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Knowing it all

Updated on May 28, 2010

Testing of one's patience

Have you ever met a person, that was so adamant with the answer to a question, you actually became upset with them? Please, of course we have. Rebuttal is seemingly futile, when some already have all the answers,

I have been on the other side of that fence, refusing to listen to any opinion/suggestion/advice etc...Shame, I knew it all, or so I thought. I know now from my mistakes, I would have served myself better, had I only been more reasonable.This is an issue for me that I have struggled with at times, I have kept a fairly open mind, yet it has formed its own opinions and somehow these opinions start becoming fact in my brain. This does not mean I am always like this, it means I have a bit more growing to do. Now let me tell you how i am slowly, but surely overcoming this part of me that I would rather not keep. I have been reading God's word. it has revealed to me that our human nature is to be righteous. I know this thinking, is the same sort of thinking that causes war, when righteousness comes from within the person and not from God. 

Not everyone can be right. The same subject will always have differing points of view outside of a few exceptions, but we will never compromise, will we?

Now back to always being right, how can I claim to have such knowledge of all subjects when the LORD is the one who created everything? Reality is perception, is it? I believe in the existence of God, one God, in the Christian faith, still others have made a case, reffering to my faith as no more than a fairytale, or even the flying spaghetti monster.

Was I upset, you bet I was, I even sent correspondence back to them, I was not a happy camper. Then, a breakthrough, they and I, we are know it alls, what do we really know? It seems their knowledge is science, theories and some facts, it seems mine is in Christ, God and the Holy Spirit, the Bible and history, is their knowledge superior, is mine?

What knowledge do we really possess, most of our discoveries have come from theory and must be proven, even more come from accidental exposure. I believe that lightspeed is possible, in fact I think we are quite capable of moving beyond it by using the poles of planets, and other large celestial masses to propel ourselves through space. When I suggest this to people, I am just crazy in their eyes. I don't know how to accomplish this though and if one day someone makes a gyroscoping, magnetic pole reversing motor, that can beam electrons and then protons at those poles, well I guess that will be a start. For now, I can only dream, I am thankful, we have such a large display of information available in the form of the internet, it has been most rewarding to find several opinions and facts on most likely everything known to civilized man at this present time, still who could possibly read and retain all that is hear, at this moment?

True knowledge, belongs to those who continue to seek it. You can never truly win a debate, or a war, the fallout continues for years to come. Did we forget World War II, nuclear wars testing ground, genocide, how awful for everyone involved. Global warming fact or myth, triggered by pollution, or just a certain stage in a cycle of a long weather pattern?

There must be something for mankind to gain, in having differing opinions. I just can't imagine arguments, fighting and killing as being the benefit.

Job 42:3 (New International Version)

 You asked, 'Who is this that obscures my counsel without knowledge?'
       Surely I spoke of things I did not understand,
       things too wonderful for me to know.

This book in the Bible, we can all learn from, Christian, or non-christian, we learn from being humble, sometimes in our arrogance, we come across true knowledge and when we refuse to recognize it, we may pay consequences with our lives.

I have learned knowledge can be a good thing, if used to help one another, be blessed.


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