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Knowing God is a Relationship Issue not Religion

Updated on March 13, 2016

Not all people believe in the existence of God yet they cannot foresee what tomorrow may bring. Man often feels secured if they have wealth, but their possession cannot even add a minute to their life. There are phenomena that cannot be explained by mans’ knowledge. There have been testimonies of healing in the absence of medical attention. There are also scientists that investigated biblical accounts and found them to be true. Yet again, man appears to live life in search of something to fill their satisfaction, but they are never satisfied.

Faith differs from just merely a matter of belief but an evidence of things not seen. Faith differs from positive thinking, it is trust anchored in relationship with the Lord. We are not just limited to what we have here on earth because what we have now is just merely a virtual existence in view of eternity. We did not just appear out of nowhere as the Big Bang theory suggests. We are God’s creation made in His own image and likeness. God’s intention and will for us has always been good, but because most often we opt to follow our own will things get out of hand.

Seeking God begins with Reading the Word

There are people who pursue and seek God. It is a manifestation that they acknowledge God’s existence and in their search they will definitely find Him, for it is God who found them first. Knowing God begins in reading the Bible. The Bible is not a religious artefact or reading material, for it contains the Word of God which is a living Word. The Bible is a written account that reveals God to man, it is an expression of God’s love to his creation that He want all of us to be saved from eternal condemnation.

The Consequence of Broken Relationship and Gods’ act for Mans’ Restoration

God created man to be in relationship with Him, but because man disobeyed God that relationship was compromised. As consequence of mans’ separation from God all kinds of sufferings coexisted with man even until now, and the worst consequence was physical and spiritual death. But God so love his creation that He provided a way for us to be reconciled with Him.

God sent His only Beloved Son Jesus as a sacrifice for all of our sins, so that we may be reconciled with Him and be saved. Many times people read and heard about this but do not understand. It has to be clarified that under the law given to Moses every sin requires sacrifice, usually an animal like a goat, lamb, or a dove to take our place and be slaughtered. This has become a procedure that cannot guarantee salvation because man will always commit sin, and there is still no restoration on the relationship between God and man. Furthermore this practice is only known to the Jews so the salvation for the gentiles prior to Jesus’ coming was obscure.

Accepting God’s Offer

Friends, let us not take these things lightly because God is serious about us reconciling with Him. When Jesus was crucified on the cross His appearance was beyond visual recognition. He was cursed on the cross because of our sins. He carried our sins for us. He represented us on the cross so we won’t need to suffer eternally, because it was supposed to be us on the cross eternally. We need to accept Him as the Lord of our life, and that He died for our sins and resurrected. If you do not recognize Jesus and make friends with Him you are not identified with God the Father. We are now at a time where there is grace. God is giving us all the time in the world to reconcile with Him. He adopted us to be His children and He is just waiting for us to accept His offer. And the best part is that Gods' offer is free you just have to take it. The ways of God is different from that of the world. Everything that the world offers have corresponding costs.

The Lord God of Heavens Armies offers mercy, you did not need to pay for it for by His grace you have already been saved. This is already an assurance of eternity from the Creator Himself you don't need to worry of anything else. All you have to do is accept Gods' offer of salvation, recognise your sinful ways and turn away from it, and make Jesus the Lord of your life.


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