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Kahana's Psalm for the End of Days

Updated on January 6, 2013

I am pleased that the message is getting through and there are those that are paying attention. Today has been a good day with close to 200 reads of my hubs. For me, that is a good days work. I can take heart in knowing that there are those that appreciate my words are laced with a greater significance and that I am fulfilling my responsibility as described in my Journey Unto Shiloh articles. It inspires me to know that there are still those that understand, and as a result, sometimes I feel like I just have to write these versus which follow as a means to help me focus and concentrate on the task at hand. Although I have my fears and doubts, it's not for me to abandon this mission. It's hard to explain the compulsion that drives me at this time and why I have this sensation that says the time is drawing close. There have been signs. In our politics, our economies, our weather patterns, our natural disasters, our behaviours, our randomness which all points to the coming change. Anyone who has experienced this, will know what I'm talking about. Change is not necessarily a bad thing. But to achieve change, hard decisions and hard times must be experienced first. May this Psalm help you through the times ahead.

End Of Days

My heart is raised in joyous song,

My eyes see the glory in all its manifestation,

But my lips are silent like the still of the night,

Fearful of man and his condemnation.

Voices no longer shout from the wilderness in these days,

Proclaiming the greatness of Your being,

Can You not see, these are wicked days and evil times,

When the lone voice can be silenced forever.

Who am I Lord, to know Your message,

This worthless vessel of organic clay,

Tainted by the vanities and pleasures of our age,

Chained by fears and doubts of worthiness.

Look and see the backslider that I am,

Why then do you persist in your pursuit,

Can you not witness the failing of my lips,

The faltering of both my desire and will?

You have sent your signs and wonders,

Reaffirming Your faith but I know not why,

How can You believe in one who does not believe in himself,

Do not taunt me with Your everlasting promises.

Where are the golden bells that ring with each step I take,

Or the blessing of Your name, lying flat against my forehead,

There is no incense burner hanging from my hand as I pass amongst them,

What has been is gone, and what is gone is no longer known.

But who am I to tell You what I can and cannot be,

All things are possible within the unfolding of Your power,

If You so desire to resurrect the past, it is within Your awesome glory,

Though I have not the right to question, You still tolerate my iniquity.

You, who are so willing to overlook my failings,

Placing Your trust in one that thinks himself unworthy,

Nurturing my spirit which is weak and faltering,

Who am I to doubt your undeniable will?

Instill in me the confidence to uphold Your divine mission,

Raise the standards so I may carry them proudly before my enemies,

Carry before me the shield that turns aside the anger of the many,

And I will trumpet Your song to the ends of the earth.

I will not ask you to make for me the smooth path,

Nor do I seek the burden of a lightened yoke,

The weight upon my shoulders will not cast me down,

For I know that I am in the service of a fair master.

When I have been disobedient, You have shown patience,

At times of my unruliness, You have been tender,

My waywardness has not brought an evil word from Your mouth,

And always You have welcomed me into Your heart.

Ask and I will give, speak and I will listen,

Give me strength and wisdom and my burden will be lightened,

I know that which You desire of me must be done, I will obey,

Yours is the Glory forever and ever, I will not fail You.

(A Psalm of Avrom Aryeh-Zuk Kahana)


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    • profile image

      olehbackhome 5 years ago

      Excellent, may it comfort you and the one you intended it for. Time is of the essence.