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Spirituality, Karma, and Misdeeds of the U.S. Congress--7 Instances

Updated on April 27, 2009
We define karma as life rewards and challenges
earned mostly from past life and partly from
current life actions. This philosophy includes
the notion that everything you say, do, and intend
has direct consequences.
The United States Congress includes 100 senators
and 435 members of the House of Representatives.
These 535 distinguished men and women are elected
to regulate, restrict, and authorize toward the
general defense and well-being of the United States,
including endorsing taxation and government
spending legislation.
Yet most polls routinely show Congressional approval
ratings below 20%. Many of these officials, democrats
and republicans, have had their own personal
transgressions, although they enact laws and
regulations to keep you in line.
Please understand that we aren’t “anti-government”
and that we love the United States of America,
along with upstanding civil servants. We simply
despise the tyranny of big-spending, dubious
Below we list seven examples of unruliness by your
elected officials in Washington (these figures are
from 1992 to 1999*), and related possible karmic
consequences. It should be noted that these
statistics exclude those clever enough to evade
1) 19 members of the U.S. congress have arrest
records for fraud, theft, or shoplifting. Sure,
there are legal hassles and fines to contend with
involving these crimes. But our findings with past
life regression, psychic work, and comprehensive
astrological and numerological charting show that
spiritual law always demands reprisal, often times
beyond what powerful, very well-paid, star
criminal defense attorneys are able to negotiate.
Whether in this life or a future one, these 19
politicians will be ripped off in equal proportion
to their current life crimes, no matter how many
favors they do for lobbyists and special interests.
2) 19 members have been indicted for writing bad
checks. This is after the House bank was closed,
which permitted, in the early 1990s, twenty-two
congressmen and women to leave their House
checking accounts overdrawn for at least eight
months (longest was over 30 months).
Interestingly, these same representatives run
through government funds in a comparable way (like
it is monopoly money). Therefore, we project that
they may end up in a lifetime far in the future
where they are forced to live within their means.
They will also have to repay or cope with the
results of the reckless spending of your tax
dollars. The motivation of their negligent conduct
unquestionably is habitually rooted in complicity
with select activists and power-brokers (and
their clients—Organized crime--oh, sorry, we mean
Organized Labor, Insurance, Health, Financial,
Environmental, Immigration, and other big “screw-
politics-despite-appearances” lobbies) that get
them elected. Never mind that they’re supposed
to be representing you, the hard-working,
honorable citizen.
Rest assured that those who promote wasteful
government spending, commonly to get re-elected,
thereby helping to decimate the economy, will
find themselves in a special place in a future
3) 29 have been accused of spousal abuse. What
goes around comes around and we expect the guilty
parties won’t like being on the other side of that
4) 21 were defendants in civil lawsuits involving
assorted discrepancies. Getting off without penalty,
if guilty, only happens in the mundane world.
Spiritually speaking, nefarious actions will come
back to you. We hope they cope with the karma
constructively in the future.
5) More than 70 members of the U.S. Congress
would not be able to obtain an American Express
card without the help of the government (no credit
checks for U.S. Congress members to receive a
government-issued American Express card). Imagine
that--your credit is so bad you can’t get a credit
card, but since you hustled your way to the top of
the political field, it doesn’t matter if you have
bad credit. The demands of fiscal responsibility
are beyond these people, but in a karmic sense, they
will have to balance the energy at some point
6) Over 100 members have guided at least one
business to bankruptcy. Although the law allows
you to evade creditors in such cases, if you view
this scenario from the perspective of karma, you
always must pay the debts, even if it takes you 100
lifetimes. Good luck to them.
7) Department of Defense Security clearances are
automatically extended to the members of the U.S.
congress. However, more than 50 of these
politicians would be denied access if they had
applied as regular civilians due to trouble with
the law and other, more personal concerns.
Hoodwinking the public to get elected might seem
innocent enough, but there’s a heavy divine price
to pay for deception.
We absolutely acknowledge that there exist honest
politicians. But next time you see a news interview
with a U.S. congress member, there’s a good chance
he or she has, in some way, held special interests
above yours, not to mention voted on various
measures to spend the U.S. government into
Laws can be sidestepped, and often are, not just
by politicians. There are no consequences for
ripping off or otherwise harming someone if you’re
sneaky enough, at least that’s what many members of
the U.S. Congress appear to believe. Join us in
sending them infinite, healing, white Light. They
are going to need it. We also suggest you contact
your elected officials and demand term limits.
“The inside operation of Congress - the deals,
the compromises, the selling out, the co-opting,
the unprincipled manipulating, the self-serving
career-building- is a story of such monumental
decadence that I believe if people find out about
it they will demand an end to it.” Bella Abzug,
former U.S. Congresswoman and leader of the
Women’s Movement.
*public records research courtesy of
Scott Petullo
Stephen Petullo
Copyright © 2009 Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo 


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