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Karma - Do Yourself A Favor

Updated on December 6, 2016
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Toni has experienced the spiritual and paranormal; which led into research and believes energy & frequencies are at the heart of everything.

Do Yourself a Favor

Do Something Today Your Future Self Will Thank You For -
Do Something Today Your Future Self Will Thank You For -

Karma is Your Best Friend

We've all heard about karma. The concept is centuries old. So why would I write about a subject that is so well covered in so many ways over all the years? What new information can I possibly contribute to an age old subject? We're all currently experiencing it; yet, it's so natural, you may not even be aware of how it's influencing your life and surrounding events. It's something I was reminded of recently and that's what this is about. A reminder that I want to pass along.

Karma is happening to you right now; you are now creating your karma. So, do yourself favor and give your actions, words and thoughts good intentions.

What Goes Around - Comes Around

The Law of Motion Meets the Natural Law of Karma

Let's do a quick background history on the origin and creation of the karma concept. "Every action has an equal and opposite reaction" can be related back as far as Isaac Newton and the Third Law of Motion.The origination of the word "karma" is taken from the Sanskrit word "kamma." Buddhism and Hinduism believe in the Natural Law of Karma.

So, between the Third Law of Motion and the Natural Law of Karma, you will find a common denominator of "what goes around, comes around."

Why the Lotus Flower Symbolizes Karma

The Lotus flower is a great example of cause and effect. That's why this beautiful flower is used as a symbol to represent Karma. While the flower is blooming, it is also seeding itself for future flowers. It is action and reaction; a perfect cycle. There is no time in the birth and rebirth of the Lotus flower - it is timeless.

Buddhism also defines the Lotus flower as spiritual enlightenment as the flower rises above the muddy and murky foundation of which it grows into a beautiful flower that reaches for the sun.

Cause and Effect - Law of Science

It doesn’t really matter what we believe individually. It can be pure science or apparent happenstance but cause and effect still matters.

Karma: What It Is, What It Isn't, Why It Matters

Karma: What It Is, What It Isn't, Why It Matters
Karma: What It Is, What It Isn't, Why It Matters

This book has great reviews in understanding a concise and clear understanding of what karma is all about. It bridges the gap from philosophy to Western Culture.


Think You Have Bad Karma?

To pay off Karmic debt, you must rid yourself of negative intentions and have a desire to pay such debt. Let's start at the beginning with ridding yourself of all those negative thoughts. Carrying negativity around inside you will only let it grow. Paying back "bad" Karma is getting rid of it - clearing it. Go the extra mile to undo the wrong and make it right. If it's something in the past that you can't undo; then move forward and go the extra mile to make it right for something else. That's your purpose. Appreciation and gratitude will fill your spirit with positive energy.

As negativity comes charging after you for an "unpaid debt" - meet it head on with acceptance. Acknowledge it, then let it go. Do not feed into it and allow it to grow. Replace it with appreciation and gratitude of things around you - and you will get through the repayment of that Karmic debt.

If you're experiencing dark days turn a light on it. After all, rain waters the flowers to make them bloom. So, while it's raining examine your regrets, learn from them, and then blossom. Paying off Karma will purify your spirit and make you wiser. Understand why you may have hurt some people. Open your mind to the way others are suffering and feel love for them. Promise yourself to not repeat some of the negative things you have done in the past. ;Apologize to yourself if you feel yourself breaking that promise. You can't erase karmic debt simply by ignoring it, you must make an intent of positive action.

In Tibet, there is a mountain that the Tibetans call "The Center of the Universe." Story has it that walking around it one time will remove one life cycle of Karmic debt. This usually takes a day. If you do this on your hands and knees it will remove 2 life cycles of Karmic debt taking 3-7 days. Do what the rest of us will have to do if you can't make the trip.....give small quantities of good over and over and realize that the little things do add up to make big impacts.

Karma Has No Deadline

People can be very quick to take actions into their own hands, forgetting that Karma has no deadline. If you make the same mistake as the person who wronged you, are you any better? The answer is no. And Karma affects everyone, the rich, the poor, the average, and even the extraordinary. Revenge isn’t always best served cold, but when served with patience.

Some people don’t believe in Karma, and that is perfectly okay. Justice isn’t always served when it should. Being negative isn’t going to help you. It will just make the people around you and yourself negative, and unwilling to try to be better.

So the next time you decide whether to do what’s right vs what’s easy, just remember that what you’ll eventually end up with, will be just as good/bad (if not more), then what you ended up doing. And ask yourself, would you rather have ice-cream or wait and have the entire dessert table?

As You Sow - So Shall You Reap

Start Sowing...Right Here, Right Now

12 Laws of Karma

The 12 Laws of Karma

As we learn that there is more than just "what goes around, comes around," here are the 12 Laws of Karma. The video below gives each of them definition which are:

1. The Law of Cause and Effect

2. The Law of Creation

3. The Law of Humility

4. The Law of Growth

5. The Law of Responsibility

6. The Law of Connection

7. The Law of Focus

8. The Law of Giving

9. The Law of Here and Now

10. The Law of Change

11. The Law of Patience

12. The Law of Significance and Inspiration

Spiritual Assets & Liabilities

Karma is merely what we do in our everyday lives that affects how our future is being written. With a deeper understanding of karma, we can acknowledge ourselves as spiritual beings whose energy transforms. Some believe in reincarnation and experiencing our liabilities and assets of "payback" karma.

Simply as gravitation is a regulation of the body, so is karma a legislation of spirituality. It is the intent of one's activities that produces karma.

© 2015 TL Stahling


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