each part has a function to its part of the organ, to the whole organism (a person).

What they found was within each single cell; there is what looks like tiny machines which help maintain the unique parts of the cell's structure and they go about doing things all over within each single cell. Now get this, there are billions of them inside each cell and they look like cars, trucks and many of the machines we know and built to create what we have built on the planet. Whoa man, whoa!!! Now that's some deep stuff!! Father Jehovah God is aware of all them, each cell, each organ, all living things; this world and everything going on all over the Universe, all of which He is aware of All at the Same Time!!!

Even within, we can still find Father God anywhere; not just way up in the sky!

God is Even Aware of the Very Tiny Things!!

There are Billions of Molecular Machines in the Billions of Billions of Cells in Our Bodies!!!
There are Billions of Molecular Machines in the Billions of Billions of Cells in Our Bodies!!! | Source

What Happens With the Proper Perspective!!

Having the proper perspective on just how Great and Amazing Father Jehovah God is, how massive He is and what He is all aware of. Simply Amazing! Because of the Lord Jesus, we can come to Father Jehovah God, with all of His Greatness and Wonder. We should be more than inclined to worship Father God and just Praise Him and spend time in His Presence! Jehovah God is more than worthy to be Honored and Praised with All we can muster to give to Father God. Reading the Bible (His Word), should also have more purpose; a desire to spend time with God and learn more about the Lord Jesus. When we Worship our Father God, we want to also experience Your Presence, to feel you right where we are as we are worshipping you. What a wonderful feeling!! We Must Continually Offer a Sacrifice of Praise to God Through the Lord Jesus. Amen!!

Worship Our Massive God, Jehovah!!

Nothing is Too Hard for God!!

Can You Let Go of Your Ego, Pride and Issues to Go To Him?
Can You Let Go of Your Ego, Pride and Issues to Go To Him? | Source

It's Not Impossible to Get to Father Jehovah God.

For many, they feel like they can't go to God for anything, they aren't worthy, God is too good for me. In fact I share my story, TeamSTM's Dreams and Visions, I to felt the same way! All have sinned and have come up short. We are born into sin, that's the only nature we naturally have. This is an inescapable fact, however all things are not as many may think. God wants us to come to Him and He provided a way for us to do so. Sometimes even Believers need encouragement and knowing how to TeamSTM's Preparation Before the Rapture of the Bride of Christ may help them as well.

There is but one way to come to Father Jehovah God, and this is through Jesus Christ His Son. Even the Bible states: "None can come to the Father, but by Me (the Lord Jesus)." As Great and Awesome Father Jehovah God is as we have read in this article, there is only One Way to Get to Jehovah God. Not Buddha, not Allah, not the Easter Bunny, not even St. Nick; Only Sweet Jesus Christ, God the Son. The Bible states that the path to Heaven is a Straight and Narrow Pathway, and Few will Find it. Be one of the "Few", choose Jesus today and make Heaven, the dwelling place of Father God your Eternal Home!

It's All About Father God Jehovah!!

Do You Now Know God is More You Ever Thought Possible!!

Does Having the Proper Perspective Help You?

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Chose Life and Serve a God Who Can Change Your Life!

Hope in Jesus, the Son of Father Jehovah God!
Hope in Jesus, the Son of Father Jehovah God! | Source

Come to Father God Through the Lord Jesus, The Way, the Truth and the Life.

There is Only One God, and Jehovah is the only One. He provided but One Way to come to Him. Father God Loves you, for this is why He Created you! Will you show Him that you Love Him? Will you come to Him through the Provision He provided? Will you Choose Jesus Christ right now.

Come to Jesus Christ, God the Son, the one who defeated all things with His very life at the cross. He physically died so we don't have to spiritually die (spend Eternity in Hell) and this goes for anyone who comes to Him. Jesus is waiting, will you come to Him; do it today, right now!! He is calling you to come, let Him write your name in the Lamb's book of Life in Heaven. Come, accept Him while He can still be found! Confess with your mouth "Jesus is Lord", believe in your Heart that Father Jehovah God Raised Him from the dead and you will be Saved!

It's so simple and Jesus will hear you wherever you are, on the Internet, reading this article, at home, at work, in jail, in the bathroom, when you feel alone. Wherever, whenever, we can call upon the name of Jesus; you too can become free of this worldly system and have life with Him in Heaven!

Won't You Come? This is Why We Need Jesus!!!

Do You Get it Now, We Serve a Big God!

A Massive God We Serve!!!
A Massive God We Serve!!! | Source
The Indescribable God We Serve!
The Indescribable God We Serve! | Source

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