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5 Senses of Faith

Updated on September 15, 2011

The Five Senses of Faith

Faith what is it really?

You cannot see it, smell it or hear it. You cannot feel it by touch and you cannot hear it? Or can you?

I know for most of my life I saw my grandmother praying and as she got older she prayed more and more. She always said that it was important for me to do the right thing even when others around me did not. She lived a life of faith and fully believed in what she said and did. Love is what my grandmother lived by and preached all of her 97 years and until the day of her death, when she fell asleep; she was the most faith filled woman I have ever known. Her faith was pure and simple. I truly could “see” faith in action.

As I held my grandmother, as she was dying, I was mourning my loss. She was ready to go and meet our Maker. She waited, by the divine hand of God when all her family was there to be around her. And when that happened, she was taken from us and given into the arms of Christ. As she spoke of her life, she shared with me many pearls of wisdom and that is one of the most powerful things ever that strengthened me in my faith. I “heard” the faith of my grandmother. She lived it with ever breath she breathed.

The Spirit that worked in her life flowed from her with her very being. Of course she was not called a 'saint', and she was not perfect by far — but to me, I find myself missing her greatly. I speak of her and think of her because she had been in my life since the day of my birth. She helped raise me and helped shape me into the man that I am today. She raised my mother and she helped to raise me and she spread her message of hope by her actions. I could “see” her life meant something to all who were in her life. My friends, some of the most hard and gruff guys, grew up around my grandmother. She lived her life in front of them and spoke to them with the same love as she had for everyone else—no matter how much these often called 'bad boys' were, they called her 'grandmother' and respected her greatly. Every time she would sit, she would cook hearty meals and connect with them at the table. I could “taste” and “smell” the faith by that connection. The food was a ministry and all of the senses were there.

Every time I hugged her, I could “feel” her faith. The Spirit radiated from her as she got older and closer to her death. The way we end our lives is not as important as the way we lived our lives. What we leave behind as a legacy is not important unless we leave a legacy of love. When I think about my grandmother, I think about all the people that she affected and all the people who loved her and when I think of her I do not miss her to have her back. I want her to live on in my life so I can have an effect on others as she did. To give the message that Christ spread the message of love.

Faith is something that affects all our senses. The way we live can affect others. If we profess to be a Christian and we steal or swear or do under handed things we reflect evil, not holiness. There is one message that I always kept in mind from Gandhi.

He said “I never became a Christian, because I never really met one.”

What a powerful statement. I have seen very few individuals in my life, including myself that reflects a life in Christ. As I push on toward the end of my life, I try to change. I try to be a better man and live like Christ. I must say, most days it is hard—sometimes it’s impossible. I want to live a life of purity and holiness, but sometimes the life I live gets in the way of my task. We, as Christians, desire to have life eternal—the promise that Christ gave to us. However, we often do not want to break the chains of darkness in our lives. Those chains that hold us back from being the people that we are meant to be. We do not have to have faith, we need it. It is our life’s breath, it is our life line with Christ. It is the one thing needed to help us in the war. I do not strive to be like my grandmother, I strive to be like the 'One' she worked at trying to be all of her 97 years.

Examples of Faith

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