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Karma and your Spiritual Self

Updated on August 1, 2014

What is Karma?

Karma is a value placed on your behavior during an incarnation. It is a universal response to your choices and actions. Every time that you show kindness to others, you are rewarded with Positive Karma, and your value in the universe is increased.

However, when you place your needs above the needs of another, disrespect or harm someone physically or emotionally, or deter someone from achieving their Life Mission; you will incur Negative Karma and your value in the universe will decrease.

Positive Karma

Everything that you think, say, and do imprints on your Spiritual Self, and therefore lives in your core. When you extend yourself to others in an act of benevolence, you have the power to change their energy for the better. At the same time, you alter your own energy because your core experiences that positive encounter.

Positive Karma is a universal reward for benevolence and servitude toward humankind. The Polarity of Life presents you with the opportunity to achieve Positive Karma every time you engage with the world around you. A karmic gesture can be as small as complementing someone, or as profound as administering CPR to a stranger in need. The magnitude of your karmic effect on others is entirely up to you.

As spiritual beings we strive to achieve Positive Karma over the course of our spiritual evolution because it increases our ability help others. The simplest act of kindness can make a dramatic difference in someone’s life. Every time you engage with another individual, think kindly of that person and extend a warm and respectful appreciation for the encounter. Always be conscious of what you can say or do to lift someone up and make them smile.

What if a few unintentional words from you could inspire a moment of self-discovery, moving someone towards achieving their life mission or claiming a happy and peaceful life? Would you offer those words of encouragement? Of course you would. You should always be aware that within you lies the power to help someone in such a meaningful capacity. And even though you may never bear witness to the change your words inspired, you will acquire the Karma associated with that encounter.

High Karma

People who devote their lives to helping others often leave the world with an abundance of positive karma, which can accompany them into their next life. This type of Karma is known as High Karma.

High Karma is a form of protected energy that cannot be attacked by the negative influences around you because it exists outside the polarity of humanity.

Souls who incarnate with High Karma are often teachers who come here to educate the masses. They also position themselves as healers because their energy is strong and unaffected by negative influences, allowing them to utilize it to its fullest potential.

How can you know if you have High Karma?

You know. You are acutely aware that you are different than most people. You see the world in a unique light, and you have a relentless calling to help the masses. Your gifts and passions most likely surfaced early in life and you know why you are here.

You are not affected by the pettiness of others, quickly recover from life’s setbacks, and easily reject the negativity around you. You have the courage and mental fortitude to pursue your passion with laser focus, and continue down the path of servitude with joyous enthusiasm and grateful bliss.

The Karmic Ripple

A Karmic Ripple can be a powerful blessing or damaging burden incurred during an incarnation. If everyone understood the magnitude of a Karmic Ripple they would guard their words closely and consider their choices before speaking or reacting to people or life.

You create a Karmic Ripple every time you alter someone’s energy through direct contact. If your interaction lifts that person up or inspires them, you will gain positive karma as a result of that encounter. And as the person you inspired moves forward to inspire others, you will also acquire positive karma from those exchanges.

As your Karmic Ripple weaves its way throughout the tapestry of humankind, it becomes open to the manipulation and manifestation of those it comes in contact with. But do not worry; if you reach out in an act of benevolence, and your words or actions are manipulated into negative energy, you are protected from that fallout. The person who twisted your positive act into something negative is responsible for the new Karmic Ripple that will now evolve until someone stops it. Your soul will only incur the blessings or hardships from a Karmic Ripple based on your initial intent.

Negative Karma

When you behave in a negative manner towards others, your spirit incurs the same amount of disrespect, pain, and emotional distress as the person you have chosen to disrespect. Your anger may help you justify your actions in your mind, but your Spiritual Self will always know better. It will become diminished and confused, making it harder for you to achieve spiritual growth.

There are three basic ways to incur negative karma, and they exist on three levels of severity (level 3 being the most severe):

Level 1 - Deprive someone the joy they seek and deserve

Level 2 - Damage someone’s core through cruelty

Level 3 - Prevent someone from achieving their life mission

The more you choose to aggress against others, the more Negative Karma you will carry with you in life – making it harder for you to ever break free and achieve spiritual growth. As a result, your value in the universe is decreased, and you may even be faced with Karmic Debt.

Karmic Debt

Sometimes a soul will develop a pattern of damaging behavior during an incarnation that dramatically alters his spiritual evolution. By repeating that negative behavior, you are choosing to embrace it, which means that you might exit your current incarnation with so much Negative Karma that you may be faced with Karmic Debt.

Every soul wants to rid themselves of Negative Karma after an incarnation, and they are given that chance through the process of Karmic Debt. When you choose to advance spiritually through Karmic Debt, you forfeit any karmic value that you achieved in other areas during that incarnation, and agree to make amends for any Karmic Ripples that resulted from your actions. The polarity of life will present you with circumstances in your next incarnation to help you achieve this. (A perfect example of how life happens for you - not to you.)

It is not easy to overcome Karmic Debt because by embracing the offensive behavior, you allowed it to become part of your spiritual energy, so you will have to go against yourself in order to be successful. Your primal urges will draw you back to the offensive behavior, but a strong mind and your intuitive voice will lead you in the right direction. Ideally you will strive to reverse your negative behavior, then assume a protective role to prevent others from falling victim to the same fate that you encountered in your previous life.

For example: if you abused animals in your previous life. The energy from your Karmic Debt would draw you into situations that would test you and give you the opportunity to reject that behavior. To reject it would alter your karmic energy and your Karmic Debt would be erased.

However, if you assumed the role of animal rights activist, and worked to educate others about how to properly care for animals, you would achieve spiritual growth out of Karmic Debt! What a great spiritual achievement!

Your Value in the Universe

We are all comprised of energy, and the more positive karma we achieve, the more advanced we become spiritually – which increases the size of our energy worth, otherwise known as our value in the universe.

As you grow spiritually, your energy expands and changes. The more energy you acquire the more you can share with others. Your energy worth is especially important during incarnations because your energy is transformed into karmic effect, which can greatly benefit your ability to achieve your life mission and extend a benevolent hand to humankind.

Universal Rules of Karma

How can you protect yourself from Negative Karma and acquire Positive Karma? Follow these simple rules:

Benevolence - Always be kind and thoughtful to yourself as well as others. Remember to conduct yourself in a loving nature when interacting with the world around you. Treat everyone that you meet with the grace and dignity that you desire for yourself.

Acceptance - Resist judging others. Do not try to control any life other than your own. What you expect or want for someone, they may be unable to provide. Accept that others view the world differently than you, and accept that your way might not be the right way for them.

Gratitude - Recognize and embrace the beauty around you every day, and be grateful for that love and joy in your life. Be grateful for life’s hardships as well. Respect that the Polarity of Life is blessing you with the opportunity for spiritual growth, and be grateful for the divine opportunity.


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    • lrc7815 profile image

      Linda Crist 

      4 years ago from Central Virginia

      Nice article relevant to anyone who wants to grow spiritually and improve the energy that surrounds them.

    • Lilleyth profile image

      Suzanne Sheffield 

      4 years ago from Mid-Atlantic

      I'm a definite believer in Karma baby.


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