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Kill the Beast

Updated on February 9, 2018

It never fails; I can start working someway, somehow with nature and ideas for hubs or articles come into my head.

Here in Puerto Rico it seems plants don't die for the most part. I have cut branches and the branch laying on the ground will sprout new growth. I really shouldn't say all of Puerto Rico, because in the South it is almost desert conditions. They have fires there quite often.

We live somewhat near the Yunque Rainforest and it seems even the rocks grow plant life from them.

Trees are beautiful here, but there are many vines that grow and choke the trees. We have one of those. Maggie and I have been looking at it for some time and we call it a beast. If you look at it after sunset, it looks like a monster.(See the pictures below)


Cut and Trim

We decided the beast had to go.

Well, today I did just that. I cut and sawed. I threw branches out of the way and then I came to the main trunk of the beast. The saw wined as it burrowed through the huge trunk.

I heard the cracking sound and I retreated to watch the beast fall.

Froggy killed the beast!

The Point

This hub is not really about cutting down trees, but it is about killing beasts.

As I considered this whole thing I realized that many times we have a beast right inside us that needs to be killed. Some of us water this beast instead of chopping at it. Some of us feed the beast instead of trying to starve it.

You ask, what is this beast?

This monster or beast has several names. These are a few:

I have been guilty of harboring these beasts; are you?

If you said no, I would strongly suggest you take a deep look inside.

Someone is driving a brand new Corvette and you wish, oh you wish you were that person. Thing is, you may not know all the problems that person has. Yep, he has a new vette, but owes back taxes, his wife left him for his best friend or his only child is a heroin addict.

Yea, the grass seems greener on the other side when really it's just a pile of mud.

God, through Jesus, gives us the tools to kill these inner beasts. Do we use these tools? Do we feed the beast with television shows making us want what others have?

The first step is to invite Jesus Christ into our hearts. We need to pray and study the scriptures. Proverbs is a great place to attack these beasts.

I thank God for what I have. I thank Him for showing me how to defeat the beast. When I start feeling like I want what someone else has, I start considering what I can't see. There is a reason we have what we have and don't have what we don't. It is all part of God's perfect plan.

Sometimes it may seem that others have it made or have the "world by the tail". It may seem that way, but if you were to be a fly on their wall, I would bet that they have their problems or issues. We all do, but I have found that with Jesus in the heart and His Word in my eyes and ears, life gets easier to walk through. There are many people who don't have Him and have many material things and money upon money and their lives are at the edge of suicide. There are other people that don't have a house or a car and barely anything, but they love God and Jesus and are happy.

I wrote a hub about the Grass Being Greener which goes right along with this.

Father God, Please help me to enjoy what You have blessed me with, not what others have. Thank You for all You have given me. Amen!

By the way, I killed that beast and the view is fabulous. Take a look for yourself.



All I can say is: Kill The Beast,

You will be happy you did!

© G.L. Boudonck

© 2012 Greg Boudonck


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    • rebeccamealey profile image

      Rebecca Mealey 5 years ago from Northeastern Georgia, USA

      Thanks for sharing these fantastic photos.What a way to experience a locale, next best thing to being there!