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Keep an eye on what you eat!

Updated on September 22, 2015

Eat to Live!

How food affects our thoughts and life?

The sense of taste and the sense of touch are playing havoc in the life of individuals all over the world. Even if one is able to overcome other senses, these two are very difficult to conquer. Even the so called yogis find it difficult to control the taste buds even if they are immune to the senses of touch. But as long as one remains in the world, he has to perforce retain the fond for food; otherwise he will waste away in twenty one days as per some religious scriptures.

Food really dominates the mind of all persons bearing a few whose numbers can be counted with the fingers. Here I am reminded of Shirdi Saibaba and Sathya Saibaba who never hankered for taste. Sathya Saibaba is a poor eater. Those who are accustomed to his food habits are aware that within minutes of sitting for breakfast, he will complete eating and start chatting with the devotees and students. Even in later years, he used to take one or two glasses of ragi ( a gruel harvested in rural fields) porridge. Many people have wondered how he retains so much of energy with hardly a glass of ragi. When enquired by some curious devotees, Sathya Sai used to retort, ‘the food never give me energy’. In fact, I give energy to all elements.

In the case of Shirdi Baba, he never exhibited any interest in taste. He used to go for his begging rounds, almost daily. He used to beg his food from only four or five houses. The solid food like rice or roti was collected in a cloth pouch hung on his shoulder. The liquid contents like dhal or milk or buttermilk will be collected in a tin tumbler. After collecting all the food items, he will go back to the Masjid where he lived. He will pour the entire contents of food in an earthen pot, offer it to God and distribute the same among the gathered devotees and he will eat some portion of it. The rest will be kept in the pot from which the lady who cleaned the masjid used to carry some pieces of roti. The rest will be the food for dogs, cats and other insects. But Saibaba never retained any taste. He ate the mixed food without caring for the contents and taste. He will consume some morsels.

We have such instances in Bible also. Jesus never cared for taste. But he fed all who come to his presence. With five pieces of bread and five fish, he fed five thousand people. All these things emphasize only one point. We need to eat to live and not otherwise. Some people have fallen to the sense of taste and they search for such tasty foods and select such restaurants which offer very tasty foods. The fast food culture, the world around has spoiled the stomach of many youngsters and they develop some serious complications of stomach, liver and intestine even during their 30th age. Apart from all this, food is the main cause for our distorted thoughts. If you deeply consider the situations prevailing in the world, it is the false food habits which are the main reason for all the atrocities committed on innocent people.

The animal food necessarily kindles only animal qualities. Hence there is so much of anger or lust or cunning qualities in many people. This aspect was researched by Mahatma Gandhi, the father of Indian Independence. He took only peanuts and goat milk and sustained him for many years in his later years. He found that he was calm and content when he ate such simple diet. But when he was a young lad, he never cared much for proper food, though he was a strict vegetarian from birth. Hence be selective about your food consumptions. Naturally available green vegetables, fruits, green leaves and tuber contribute to calm disposition. Whole grains and nuts are conducive to spiritual aspirants. They should never consume animal food.

Snacks that sap your energy!


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