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Karma is unfulfilled action

Updated on February 25, 2015

Karma is unfulfilled action

Although we tend to believe that our actions should be goal-oriented, in fact, we should not try to comprehend the rewards while doing something. We should understand that we do not have control on the outcome. We have jurisdiction only on the execution. Our inspiration for any action should be the fight with non-performance. Reward should not be the reason of an action. If we pay attention to the reward, we get entangled in the servitudes of karma.

What is the exact meaning of karma? Karma is an unfulfilled action. It occurs when our actions do not meet the perfection. We are liberated when our actions meet perfection. It is like the ripple effect that occurs when a stone is thrown into the water of a pond. The ripple effect that is created when we do so is the unfulfilled action. It is karma. When the ripple reaches the completion, when it reaches the boundary of the pond, it gets vanished.

Similarly, when our actions are the unfulfilled, it is karma. When we attain perfection and when we reach the completion, we are liberated from karma. When our action goes to the extreme, when it reaches the end and when we master perfection, karma disappears. It is similar to the pond swallowing the stone and the ripple effect. When the end is reached, karma is liberated. In return, we are liberated from the karma too.

Although we tend to believe that we are not in a spiritual world, in practicality too, we often wish to elevate ourselves from the bondages. We must understand that we need to complete our actions first to achieve freedom from karma. But as we direct our actions towards the reward, we fail to complete the actions. We cannot be liberated if we do not complete our actions. Hence, we should complete our actions not just for the sake of completion, but we should do so to get liberated from the servitudes of karma too.


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