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Karma Is a Living Energy

Updated on July 18, 2017


How does karma affect you?

More than usual, I think about karma - maybe because I’m older now and the Earth, countless moons ago, shifted its rotation from around me. The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Current English defines karma as the "sum of a person's actions in one of his or her successive states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate for the next". Anyone of sound mind and minimal imagination who believes in the fundamental properties of karma understands the cumulative nature of the beast, atheism and orthodox religions notwithstanding. The truth is, none of us knows all that much about our next state of existence outside of philosophical and religious teachings and our own imagination.

Karma by any other name

Whether one calls it karma, predestination, fate, kismet, destiny, divine-will or just the way the cookie crumbles, life is a pinball machine; we get slapped around while ricocheting off living and inanimate bumpers as we attempt to rack up some points before running, limping or crawling into the closest high-value hole. Hopefully, after a period, we are shot back into the game to run life’s kaleidoscopic gauntlet again and again. Most of us feel the presence of the omniscient player outside of the pinball machine and ponder our invisible score - after all, even a hardened atheist is cursed by doubt.

Perhaps good karma is best described as the collective reward that goes around and comes around when God, as we understand God, games our final silver pinball. Is it the aforementioned “fate for our next existence” that drives us to score good karma in our current existence? While it would be simpler, considering the human condition, to believe some people are born with kind “hearts” and others with cruel ones, the figurines and art of pinball machines shimmer and flash with incredible hues of every moral shade. Similarly, human interactions are endlessly variant and fluid. Everyone, at any given time, has an ulterior motive whether they seek redemption in this existence or another, so it is likely that the perception of karma, regardless of descriptive terminology, is at least as real as our ability to sense and reason in the abstract.


What goes around...

For me, only a few silver balls remain in the shooter’s rack so karma is forefront. I believe the good and bad emanations generated by someone or something is karma, not just random serendipitous firings of synapses. Similarly, inexplicable emotional reactions that some people experience in the presence of inanimate objects may be energy emitted from another person’s past or current existence.

There is said to be three kinds of karma: Satvik karma is selfless and practiced for the benefit of others. Rajasik karma is selfishly focused on oneself for material and worldly gain and tamasik karma, which is actions taken regardless of consequence and includes the most selfish and savage of words and actions. Freudians might say the three karmas are the pub-tab for the id, ego and super-ego that must be paid or if in surplus, repaid. Karma is as ugly and beautiful as the trillions of souls who generate it.

Honestly, I was not into his music and come from a different generation, but I like what the late Kurt Cobain said about karma: “If you're really a mean person you're going to come back as a fly and eat poop.”


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