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Karma theory and the condition of human society!

Updated on June 18, 2016

A graph with X and Y axis!

The relevance of mathematics in esoteric thoughts!

Students of mathematics are aware of the X axis and Y axis. The intersecting point is zero. The right side of zero is positive as well as the upward of zero. The portion below X axis is negative while the left portion of zero denotes negative values. Thus we have –x4,-x3…….0 and +x1, +x2…….to the right of the graph. Below the X axis, there is –y1, -y2…..etc. and above x axis, it is +y1, +y2……

What is the relevance of this graphical representation of X axis and Y axis with philosophy? While, zero is the absolute center, which denotes god, the above and below the right and left sides points out to the creation. What is the creation except the thoughts perceived by beings? The creation is perception by the mind of all human beings. Other species have no knowledge about the creation and they just thrive based on their instincts. Again there are seven levels of positive thoughts above and seven levels of negative thoughts below. Various degrees of joys are assigned to the seven levels of positive thoughts. The negative thoughts range from small worries to intense grief. People talk of heaven and hell. Actually, there is no physical world called heaven above the sky, and the netherworlds as hell. Heaven and hell constitutes the qualities of thoughts, while positive thoughts of joy and happiness constitutes heaven, the intense mental grief, worries, anxieties and loss of wealth and reputation is hellish thoughts

Karma theory!

Heaven and hell are only on Earth!

We might have noticed that during the course of our life, we undergo all sorts of the above experiences on earth itself. Each such experience is the result of our past deeds in this as well as in so many past births! Human beings should aim at emancipation from this earthly existence. With death, there is no release for the soul. The soul need to shed all the effects of both positive and negative deeds done earlier. Until and unless all the past is cleared, the soul cannot become free. Hence, the soul before relinquishing an existing body chose another one suitable for working out the balance karmic effects. Also, when the soul realizes that the present body is no more useful, it will leave the body and we call this as ‘death’. It is not within the volition of individual to choose the time of death. The soul alone has the power to choose leaving.

It is a very intricate subject. Human beings accumulate good or bad karma according to their deeds. Since they alone choose to perform either good or bad deeds, they had to undergo the results. There is no use crying and blaming God for the sufferings and pain we undergo. God has blessed human beings with thinking and choice making capacities. No other species possess such faculties. Hence man is bound by the effects of both good and bad deeds. “As you sow, so you reap” is the irrevocable rule of life. But without caring for such rules, if he chooses evil acts, none can save him. We are witnessing today in the world, many great upheavals in nature. This is really the results of foolishness of human race!

Exploitation led to terrorism!

We are ourselves responsible for the sorry state of affairs!

They have ignored nature. They have spoiled the ecology. They indiscriminately cut the trees. They start many industries which emit harmful gases and let out contaminated effluents. After industrialization by the West, pollution has risen everywhere. Labor unrest created due to low wages and exploitation has spoiled the overall atmosphere. Capitalism has become a threat to humanity. To counter effect capitalist mentality, communist and social policies were brought in. But human greed and selfishness started growing everywhere. The poor has become poorer. The rich people garnered more and more wealth. The differences in society increased unrest among population. Politics played the differences to their advantage and made false promises to the poor and indignant people to gain their votes. Once the leaders assumed power and occupied positions, they develop nexus with business people and ignored the basic needs of common citizens. This is the main reason for revolts, agitations and terrorism.

When there is no ‘equitable’ society, people become restless. More than economic prosperity, peace and harmony are highest priorities. But, no leader today is aware of the sentiments of the common man, and they rule the people in an autocratic manner. All this culminate into civil wars. Taking advantage of such situations, terrorists gain foothold and conquer piece of lands to set up their bases. They easily terrorize peace loving citizens and extort money and materials. The involvement of major powers in the internal situation of a country makes matters worse. When such situations go beyond the control of any, people leave their homes and seek asylum in different countries. We find that such illegal migrations results in death of many in mid oceans. Hence some countries started accommodating such refugees considering the humanitarian aspects. The agents, who transport such refugees to elsewhere be gaining in these deplorable situations, now, even the powerful nations, are in a fix to solve this never-ending problem. The world has really failed to restore the dignity of human beings anymore!

Develop moral society!

We need moral societies and selfless leaders!

What we need today is ‘moral societies’ led by pious, honest and impeccable leaders everywhere. The mindset of people needs great transformation. People should shed their selfishness and greed and care for the poor helpless people! Society must take the responsibility to feed and clothe the indignant people! It is the duty of everyone in society to take care of the less privileged people, without depending much on governments!


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