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Keeping a God Journal

Updated on February 21, 2011

Channel session with the Crystal Fairies





Most everyone has heard about journaling. Many people do keep at least one journal. Last night when I was opening my journal to write, I received the following message from a group of entities that I channel. This group is called the Crystal Fairies, and channeling is receiving information through some form of communication from a spirit to a human. They used the method of automatic writing last night, and brought to my attention that we humans would do well to keep a Journal to God. In doing such, we can voice our concerns, our praises and our dreams, with the knowledge that God is reading our journal and is helping us daily with our dreams and woes. The following is the automatic channeling session I had with the Crystal Fairies.


“A lot of people use prayer to communicate, but if you also extend this to journaling, you can keep abreast with how God is communicating back to us. This will help deepen your connection with God, and during those periods of feeling so alone, we will be reminded that is a fallacy.”


“We suggest you first write your concerns. These are prevalent, and mostly on your minds, at all times. We encourage you to write how you feel. Do not take the idea that you must hide your feelings from God. It is not necessary, nor is it encouraged. God loves and understands how humans are affected by their emotions. This is part of the growing phase on earth, and as spirit. To be angry at God is not a sin, nor can you hurt IT’s feelings. God is not ego, like humankind is, so what applies to your emotional make-up is not to be projected on to God”.


“The next part of your journal is to write what you are grateful for; even if there is a moment you do not feel grateful. This gratitude though is not to be a fake expression of something you truly are not grateful. You might be living in a place that you hate, yet feel some gratitude to at least not be homeless. It is okay to be grateful for a roof over your head, yet speak in your journal about the disappointment you feel at your current residence. There is a concrete difference and both are permitted”.


“The last part is your wishes, dreams and even those needs you might have. This is the part where you can ask for God’s direction and help in acquiring what is the right thing for us, and still feel comfortable with someone looking over us for your own good.

Through your journaling, you do create a relationship to God as our Spirit Father, and in time, trust will be built again with your Creator. You will learn that you can show all parts to our Spirit Father, and still be loved. This creates for you, the bridge for healing of that you need within, and it will also impact your Universe”.






I have been an advocate for years of writing a journal. Many times my advice would be after you have been writing your journal; you might want to skim through the previous months or year to see how much progress you have made. It never though occurred to me that we could write a journal that offers us guidance from the Cosmic Source.


This new outlook excites me, and after giving my thanks to the Crystal Fairies, I have started my own journal. I prefer to write my journal on the computer. It is, one, easier for me to read, and two it does not get lost, providing you create a backup disc for it.


May you enjoy your new found journal friendship with God!

Jasmine Crystal


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    • Renee Abbott profile image

      Renee Abbott 7 years ago from Arizona

      Hi Kislany and thank you. I have never thought of doing this, and am psychic to start. I know for me, it would be a blessing to strengthen my connection with God. Their message was for sure timely, at least for me:)

      Thank you again. And if you do, could you please let me know how it makes you feel?

    • kislany profile image

      kislany 7 years ago from Cyprus

      This is a great hub, wonderful channeling! The only journal I keep for now is a dream journal, but I might expand, seems worthwhile to do so.