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Keep On Fighting

Updated on February 7, 2014

Ahead Of Their Time

I just had to embed the above video at the top of this hub. I have always loved this song but I never really put all the words together; until now. This song was made by the band Triumph in the early 1980's; it is my opinion that it was released way ahead of its time. I will tell you why.

First, this was a secular band, but this song has very Biblical references all through it. Look at 1st Timothy 6:12 which says: Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, to which you are also called, and have professed a good profession before many witnesses.

Let me explain why I am heeding this song's advice today.

Evil Around Every Corner.

I have felt called by God in all aspects of my life. Many of the hubs I write are about God and Jesus and their love for us. My beautiful wife and I have been living a life and a devotion to each other and to God in the best way possible. We read His Word and pray several times daily. We try to allow the Holy Spirit to guide us in every aspect of our lives. I have a blog that shares a daily reading of the Word and my take on it. I put both pictures and a video with each one. You can follow it at the right.

Evil has been attacking; attacking hard! We have found that the devil and his minions use many different avenues to try to stop our posts and disrupt our lives.

I believe we are not the only ones this is happening to.

Some of the places that Satan is attacking through are:

  • Hub pages
  • Facebook
  • Finances
  • Unsaved Family Members
  • People That Claim They Are Christian But Don't Show It

It seems that the devil is pulling out every rabbit he has in his hat. I have watched people turn cold and hateful. I have heard unfounded criticisms and have had issues with posting articles that reflect the Love of God and Jesus Christ. (I am praying this hub doesn't get removed for some odd reason) I have been lied to, robbed and called many names. Much of this has happened on Facebook. I want to give an example. This next picture I had posted because I just couldn't believe such a billboard was installed in Omaha, Nebraska.

This billboard picture started a flood of comments.

Don't get me wrong; I am for free speech, but are we not going overboard here in using that right? I had a series of comments from a kid who is on my friends list and claims he doesn't believe in God. He was angry with some of my responses and ended up using expletives thinking that was the way to win. You know, I am really not that bothered by his comments because I know that God is going to wake him up one of these days. Fact is, every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus is the Lord. No, his response didn't bother me, it was another response. A response of apathy from a person I once attended church with and dropped me off their friend's list after I responded back. Oh, the kid that doesn't believe didn't drop me, but the so-called Christian did.

This person said that everyone should have the right to post such things and then in a sarcastic way asked, "what should we do about it?" My first response was pray and secondly I said that believers should get together and invest in a board close by that responded in a positive way about our Savior.

Now this was a person that claims Christ is their Lord and Savior. A person that claims they have and do study the Word. Does it say in the Bible that we should just stand and allow such things? I look throughout the Bible and see where we are supposed to stand up against such things/ If we just hide our faces and ears and eyes, it is called apathy. Apathy will allow the devil to have more power.

Ok, this was just one attack; there is more.


I have been in Puerto Rico for 1 year now. I love it here and I feel God brought me here.

My oldest son is getting married this Saturday and I started getting prepared to go to his wedding. With my lovely wife's help, I purchased a round trip ticket through Cheaptickets.Com on Delta airlines. I should be in St Louis, Missouri as I write this, but evil halted that. Evil that used Delta airlines and T.S.A. and the Puerto Rico airport.

I'm not going to go into some of the particulars, but essentially I went to the airport quite early and had to wait for an unusual amount of time at TSA. Many people were taken ahead of others and when I got through, I looked at my watch. Ten minutes until my plane left; I ran and they were closing the door as I got there with still five minutes to go. They wouldn't let me on and then wanted to charge me $600+ more dollars to get on a plane the next day. I was angry and don't have money so I had to take a taxi home because all the payphones in the airport wouldn't work.

I called Delta customer care and was treated like it was my fault and they are giving me nothing. At this point, we lost $370 to Delta. It was robbery in my opinion and my son is very upset that I won't be there.

Other Issues

There are more things too but they are more personal and I won't share them. All I know is if I was not a believer and trusting in God, with everything, I very easily could have committed suicide by now.

Yep, the song at the top is for me and for my lovely wife.

For all you prayer warriors out there, we need them please. We have a struggle now financially, emotionally and because of all the stress, it is starting to be a physical burden too.

I know that we have to keep Fighting The Good Fight and it is all about our faith! The devil is trying to make us look bad and he seems to be pulling out all stops.

I have watched many who seemed to be living a life in Christ falter. So many people are growing cold and hateful.

Just so you all know, I won't drop a person just because they disagree with me. I feel God will use something through my blogs or hubs that may wake them up. If I dropped them, they couldn't see any of it. So no, I will not drop people.


The song starts with The Days are getting shorter and the nights longer. This is true! God is soon to open the clouds and send Jesus to gather the harvest.

Fight the Good Fight!

Let's all keep praying and reading the Good Book and just know: In the end, GOD WINS!

© G.L. Boudonck

© 2012 Greg Boudonck


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      Maria Ruiz 

      7 years ago

      Fight the Good Fight!


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